Chapter 4

I was said to sit near his mom and my other side was Eshana. He sat beside his mother; his name is AADIV. He was so handsome, and his looks are in such a way that every girl likes them

"Hi Aru so I will introduce myself" my thoughts were broken by his mother. As far as I remember aunty name is nyonika Malhotra, I just nodded my head towards aunty.

"I am nyonika and this Raj as you know and this is my son Aadiv, you already know Eshana" she spoke with enthusiasm clear in her voice which made me smile at her. She spoke pointing towards her husband and then towards Aadiv. I smiled at both while Aadiv smiled at me and I must say he is having a life taking smile.

"You must have known why are we here" his mom spoke so affectionately all the while caressing my head. I felt like my mom was doing it I have experienced the same feeling when my mother touches me, and I nodded to her looking at her. She smiled warmly at me.

"So, we know it was sudden to you and we are not forcing you to do anything, remember the final decision is yours we just want you both to be together" her mother explained to me as if I was a small kid and I nodded at her

"Listen to me dear we completely understand you if he seems right to you then only you should agree for the marriage” his father spoke as he came and sat beside me replacing Eshana. I smiled at him sensing his father affection

"So Vishu I think we should allow both of them to talk so that they can come to a decision" Raj uncle spoke to my dad and my dad looked at me. I nodded and then he looked at my mother who also nodded her head.

"Yeah I think you are right so we will leave them alone so Aru take him to your room” said my father. I looked at Aadiv and found him looking at me. we both were looking at each other waiting for one to take the initial step.

"I have an idea we all will go and then I and Bhai will show the house to Eshana...they both will talk" said Atharv suddenly winking at my mom and dad. although he was a younger brother to me just by 5 minutes yeah, we are twins, but he always behaves as Parv Bhai and he is so protective against me.

"It was a superb plan," said Eshana and we all nodded our heads, and then Bhai, Atharv and Eshana stood up followed by Aadiv.

“Madam don't you want to come" Atharv spoke and I gave a glare to which he was the least affected one

"Don't show me those faces I am not afraid of you" he spoke again and why he always need to create a scene everywhere and for everything. I bet the girl for him will run away from her wedding only by seeing this idiot.

I pouted a little and started walking silently. Atharv came and kissed me on my cheeks and murmured sorry and love you at the same time making me smile.

We all started to move with those three in front of us and I and Aadiv were walking a little behind and he was looking at them only but now and then he was looking at me. We reached my room upstairs and Bhai stopped near it.

"So, you both go inside” said Bhai and he came near me and kissed my forehead. He then murmured all the best. They all three went away leaving me and Aadiv alone I moved and entered my room, then let it open for him to enter.

He came inside and closed the door. He saw the room and I don't think he will like it because it contains many Teddy bears and mostly it was all pink in color and I knew boys hate the pink color.

I was almost nervous and not able to speak. I was just looking here and there, I observed Aadiv also doing same, so I gestured him to sit in the chair through my hand and he sat there while I sat in the chair opposite to him.

I don't know him till yesterday and now if I say yes then he will be the person with whom I will spend all my coming years. Maybe the specialty of an arranged marriage we can experience many new things many new feelings and breaking my thoughts he spoke and the next thing he spoke was a shock to me