Sitting straight we all pay attention to the master who is done with the attendance check.

"Alright," he gets up from his seat and walks down from the floor which is a little higher than the floor we are seated on. 

"First let me tell you the rules in here," he  walks around observing each and everyone "All the general in power now are formed from here and the strict rules are followed by all the men in your family tree," he continues to walk around with his arm crossed over his chest  "Rule number one."

Listening to him was something which is very painful. His words didn't get through my ears, it was not only me most of my classmates are trying very hard to pay attention as we will be punished for misbehaving except the ones who are too good like they listen to him deeply and some are even writing it down.

Come on, it's just the rules and it has nothing to be learnt.

Resting my elbow over the table I place my chin on my palm, my heavy eyelids covering my view. 

I try to lift my heavy eyelids but couldn't as the master's voice fades in my ear. 

"Rule number 109, No girls are allowed in the academy unless it's important,"

I shoot open my eyes when the word girl got through my ears. Moving my eyeball up lazily to face Master a slight smile makes its way on my lips thinking about the rule hundred and nine, they have no idea that a girl is seat in here and listening to the rule which says no girls are allowed in the academy.

Rolling my eyes I let my eyelids cover my view as the curtains of a stage being closed slowly. 

A shriek escapes my lips when my head falls low as my arm was hit. Lifting my head which is a few distances from the table I turn to my left to face Feng Lei who is looking at me his eyes telling me something. Ignoring his message I open my mouth to whisper yell at him but my actions came to a halt when master's voice alarmed my ears.

I never knew that the hundred and ten rules are told and what is the last rule?
Did I drift over in a second...

"Who fought last night at the party?"Master Situ asks aloud his tone in anger.

Being a coward is totally not me.

"Me," I raise my hand as I stand up from my seat, HenYu turns around and looks at me immediately and I would say that all eyes were on me.

As I told earlier grabbing attention is not my thing and I really hated this situation.

"Good," Master Situ walks towards me and stands in front-facing me in a distance "Did not hesitate to raise your hand?," the left side of his lips twitches up to a smile "A real man," he states as he hits his left palm with a wooden fan which he has been holding all this while.

"Is it only you?" he asks his voice rough.

"Nah, Che...,"

"I fought," Sheng zi who always stays with Cheng Lie interrupts as he stands up for Cheng Lie.

My inner being laughs at the thought of Chen Lie, he has his buddy to take the blame for himself, after all, he is just a coward.

"Master," Hen yu stands up " They were the ones who pulled a fight on Wan Ke," he exclaims.

"So you are a part of it too," Master asks.

"Yes, but...,"

"What's rule number 35," he questions HenYu and I'm thankful that the question was not for me as my brain was empty from rule number two.

"The one who causes trouble will be punished," HenYu answers with a low voice lowering his head.

Oh, so that's rule number thirty-five.

"But Wan Ke...,"

"Hey, "I call out softly while Master walks away, he turns around and faces me " Don't," I tell softly as I nod my head in a no.

"Master," I announce loudly which makes him stop in his tracks and turn around "I'll take the punishment for HenYu," I insist as he is not involved in this and he advised me not to go on a fight last night but I didn't listen to him.

"Everyone can leave except the two of you," he points at me and ShengZi "Five hits on the palm for each but for you," his eyes meet mine "It's ten with your friend's," he walks towards me and stands in front of me " You are really something," he points the folded fan at me with furrowed eyebrows.

I look down to my left when I hear the sound of a loud sigh, getting up from his seat he walks away like no one is next to him.

bruh... seriously..why is he soo...

My pissed off mind gets diverted when Henyu taps on my shoulder.
"Yeah, "I smile looking at him who is staring at me worried "I can get puni...

"You are not into this buddy and you don't have to get punished for me, "I budge his shoulder with a grin "Do I look cool?" my grin turns to a smirk looking at him surprised.

"Yes, you do always and I feel guilty for leaving you," 

"You don't have to,"

"Hey, look it's the hero," Cheng Lie scoffs which makes me roll my eyes, he steps forward and brings his face close to mine " Let's see how you're going to meet Xiang," he whispers in a low deadly tone but it didn't affect me at all.

"Coward," I smirk looking at him taken back, walk out with anger.

"See yah," I pat on HenYu's shoulder while he strolls to the doorway.

HenYu had nothing to do with this and I didn't want him to get punished for me as I don't like others taking the blame for me, I'm not girl who needs to be protected.

Sheng Zi and I walk to the teacher's table and we  kneel down in front of him. Sheng Zi moves his arm forward and spreads his right palm while I observe him. Seems like he knows what's coming next. The room echos with the sound of the wooden fam collapsing on the skin along with the loud cry of ShengZi. He squeezes his eyes tight when the stick comes down the second time and he screams in pain. Watching his reaction made me feel the pain but my mind kept on picturing Cheng Lie in the current situation.

Such a coward.
Now understand why the academy is known to be strict.

"I'll take his next two hits," I request, looking at him shout in pain for something which he didn't do is getting into my nerves.

He turns towards his left immediately to face me his eyes showing that he is about to cry and thankful.

"Courageous? Are you a prince who is a warrior?," 

"More than a warrior," I state as I move my hand forward and spread my palm open.

The slashes echo in the empty hall but it didn't hurt me much, to be honest, being strong was something I'm obsessed to and I've gone through a lot of physical and mental destruction in my ten years of journey to the new life. Father never hesitated to send me to the battles and get down the border, all skills is from my experience not practice. I will never regret my decision of taking Wan Ke's place because I just want to be someone whom he wanted to be and I'm going to find the one behind his and my father's murder which is not easy at all.

"So rigid," Master sighs, getting up from his seat he looks down at us "You both can leave," he informs and walks out.

"Thank you soo much," Sheng zi bows down at me his voice coming out low and soft.

"You're welcome," Getting up I walk to the doorway not caring about my numb palm. 

"You okay?" I stop in my tracks when HenYu jumps forward and grabs my arm, he takes my palm into his and opens it, his eyebrows curl looking at my red palm "It will sting terribly," he rubs the side gently and looks up at me " I have an ointment which is relaxes the pain let's get it," he pulls me with him but I stop him.

"First let's go to the house of Jin," I smile and walk forward "I got things to do," I shout out and he follows me behind.

Bearing the aching pain is difficult but I got to hurry to the house of Jin to meet Ms Jin and look for the one who took the document and also I've asked Xu to follow JiangYi if she sees him anywhere therefore I should talk to Xu and treat her a meal too.

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