Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - The Second Task


"Your second task will bring us to a bustling high school. Ramsey Addams. A high school gymnastic teacher. If I'm not mistaken she's the second girl you confessed to. Am I right?" Ivy nudged Arika's side when Natalia looks down.

"Next time please consider her feelings as well babe." Ivy whispered. Arika apologised. Natalia waves it off.

"I wasn't thinking about her. I was thinking about my family. By now they probably knew about what had happen to Liana,"

"And? Are you regretting your doings?" Arika asked. Natalia shakes her head no.

"I have no regrets. It's just Ramsey. Teaching in my old school. I feel like I'm opening my old wound back. That school holds a lot og my darkest memories. Since Videric letting them slowly came back to me, I remembered how they would..."

Arika stops her midway.

"This time, you won't be going back as the old Natalia Ambrose. You will not letting anyone talk shit about you anymore. Everybody will listens to you rather than bullying you. One of the perks of being a vampire is that we can control humans and their action. Well if they have one,"

"Are you sure it's ok for us to be in the school after what happened in the State Capital?" Ivy asked.

"The situation hasn't calm down yet. They probably be looking for Nat as of right now." Ivy added.

"Since when we let the law enforcer limits our actions? I don't care about them. But... it's the queen's rule to never hurt anyone innocent. What we do now is hurting those who hurt others. Their names are listed in the seven sins after all," Arika reasoned.

"Ramsey Addams. Listed down as gluttony. Wild parties, lots of food but eventually be thrown away to waste. It consider as a sins to throw away foods, eat expensively, and even eat earlier than anyone else. But in her case, she has no heart. None at all."

Arika closed the file and looks up to Natalia who's looking confuse.

"Don't ask me why it's a sin. I have no idea myself. Ancient people has weird beliefs and very conservative. It's also consider as a sin to eat earlier than everyone else." Arika chuckles.

Natalia remembered how Ramsey was in high school. She has no idea how she could even fall in love with someone like her. She is basically a mean bitch.

"I remember her very well. She used to shove food inside one of the under privilege kid's mouth," Ivy gasps.

"You confessed to a person who... oh Natalia."

"That was years ago. I will have fun ending her life," Jac cracks her knuckles but Arika pushed her hands down.

"She is single. No man or woman in her life," Arika added.

"So what are we there for?" Ivy asked.

"The school has been short on funds since the scandalous case of their old principal. They have been asking for funding and we're going to give them one." Arika answered. Ivy leans in and whispers into her wife's ear. Arika nods while Ivy walks out of the room.

"Where she's going?" Natalia asked.

"She's going to leave us alone for us to get to know each other even better," Arika smirks. Natalia began to feel restless while her eyes wandering around. Arika laughs.

"Relax. I'm going to teach you how to meditate. It's important to calm your inner self because we're the undead." Arika chuckles.

"Now. Follow me please," Arika said before leading Natalia to another room. This room was different. There's no stool or any sitting area in them. All it has are pillows scatters on the floor and candles. Lots of scented candles.

"This is a meditation room. It's what we vampires do after any mission we had. It's like the only room that has positive energy. It's good for controlling your chakra flowing." Natalia looks at Arika with dumbfounded expression.

"You have no idea what is chakra?" Natalia shake her head.

"Okay. Chakra, in Indian beliefs, are believed to be part of the subtle body, not the physical body, and as such, are the meeting points of the subtle. It's believed that there are many chakras in the subtle human body, but there's only seven important ones."

Arika guide Natalia to one of the pillows and ask her to sat down. Arika went to the corner and took a fresh red scented candle out and lit it up. She places the candle in front of Natalia and sat down, facing the new born.

"The first would be Root Chakra. It represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. The second would be Sacral Chakra. Meaning our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences." Arika took a deep breath and let the positive energy to flow into her.

"The third one would be Solar Plexus Chakra. Known as our ability to be confident and in control of our lives," Arika chuckles.

"The fourth chakra is my favourite of all and it's the Heart Chakra. It represent our ability to love."

"But aren't we dead inside? Our heart hasn't been beating." Arika shakes her head.

"The fifth chakra would be Throat Chakra. As you may know it's for our ability to communicate. The sixth would be Third Eye Chakra. Means our ability to focus on and see the big picture."

Arika took another deep breath and smiles.

"And the most important of them, crown Chakra, the highest chakra that represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. That's will be our journey later on." Arika smiles and snapss her fingers.

On cue, candles around them lit up and Natalia finally at peace from smelling the aroma coming from the scented candles.

"Are you at peace?" Natalia closes her eyes and took a really deep breath.

"Oh yes I am.. never been this calm since... forever.." Arika smiles.

"Perfect.. listen to my voice and follow whatever I say. Okay?" Natalia gave a little nod.

"Good. Now... let's go and explore the amazing world of fantasy..." Arika calming voice echoing inside Natalia's mind.


After the meditation session with Arika, Natalia decided to stroll around the castle, exploring rooms and hallways she never went through. Along the way, she went through series of portrait that filling the hallways.

