(XingXing is mentioned as Wan ke HE )

~24 hours before the opening of school~

Stopping by the tented wooden store in the market,Wan ke moves his eyeball to the left observing the person he has been following.

"What's this?," he points generally at a bracelet placed on the table for sale acting like a customer when Jiang looked around curiously.

His eyes keeps on watching Jiang yi who is talking to the shopkeeper next to the cart he was in.

"It's the bracelet of love knot sir,"the salesman explains.

"Your soulmate will show up in front of you if you have this," he continues looking at the gentleman informs of him who is not paying any attention to his explanation as he was busy trying to figure out what they are talking about.

"Get me one,"Wan ke utters looking at the salesman infront of her, he pulls out a silver stone from his pocket and places it on the wooden table of the store,taking the bracelet carelessly he puts it in his pocket and walks away instantly to follow Jiang yi.

"Thanks gentlemen...Thank you so much,"the shopkeeper bows down a little thanking his customer who is in distance.

Wan ke has been investigating about the death of her brother for the past years, reaching the age of 23 he has grown up to be a courageous lad. He secretly tries to figure out the one behind his brother's death by following the people whom he has a doubt on as they had grudges against the Wen kingdom. Jiang yi the subordinate officer of the state was someone whom he found very suspicious due to his abnormal behaviour for the past few months.

He follows him behind to the famous restaurant named Jin store where he often visits to drink,eat and to have fun with the ladies,Jiang yi  takes his seat on the only left empty table as Jin store is ways crowded, he looks around curiously to see whether someone is observing him but he never found anyone to be doubted as all the people in there were minding their own business by drinking or teasing the girls working there.

"Come on...drink," the rough voice of a man in the corner table could be heard aloud. 
He forces the young lady who is struggling to get away to drink with him, holding her hand he tries to pull her down to sit next to him.

"Master Wen," Xu the one who always serves Wan ke greets him.

"Who is that?,"he asks by pointing at the girl in the crowd.

"She joined yesterday,"Xu answers hugging Wan ke's arm.

"Them?,"he asks his eyes never leaving the scene.

"From the Longier Kingdom,they were fussing around since noon," she replies following the gaze of Wan ke.

"I'll drink," everyone around the table looked to the direction the voice came from and Xu giggles and walks away knowing what's going to happen next as she was in the same situation when she joined the house.

"Hey.. Young lad mind your own business as others,"one of the man who is holding the girl growls smiling sarcastically.

"I'll drink,"Wan Ke walks forward to the crowded table while they give way for him to walk towards the seat and placing his right foot on the short bench he places the left foot on the floor.

Leaning forward he glares at the middle aged man in front of him,the right side of his lips twitches up to a smirk "Bring five pots of wine," he orders aloud.

"Know your place kid," the middle aged man grunts letting go of the lady's hand he slams his arm hard on the wooden table making a loud noise.

"Okay,"Wan ke smiles pouring the wine into the cup,he places a cup in front of him and looks at the lady who gets up from the seat and stands up beside the table as the other men of his were not letting her go.

"If I win you should never bother her again," Wan ke states holding the cup in the air he smirks staring at the person infront of her.

"Alright," taking the cup he raises it up infront of Wan ke's cup.

"What if you lose?,"he asks amusingly.

"Anything you tell,"Wan ke shrugs his shoulders, moving the cup to his mouth he gulps the wine down and the man does it too.

"Be my dog," he speaks nastily,Wan ke places his cup on the table with a loud tud when the words rang into his ears ,moving his gaze from the table he stares up at him. Raising a brow he looks towards his left and smiles at the crowd who were laughing.

"Scared?,"the man asks with an evil smile under his moustache.

"Deal,"Wan Ke smirks and raises the cup of wine gesturing him to drink.

They continued to drink until the five pots of wine ran empty.

"Another five,"Wan ke orders aloud making the few men beside the table gasp in astonishment as no one has won against their master and Wan ke is only a bit drunk.

"You are in right?,"Wan ke asks raising his eyebrows at him victoriously as he was drunk during the process of fourth pot.

"Ye...s,"his tone comes out sloppily, looking at Wan ke he smiles "How can you dr...,"his head hangs low before he could complete his sentence.

"You win...You win,"one person in the crowd states and walks towards the man who is drunk,he bends low and helps his brother to get up and the crowd of his leaves with them.

"You fine,"Wan ke asks getting up from the seat he steps closer to the girl.

"Thank you sir," she bends her shoulder low and bows in respect.

"No problem," he grasps her shoulders softly and guides her to look straight " Seems like you are new here" he gazes at her from top to bottom.

"Yes...," she answers softly feeling uncomfortable.

"Come to me if you need help Miss...,"He smiles raising his brows at her questionably.

"Ms Xiang," she completes the sentence with a smile.

"You...," he stops when Ms Xiang is pulled away from his grip.

"Let her go," a young man yells at Wan ke glaring at him moving Xiang behind his figure.

Wan ke opens his mouth to speak but stops when he sees Jiang Yi going upstairs.He looks at the young man in front of him and walks forward giving a glance to Xiang making sure that she is okay with him " See you later beauty," he winks at her and rushes upstairs ignoring the curse of the young man.

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