Royal Bloods Are Holy Sinners


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"So this is my brother's choice!"
Ailine uttered holding Karoline's chin up tight to look at her face properly.

An angry tear escaped Karoline's eyes as she shook her head out of the hold of Ailine but her body was forcefully held at one place unable to move any inch and raise a protest against the situation.

She was tied up in a chair.

She was kidnapped.

"Who are you?"
Karoline shouted while wiggling around on the hold of tight ropes in order to break off free and watching her struggling in that manner, Ailine glared at her.

"Move not, Aiden doesn't like any marks on his stuff!"
She warned strictly referring how her continuous struggles were creating marks on her arms and wrist.

Ailine seemed threatening with her words.

Karoline's eyes teared up angrily and jaw clenched tightened while looking at the woman in front of her in extreme rage.

"I am nobody's stuff."
She exclaimed while looking straight up without any fear meanwhile hearing her, Ailine chuckled with no surprise.

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