There's a lot of portrait shows Videric in his suits or in a gladiator metal suit with his sword as decoration. He must be a very talented swordsman Natalia said in her mind. She continued to admires portrait after portrait while reading the metal plate that has their names.

It's when she looks at a familiar portrait that she was in trance. The woman in the portrait looks a lot like Arika except for the hair. Nevertheless, she's one hell of a magnificent looking woman. No doubt about that.

"That's Queen Akasha. My late wife and Arika's mother. Arika took a lot of her mother's features huh," Videric made himself known and it totally surprised Natalia who's now holding her chest. Then she realised her heart doesn't even beat.

"Arika only took my skills. Her features and attitude just like her mother." Videric stands beside Natalia.

"Why are you here at the royal gallery?" Natalia doesn't know how to respond to that. Is she in trouble? She doesn't even know.

"Follow me." Videric said when he noticed Natalia not even answering him. Natalia did as told and was bewildered with the portraits on this side as well.

"This is my favourite part of the castle. The memories I have with my princess. Her first feeding was just after few days she was born." Videric shows her Arika's first portrait..

"And this was her first royal portrait. She never cry when she has to stay still for few hours." Videric chuckles and traces his fingers on the portrait that was hung on the walls.

"Her first royal ball." Videric points at a little Arika with her ball gown. Natalia gasps when she read the year on the portrait.

"1883?! That was a couple of 100 years ago! She's... old.." Natalia grins. Videric shakes his head.

"If she heard you say that you probably be dead by now. She hates it when people questioned her age." Videric continues to stroll even further in and stops in front of a portrait with two woman.

"Her first date with Ivy. Before she turned Ivy to a vampire." Natalia tilted her head to the side while looking at the portrait.

"Over here would be their wedding portrait. Ivy is a vampire now. At first I never have any hope for their relationship to last. But.. they prove me wrong." Videric smiles. Natalia finds it creepy to see him.. smiles.

"How's training? Any progress?" Natalia gave videric a nod.

"When the king ask you some question, you answer him back with words. Remember that, Ambrose." Videric stops Natalia from talking.

"Too late. You look like someone who has questions. Ask me if you must."

"Ummm..." Natalia went to a portrait and pointed at Ivy's stomach on the wedding day. Videric chuckles.

"Ivy was rape by one of my guards and Arika killed him for it. But the baby died after a day he was born. They had a son. Late Prince Xenos. Any other question?" Natalia shakes her head.

"Good. Now follow me." Videric said and walk towards a door that connects the castle to the outside world. Natalia was having second thought about walking under the sun. Videric gestures his hand asking Natalia to follow him.

Natalia first steps was hard. She was scared she might get burn by the sun but then she remembered what Arika had said. She took her second step with confidence and follows the king towards a lake.

"This is a sacred lake. Legends say that a group of Sirens lives here and will only shows themselves to the person they love and care."

"Sirens?" Natalia asked.

"Dangerous creatures who lured nearby sailors or man in particular with their enchanting music and voices to make the male weak on their knee and willing to die for them. Ivy has the power to do so. She learned it from one of the Sirens inside this lake."

"That's mean they love and care for Ivy?" Videric nods at Natalia's question.

"The Sirens obey Arika and Ivy's orders more than they obey me. Don't ask why." The king asked Natalia to stand by the edge of the lake.

"Wait for it... I'm sure they will show up. Eventually."

Natalia did as told and waited. Minutes had passed and she began to feel restless. When she was about to turn around, a melodious sound echoes around them. Natalia looks around and facing Videric who's now covering his ears.

When Natalia heard a sound coming from the lake, she immediately turns and watches as three sets of head coming out of the water slowly. She was surprised beyond words when she came face to face with three black hair woman with the most mesmerising blue eyes she ever laid on.

All three woman had the same looks, same cheekbones, even the same smile. Natalia watched as they slowly walks up to her and it sends her to the ground when one of the woman came up to her.

"I smell... Arika's blood.."

"I smell Ivy's..."

The last woman that came out of the water looks into Natalia's orbs and smiles.

"She has both of their blood." The woman gave Natalia a creepy grin.

"Orelia!" Videric calls out and the woman who smiles turns to the king with rage in her eyes.

"What?!" She sneers. Videric walks to Natalia and helps her up.

"Natalia Ambrose, meet the Sirens sisters. Belle, Laguna and the oldest, Orelia." Natalia was too in trance when the king introduced them to her. She was busy looking at the triplets naked body.

"Girls, put some clothes on!" The king commanded while shaking his head. They all went behind a huge tree before walking back out with clothes on. Natalia once again in trance. She started to shaking her head. The Sirens looks at each other before laughing at the poor new born.

"Are you enjoying yourself, little one. Do you want us to belly dance for you as well?" Belle said. Natalia shakes her head vigorously.

"Enough! I lead her here to see you three not as your pet. I need you all to teach her close combat. The one you all used to defeat King Lutya." Orelia turns to the king.

"What are you planning to do?" She asked.

