Second Chance Kisses


15.56k words

16 chapters



Table of Contents


What happens when fate gives two people a second chance at love?

Madison Worthington was on her perfect career path. But since her new job did not start until Fall, she took the summer to work at her family's business. She still thought about Kade occasionally. Perhaps there had been a day or two here and there when he had not crossed through her thoughts. But eight years was a long time. She had so moved on.

Kade Johnson changed his life's direction, never thinking that he would find Madison there. He may have convinced himself that he had moved on, but one look at Madison and he knew he had been mistaken. As far as he was concerned, there would be no going back this time around.

They never had trouble loving each other.

But timing was everything.

And it was happening all over again.

Can they stop history from repeating itself? Or would a second chance reset their direction?

Will Madison and Kade find their true magnetic north?

This is a complete stand-alone novel and is part of the Magnetic North S

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