WanKe's P.O.V

"Who is he?,"I ask looking at the person who is standing at the centre of the path holding the bow.

"Cheng Li," Hen yu answers.

We stand in the crowd of students looking at everyone playing, almost everyone is done with their turns while some are waiting for it. So far the arrow in the furthest is Cheng Li's. Handing over the bow to the next player he walks towards the crowd with pride his face shows what he did few minutes ago was nothing for him.

"HenYu," Master Ling calls out which makes him to stop his actions as his hands paused in the position of clapping.

"Goodluck," I cheer him up while he keeps a step forward for everyone to see that he is the one who was called. Strolling towards the center he takes the bow from Master and stays in position. Realising that he is feeling nervous I cheer out his name aloud letting everyone to clap for him making the surrounding joyful but the surrounding captures silence the very next minute when the arrow doesn't go too far.

I shouldn't have cheered aloud if I've known that he would get this result as he felt awkward for not doing well and I felt awkward too.

Pushing the thoughts to the back of my mind I rub my palms against each other my lips forms into a smile when my name is called out. 

"Good luck buddy,"HenYu cheers me when I walk pass him. 

Looking at the ground infront of my eyes where the arrows are stabbed to the ground in different places, the confidence in me rises up.All the arrows shot by others is not too far, the only arrow which is the farthest for now is Cheng Li's and the one close to that was hit by someone called SongYing I guess,I remember overhearing the gossip conversation about his family when he played.

Mine is gonna be the farthest and I'm going to get the single room.

Taking the bow from Master I pick the arrow from the barrel,there is only one arrow left after me that means only one more person to go and I'm sure that he is not going to reach me.

"He is so handsome," I hear someone in the crowd talking to another in a low voice but that went through my ears which made me to smile without my realisation.

Standing in position I look towards my right to see HenYu who called out my name aloud. Holding the end of the arrow I pull the string aiming the ground. I let it go and there comes the sound of crowd with claps and wows when the arrow moves swiftly and pricks the ground far away from the last arrow.

Turning around I look at the crowd who was looking at me in awe smirking at them I hand over the bow to Master Ling.

Strolling to my spot ,I raise an eyebrow challengingly at the next person who walks pass me ignoring everyone. 

"What's wrong?,"I ask curiously noticing that my fellow classmates who were cheering and howling out loud turned silent all of a sudden.

"It's Feng Lei the fifth prince," HenYu answers softly while I stare at him curiously not knowing what everyone knows "He is an overall."

"Even I am," I cross my arms over my chest my nose pointing up but the very next second my arms falls down as my jaw drops to the ground.

Did he just...Did he...
He just shot his arrow close to mine keeping an inch distance farther than mine.

The crowd claps in a way like the result has been preannounced but my mind here is going crazy in the thought of having a roommate. 

"Alright get your things to the room," Master Ling orders and leaves the scene with a satisfied smile. 

The count starts from the one which is the farthest and the count goes down. Carrying my bags I stroll around the path searching the dorm with the wooden board of number one hung on the door. 

"I should have put more strength,' I grumble on my way frustrated that he is going to live with me.

Pushing the door with my right leg I wander in looking around the room which is known to be luxurious,like seriously can you sense sarcasm in the word luxurious.

Strolling in I drop my bags to the wooden floor of the room my nose flaring in anger thinking about Feng Lei. Moving my gaze from the floor I look up to see the person whom I was scolding arranging his dresses in the cupboard.

Taking a deep breath in I instantly change my expression "Brother Lei" I walk towards with puppy eyes.

He faces me and gets back to his work walking towards the bed where his bag is without responding.

"Brother Lei," I call out again going behind him as his tail.

A gasp leaves my lips when my head hit on his back as he stops in his tracks abruptly without notifying. Stepping back in a blink of an eye I look up at him to see him glaring at me.


"Gather in the main hall," the maid screams aloud instructing the students to gather in the hall for a small welcome party.

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