Never Ending Story


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42 chapters



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Tsa is a starving writer. Though the publishing industry is not fair for some writers, she could not simply give up her passion. She worked as a part-timer in her friend's coffee shop to support herself aside from writing. Then she met Av and Jo, two writers who share the same struggles with her.
One midnight, she found a mysterious book without the author's name on the cover. The story was about three handsome, magical knights named Raiden, Aidan, and Zaiden, who were tasked to save Princess Amethyst from the hands of an evil wizard. Tsa was frustrated when she found out that the middle part of the book was missing, leaving the rest of the pages empty! Since there was no author's name on it, she could not find another copy of the book.
Out of desperation, Tsa decided to write the continuation of the book from her own ideas. Little did she know that the book was magical. Raiden, Aidan, and Zaiden had now come to life just as how she wrote it!



Anabelle Valdez Sabuero

Bakit po english author ,? sana tagalog / english, tapos hindi mabasa kong hindi bebeli ng coins . πŸ˜” Di bali na lang.

2021/9/19 Reply

Amina Tamboli

nice story I will read itπŸ‘πŸ»

2021/6/9 Reply

Melinda Suede

i found interesting love

2021/5/19 Reply

Crazy Cat Lady

I miss the gang... 😁

2021/2/10 Reply

Era Bhadz Nics

❀❀❀❀ nice story

2020/7/24 Reply

Mulan Fa Hua


2020/7/19 Reply

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NiΓ±a Erika Velasco


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