Chapter 1

Aria POV

I am sleeping peacefully on my bed when suddenly I heard my mobile ring which made me move a little in sleep and took the mobile in my hands answering my call. She is my best friend and to say Frank I don't know about her surname too, it may be odd but we both kept a rule in our friendship that we won't say about our family background but she talks with my parents and I talk with hers but no one says about the family.

"Our results are out last night" those are her words I heard, to be precise I am shocked not because I am afraid to get fewer marks, but I have a habit of seeing my every result along with my brothers.

But now Parv Bhai is not in the city he went to some meeting in Delhi along with my Dad and will return only after a week. I can't wait because my results will be taken away from the net in two days now what should I do.

"Aru are you there" I was busy in my thoughts when Eshana words brought me out of my thoughts

"Eshana," I said to her still not sure how to see the results

"Did you see them?" She asked

"No you know Bhai is in Delhi and I won't see without him so do one thing see my result and don’t reveal it to me keep it with u, I will see when Bhai comes," I said to her and to say honestly that was only the option left in front of me

"No way even I am not going to see mine until you see yours" here comes my stubborn Eshana again. I wonder where she got those genes, she is always stubborn. To make her brain understand anything is very complicated

"Eshu no don't do that ok you need to see your result and take a copy of mine, I am not listening anything now,” I said to her and if she is stubborn then I am more stubborn than her

"No..." I couldn't hear her words more because my room door opened to reveal my two brothers standing there with a smile on their faces.

"Bhai and rishi" I shouted on top of my lungs making them smile at me opening their arms for me. I threw the mobile on the bed and ran to them hugging both tight. They too held me protectively as if I am in the war zone.

I smiled to full seeing their love for me and I broke the hug. I looked at Bhai who was looking at me with love and he cupped my face

"So, all ready to see the result" Bhai spoke, and I nodded my head. That's when I heard a sound from my mobile making me remember that Eshana is online. So, I went to bed and took the mobile

"Eshu, Bhai is see your result and call me again as I am seeing mine also," I said to her in a hurry and cut the call and threw my mobile on the bed. The mobile flew with so much force and it was about to fall and broke into pieces, but rishi caught it giving me a warning with his eyes. I gave him a smile which made him cool down because Bhai and rishi always complain that I am a small child and need to be more careful. Indeed, I am a small kid in front of them because I knew whatever may happen, they won't let anyone hurt me.

I bought my laptop and sat on bed between my two bodyguards. I opened the website where it was asked to enter my hall ticket number. After this process is done the page started to load while the page was loading, I held my both brother hands in my two hands which are on their side. I closed my eyes tight and after some time I felt someone kissing my forehead and I knew the touch it was Bhai. It shows how much he loves me because he says all the love, we have for anyone will be in the forehead and even I believe it too.

Even many people say that forehead kiss is the kiss of love

I opened my eyes and saw both my brothers smiling to full. It was an indication that my result was good not that they will be unhappy if I get fewer marks. Even if I say 2+3 is 6 then they will make the entire world believe it to make me happy.

"Bhai how was it?" I asked him

"As usual my princess," said rishi and bhai at a time making my smile grew wider. I kissed both on their cheeks and they kissed me on my cheeks from either side at a time. I saw my result and I was shocked to see because I was the state topper. I was numb at my place because I didn't expect this at all.

My mouth fell open in an O shape and I looked at my brothers who was smiling at me. I pinched myself to believe it and seeing my expressions both laughed out loud and then I received a call from Eshana

"Eshu how was yours?" I asked her as I knew she must have done very well

"I am the second Aru and I think you r first right" she knows well about me. She can guess anything easily regarding me

"Yeah, Eshu congrats and see you in evening bye as of now," I said those words and even she congratulated me and disconnected the call. I went downstairs along with my brothers to say to my parents about my results.

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