Chapter 3

I went to the hospital for my work then I got a call from Eshana and she is asking me to come with her today as her brother is having some looks with a girl so she wants me to be with her but I didn't say to her about my looks still

"No Eshana today I can't come" I spoke

"Why Aru I want you to meet my family today" Eshana voice shows hurt and it was my idea that after our results will be out, we will open about our families.

"I am so sorry Eshana and I can't make it today because I have looks today" I finally said it to her, and I know she will be jumping out of bed in shock

"What are you serious I am so happy who is that boy?" Her question made me think that I even don't know his name and I said yes to see him.

"Eshu even I don't know his name but I knew he is the son of dad best friend and even Bhai and Atharv are ok with it so I said yes" as soon as I spoke I heard a gasp from Eshana side and I know she must be thinking that I am some alien.

"Are you insane I know your brothers, and I agree that they will choose best for you but you should have known at least minimum details about him" she scolded me as a teacher does and I didn't say anything because I know if I say anything she will start from first again

"Eshana now stop, I am already stressed with hospital and don't increase it more what should happen it will happen and now I have to go to rounds" I spoke or rather shouted and she was shocked with my tone. she cuts the call immediately as she knows when I spoke like that it means I am pissed off.

"Hi baby" I spoke as soon as I saw Rahul and ran into my arms and I smiled to full taking him in my arms and twirled him around in the air taking him in my arms.

Rahul is a child patient in the hospital he was having typhoid and he is there for the past one week. He loves me so much among all the doctors and he is just 6 years old. He giggled as I turned him round in the air

"Rahul, did you take your medicines?" I know he won't take it without me but still, I ask the same question daily and he as usual nodded his head in no and smiled at me I nodded my head at him and went and bought his medicine and made him take them.

The day came to an end finally and I went home and by the time I reach home, it was 5 in the evening. I greeted all my family and went to get ready to meet the so-called "good boy."

As I am a simple girl, I preferred a simple red dress, did a minimal makeup. I got ready completely and sat there until my mom calls me. I heard the door knock and I understood they are here which made my heartbeat faster suddenly.

"Hi good evening I am Raj Malhotra, and this is my wife nyonika Malhotra" I heard a voice and I think he is the father of that boy

"Hi, I am Vishwanath Murthy and this is my wife Shreya Murthy" I heard my dad greeting them and I later heard all are greeting voices.

"Where is my soon to be daughter in law?" I heard a voice and maybe it was my mother in law and her voice was so good, I loved it in an instant.

"I will get her," came my mother’s voice and I heard footsteps towards my room.

"Aru are you ok?" My mom asked me, and I nodded and went downstairs with my mom. when I was climbing the stairs down, I felt someone intense gaze on me and I looked at the source only to find the most handsome face of the world.

He is so hot and perfect, and his muscles are so good at the position which means he works out daily. he is so fit with a perfect body and I am so busy in stating at him. He too was looking at me with his beautiful and expressive eyes.

Atharv coughed a little to tease me, and I looked at him glaring him. Then I turned towards his right only to see one man maybe his father and beside him sat a woman, his mother. They both were making a super pair.

I turned towards his left and what I saw was the biggest shock because I dint expect ESHANA to be here

"Aru" she shouted and ran towards me and I too hugged her. I broke the hug

"Eshu what are you doing here?" I asked her

" I am here to see the bride for my brother and fortunately it was you... I am super happy" she said those words and started to jump in joy, and I smiled at her

"Means you are Malhotra’s daughter," I asked, and she nodded, and we hugged again.

"Super since the girls knew each other before only then let me tell you, that if it is fixed then you will have tough handling two stubborn heads" Atharv spoke making me and Eshana look at him with narrow eyes. He then laughed making the atmosphere light for me

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