Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Meeting The Creatures


Arika let the maids finished up her hair while Ivy walks out of the closet with the most beautiful white ball gown the seamstress had designed for them.

"Wow.." Arika whistled. Ivy turns to face her wife.

"Wow yourself. Yours even look grander than mine." Arika chuckles and turns to face the maids.

"One of you please help Natalia,"

"Yes, your highness." One of the maids bow before she went to see what Natalia up tp.

"Arika.. any smudge?" Ivy asked when she face her wife.

"No. You're perfect." Arika smiled.

"All done, your highness." Arika waved them off and got up from the chair.

Before they kiss, Natalia revealed herself at the closet entrance. Both vampire looks at the entrance and was lost at words. They looks at each other before facing Natalia. While wearing an all-black suit, Natalia decided to tied up her long hair in a ponytail and it showed how majestic her features are.

It send shivers down both of the old vampires spine when Natalia walks towards them while her eyes wanders from head to toe.

"Now I remember why I'm gay." Natalia said and chuckles.

"Our eyes up here Natalia,” Ivy chuckled.

"I never see you both in a gown before. It's beautiful. Gorgeous," Both Arika and Ivy felt their cheeks getting hotter. Natalia chuckles when she witnessed the old vampires blushed in a deep shade of red. The maids came back with the princesses heels and Natalia's shoes.

"Our gift for you," Both Arika and Ivy smiles as they tried their heels on.

"A gift? For me?" Natalia asked.

"Try it on. We choose them for you," Natalia placed the shoes on the floor and slipped her foot in. It's a perfect fit and probably the most comfortable shoes she ever wore. She thanked the princesses. After they’re done getting ready, they went out from their room and went to greet the king. Videric watched as his princesses walks down the stairs with a smile on his face.

"Natalia. Here," Videric gave her two little boxes.

"Corsages," She opens the black box and inside are beautiful black rose for Arika. Natalia took the princess's hand and tied the corsage around her wrist. When she proceed to opens the second box there was a beautiful white rose for Ivy. Natalia did the same to Ivy and smiles.

"Hmm. Matches both of your gowns and attitude," Videric said before turns his back to them and lead the way to the limousine.


"Relax father. He won't do anything to us anymore. We had a deal," Videric ignored his daughter's soothing voice and looks out at the familiar Royal ground of the Akeldama Palace. He’s been feeling a bit nervous and uneasy because he thought that he might have to meet his father.

The limousine stops in front of the palace entrance. It took a lot of Videric’s will power to step out from the car. His daughter keeps telling him that it’s okay for them to be here. When they finally made it at the ballroom’s entrance, it only took a second for the announcer to recognized them

"King Videric and his daughters. Princess Arika and Ivy," They put on as smile as they walks down the stairs that leads them to the ball. Natalia planned to be as invisible as she can be without getting any unnesassary attention towards her.

But her plan was interrupted when Arika and Ivy grabbed both of Natalia arms and walks down the stairs while flaunting their beauty. Every creatures that was surprised by their presence watched as the princesses walk side by side with the unfamiliar new born.

"Who is that? Why is she holding the princesses hands?" A vampire prince asked his friends.

"She's a new born. She's shouldn't be holding their hands like that,” The son of a famous alpha said to his own friends. Speculation after speculation was made until Videric and his family met the host themselves, Queen Thana and her wife, Queen Essence.

"King Videric. It's nice to see you again. It's been how long? A decade?" Videric took the Queen's hand kiss it.

"A decade it must be. You remember my princess, Arika, and her wife?" Thana looks behind the king and smiles.

"Of course I do. The talented Arika and Ivy. Am I right?" Arika and Ivy both curtsie. When Thana laid her eyes on Natalia, she sense something was out of place.

"You are?" Thana asked.

"Pardon me your highness. This is our bride, Natalia Ambrose." Arika nudged Natalia's side so she would bow to the Queens’. Thana turns to Essence before touching Natalia's chin.

"Hmmmm. Interesting history you have little one. You have a lot to learn before you could complete the task." Essence nudged her wife's side telling her to stop getting into her head.

"Please enjoy your night," Essence smiles and motioned for the maids to lead the guest in.

"I feel like she just ransacking my brains," Natalia suddenly said. Arika chucklesd.

"She has the power to see the future and the past. She's a very talented queen," Natalia felt Ivy's grip getting tighter.

"What's wrong?" She asked while looking at Ivy.

"Oh no, he's here." Arika said.

"Who's here?" Jac asked.

"Him. The most hated creature in the world," Arika pointed him out using her eyes.

Natalia turns and she saw a creature that has the same feature like Videric does. But he's different. He has an evil aura surrounded him. Natalia noticed how the floor would slightly melted when his bare foot touched the floor.

