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Sydney Brown is gonna be 18 in a few days. But her birthday is a nightmare for her. She will be wedded to an old man on her birthday. Though she is not a maid, she works like one. Her life is no secret. As the whole town is aware of her incident. An incident that made her an outcast.

She keeps her head down.
Never speaks until she is spoken to.
And tries her best to never get into trouble.

Noah Miller, 26, is one of the richest in States. Runs a billion-dollar tech company and soon going to be inherited Miller Enterprise making him the sole influential person in the region.

Not very social.
He treasures his privacy most.
And calculative in his ways.
But nowadays he is on a road trip.

Each town is somehow connected to Miller Enterprise.

Every girl in those towns is crazy about his arrival and gonna wear their best dress.

Seems like a love story? Think again.

Try three chapters and you will be so emotional that you feel like not reading further.
Read five and you might be bewitched by this



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