"Something big... By the way, I need you all to follow her to the city. Urgent matter. Special request from Arika," was all Videric before leaving Natalia alone with the Sirens.


"I hate the city," the Sirens sisters said in unison. They grinned before hugging each other.

"Stop being childish." Arika said from inside the car. Natalia got out of the car and hold the door for Ivy and Arika.

"We're sorry girls but we really need your help in this matter." Ivy said after she steps outside. The Sirens turns to the princess and smile.

"Anything for you Ivy.." Belle said. Ivy made her ways to the front door of the mansion Videric had rented for them and entered. Ivy looks around and turns back at the door where the others waited to be invited in.

"Come in."

After they all had chosen their room, Arika asked everyone to gathered inside the master bedroom where she and Ivy will sleep in. Natalia was the last person to come.

"Why are we here?" Orelia asked the princesses.

"You'll know eventually. I hope the training goes well?" Arika asked her. Orelia gave Arika the 'OK' sign.

"Good. I hope there will be no mistake like before." The Sirens looks at each other and gave the princess a sheepish smile.

"We're sorry Arika. We didn't know before." Laguna chuckles.

"What happen before?" Natalia asked.

"They nearly killed the king of Amador kingdom, king Henry." Orelia chuckles.

"Don't blame us. He's a king but he doesn’t even know how to fight. Hell, he can't even run away from us." Ivy pressed her temple.

"I stop them before they could decapitate the king." Ivy added.

"What's the plan tomorrow?" Belle asked.

"Glad you asked. Tomorrow we will be escorting Natalia to a school." Ivy stops her wife from continuing her explanation.

"If we do that everyone will know she's back from the dead."

"That's why we asked the Sirens to come remembered?" Arika turns to the triplets.

"You all will be using your power to make everyone focus on you three. Not on Natalia. And if we ever run into any law enforcer, lure them and..." Arika traced a straight line on her neck using her finger.

"Like before, all we do for now is to introduce ourself. Make Ramsey remember who you are. Then, we will end her. Is that clear?" Natalia nods. She's having trouble about something. She wants to asked them all but she's scared to say anything.

Ivy noticed how restless she looks and decided to sit beside her. Ivy wrapped her arms around Natalia's shoulder.

"What's in your mind?" Ivy asked.

"I want to.. um.. show them.. I'm not a loser anymore." Ivy turned to Arika with a smirk.

"Sirens, leave us.." the Sirens nods and leaves them alone. Orelia gave them all a mischief smile before closing the door. Ivy made eye contact with Arika who's now crouching in front of Natalia. Arika rubbed Natalia's thigh before spread it wide and crouch in the middle of her legs.

Her hands made way from the hem of Natalia's shirt, slowly lifted it up. Ivy moves from her side and went to Natalia's back rubbing her spine slowly. Every touch and breath the vampires made, send shivers onto Natalia's flesh.

Arika started to leave butterfly kisses on Natalia's stomach towards her chest and neck before went to kissed her own wife and back again to lick her mark on Natalia's neck.

"Whaatt... are you ... two... doing..." Natalia whispered.

"You said you don't want to be a loser anymore..." Arika whispers back before unbuttoning Natalia's jeans and started to unzipped it. Ivy on the other hand unhooks Natalia's bra before threw it on the floor. Ivy cups Natalia's breast and kiss her neck.

"Hmmm.. so handful..." Ivy whispers on Natalia's ear.

"Ivy.." Arika calls out. Ivy wrapped her arms on both of Natalia's underarm and lifted her a bit so that Arika could easily pulled down Natalia's jeans. Arika chuckles.

"Sorry..." she apologise and using her nails, she tore the only piece of clothing that covering Natalia’s private.

Arika stood still in front of Natalia and smiles when Natalia looks up to her. Ivy moves from Natalia's back and went to Arika's side. They started to strips in front of Natalia until there's not even a single thread covering their body.

Natalia's eyes widen when she noticed how perfect in portion both of the princesses chest area. They both walks seductively towards the new born with a smirk.

"Ivy.. kiss her." Ivy did as told and sat on Natalia's thigh, wrapping her legs around her waist before kissing the new born on the lips.

Natalia’s breathe hitches when Ivy's breast brushes against her and once again gasps when she felt someone playing with her clit. She moans inside Ivy's mouth before they both were pushed down.

Arika began to played with both of her bride's core and repeatedly licking it back and forth. They were having fun together when someone barged in their door.

Natalia turns her head sideways and was shocked to see Videric at the door and started to covering herself by pushing Ivy's body onto hers.

"FATHER!" Arika yells her frustration out.


"I'm here to see the show." Videric smiles. Arika grabs whatever nearby and starts to threw it to her father.

"Get out! GET! OUT!" Arika yells and continued to hit her father with any object she can reached.

"But I need to talk to you!" Videric reasons while avoiding being hit by the objects.

"GET OUT!" All three of them said and Arika waves her hands to closed the door shut. Arika released a heavy sigh.

"Where were we?"

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