Fang Lei's P.O.V

"Did you get it?," Ms Cheng asks pouring the tea into my cup.

"Yes,Who asked you for it?," I question as I take the sip of the tea, placing the cup on tbe table I lean forward.

"It's Master Wan, he got the poster of Wen Ling and asked me about it," 

"Does he know anything?,"

"I don't know but I think that you both are trying to find the same person because he has been watching over JiangYi too and I'm sure that he has something in his pockets,"

"Maybe,"rubbing my chin I try to figure out what to do next.

"What's in your mind?,"she asks curiously.

"I think that the person whom you told is the one who I saw in the crime department that night,"

The document I stole from the crime department was regarding Weng ling's  murder.The clue of Wen ling who was the head of the department can give me more information of my late sister and her husband. Officer Wen ling was close to our family and he was a righteous man, his death gave us grieve and my father was worried that he couldn't help him even though he is the first general because there were no clues as the scene is planned perfecty and the files regarding his death has been destroyed. There was no proof that We ling's death was a murder and there is a reason why his body was never found.

Jiangyi is the only dog of the person who is behind all these, I have been following him watching his suspicious actions for the past twelve years since the death of my sister and brother-in-law. But I have never spotted anyone following him and the other men till that night and it was my first time seeing someone into the loop.

"Do you know Master Wan?,"I ask curiously ,  his information can be found if I know a little bit about him.

"He often comes here and he is famous among the girls as he helps them from other men who tries to play dirt on them," she smiles "He is a handsome lad indeed."

"Alright,"getting up I look at Cheng "You've never told that to your younger brother even once," I let out a loud sigh dramatically.

"I remember your sister saying me that you overreact when someone compliments you" 

"I was only a kid then,"

"It's good to see you smile after ages," she pulls me into a hug.

"Alright I gotta go,let me know if you hear about Master Wen and be careful from JiangYi,"

I get down the stairs my mind captured in the thoughts of what to do next, I've always loose patience that I wanted to crush JiangYi and ask him to spill everything out but acting naive is foolish and it will lead to nothing.

"Eat... Eat," stopping in my tracks I look over my shoulders when the familiar voice get into my ears.

I see him sitting with a girl having a meal, their table is filled with plentyty of meals and the girl is excited for the feast. My eyes moves from his face to his hand when he holds the pot of wine.

Whenever I see him he reminds me of my brother-in-law he was someone who is brave and someone who helps others but his character didn't help him well it just lead him to tragedy. Taking the hits for ShengZi who is a close friend of Cheng lie was really stupid,he already saved HenYu and and got punished more than the person who caused the trouble.

Why does he want to be a hero?

"Look who we have here," he exclaims looking at me ge waves with the chopsticks gesturing me to come and I walk there.

"You're not allowed in the academy if you are drunk," I let him know as I don't want him to be punished again.

It's not that I'm close to him or I care about him its just getting on my nerves knowing that he is innocent and got punished. I've observed him since the first day and all his actions drags my attention. I saw cheng Lie picking up on him and I know Cheng Lie well as he is Ms Cheng's cousin.

"I know..I know," he shoves off and takes a huge piece of meat with the chpsticks and inserts it in his mouth.

"Wait,"he places the chopstick on the table and looks up at me "Did you just speak? It's the first time to hear you speak a sentence," he smiles showing all his teeth,his behaviour making him look adorable.

"Here.. Here sit," patting on the bench beside him he continues with his meal.

Pulling my sleeves up I sit beside him and take the cup in which he poured wine for me "You better stop drinking,!" I warn roughly, I don't know why but I just didn't want him to be punished again.

"Don't worry,Master Wan's alcohol tolerance is perfect," 

Master Wan?
Is Wan Ke the one whom Cheng spoke about?

"You must be wondering who I am,"she giggles looking at my curious expression "I'm XuXu and I've known Master Wan for a long time, he helped me in the hands of bad men and...,"

"Ohh...okok...Go..go and call Xiang, you told that she wanted to talk to me,"Wan ke interrupts,Xuxu gets up and goes upstairs as instructed.

Moving my gaze from her my eyes lands on his hand again,his red palm clearly to be seen and the view of it stings too.

"How's your hand?,' I question casually making sure it doesn't sound in concern.

"Good,Henyu told that he has an ointment which will cure it," he shrugs shoulder and continues to eat.

Seriously,how can he be all cool after what happened.

"Feng Lei?," placing the cup on the table I look over my left shoulder to meet HenYu standing behind me.

"What are you doing here?,"he asks walking in front he takes his seat opposite to me.

"Why? Should he give you an explaination," Wan ke asks pushing the plate of sweet and sour ribs to him,he takes a pair of chopsticks and stuffs his mouth with the meat letting out a loud moan.

"Are you done with your work?," he asks chewing the meat in his mouth.

"Yes, Let's leave it's getting late," stretching his arms up Wan ke leans back and leaves out a sigh "It's ttue that food cures everything," he smiles.

"True!" HenYu gets up by taking the last bite of the meat "Lets go together," he utters looking at me for response.

"I've got something do, I'll be back later," 

"Let him be, let's go YuYu," Wan ke walks away and he follows him too.

Climbing upstairs I get into the private room where Cheng and I met earlier,I should ask her to make sure that Wan Ke is Master Wan whom she told before taking any action.

I gotta watch Wan Ke's every move if he is the one.

And I should find out whether the person who I saw that night is master Wan or some one else.