Natalia felt the vibration he made when he walks towards Videric. The creatures expression changes when he noticed someone he never would have guess would come. His eyes contained the raging fire of hatred, showing everyone near him he's the one who control anger and evil.

"Videric my boy..." his voice send shivers down everyone's spine. Videric looks up and face his fear.

"Hello father.." the man smirks.

"So you actually call me that? No hatred, sorrow and pain. Why don't you get mad at me for letting your own mother died?" The man mocked. Videric took a couple of deep breath.

"I do hate you. But how will that benefit me? It won't bring my mother back," Videric said in monotone. The intimidating man turned his gaze to Natalia who was now shaking uncontrollably.

"A new born. Fresh blood... how nice," the man let out his long tongue and lick his lips repeatedly.

"I am Lucifer... the King of the Underworld," He introduced himself followed by his sinister laughs when Natalia kneels down because of how weak her legs turns out when he glares. Arika grabbed a hold of her arms.

"Stop it!" Arika commanded her grandfather. Ivy grabbed a sword from a guard nearby and swing it to Lucifer.

"Stop it or I’ll kill you right here, right now!" Ivy placed the sword under Lucifer’s neck. But that didn't keep him at bay. It made him happier than ever.


"Rose stop him," Octavia said to her daughter and watches as Rose grabbed her father's neck and threw him across the grand ballroom in front of everyone.

"I swear. Everytime you invited yourself to the Akeldama Palace, you always cause a lot of problem for the host and the guests. If you keep this up, I’ll drag you back to Hell myself!" Rose yelled before turning to Natalia who’s being torture from inside out.

Rose kneels down in front of her and placed her hands on both of Natalia’s hands that covered her ears.

"Shhhhh... it's gone now.. it's gone.." Rose slowly guide Natalia's hand away from her ears and smiles when she finally calm down.

"I'm sorry for that. I’ll make sure he will get what he deserve. Although it might give him pleasure rather than being remorseful,” Rose said to her niece.

"It's been so long Arika, Ivy.." both Arika and Ivy bows to Rose.

"Your aunt Moana was wondering about both of you. She said you two haven't been visiting her much." Rose chuckles. Arika didn't get to say anything when Lucifer stood up again and let out an eerie laughs. Rose didn't have to do anything when she saw her mother went to him and back hand his head in front of everyone.

"He only listened to her rather than anyone else," Rose jokes and helps Natalia up.

"I'm sorry little one. You shouldn't gone through that experience. I'll ask Thana to help you with that." Rose excuse herself and went to get Thana.

"I'm sorry. My power has no effect on him." Arika apologised. Natalia gave the princesses a sweet smile and turns her head to the person who helps her. She felt the same power when that woman came close to her. The same power Videric and Lucifer possessed.

Then she realised she just met Satan. Her eyes widen when she realized she met the ruler of the underworld. Natalia was brought back to reality when Thana and Rose made themselves known.

"Give me your hand." Thana offers her hand to Jac. She turns to Arika and Ivy who nods at her. She obliged and hold the queen's hand. Once again she felt like her brain was being manipulated. It's not as painful when satan went inside her head but she felt something.

When Thana released her hand, Natalia opened her eyes and smiles.

"It will be alright from now on." Thana smiles and went to greet her other guest. Arika rubs Natalia's back and whispers assuring words in her ears.

"Well look at that. Princess Arika and her little servant. Where's Ivy? I miss her." Natalia then realised Ivy was not beside her.

"Well, hello there prince Quentin. How nice to see you again," Arika rolled her eyes back.

Natalia looks at Quentin from head to toe. He's quite handsome like one of those fairytale Prince Charming with his sword around his waist, wearing clean clothes with his perfect smile. Having perfect hair, perfect features and that blue orbs will make any girls falls in love with him.

Natalia looks at Arika and she realised she's not like any other princess in the ball room where they will went head over heels when any prince walk past them. She actually gag and it Natalia chuckle.

"Is there something funny, servant?" Quentin asked with venom. Natalia ignores him and act as if he's not even there.

"Do you hear something, my princess?" Natalia asked. Arika shakes her head no.

"Blimey. I thought there's someone talking to us." Natalia chuckles and turns the princess around and leave Quentin alone. Arika's mouth forms a perfect smile.

"Oh Natalia! You're such teaser. He's mad nowa" Jac chuckles. Ivy suddenly wrapped her arms around Natalia's arm and whispers in her ears.

"Be careful." Ivy leans back and smiles. The night went fine with Arika introducing Natalia as her bride rather than a servant. Everyone has their own opinion but Arika doesn’t care because most of them envied the new born for being pampered by two gorgeous vampire princesses. When they all heard the glass clang, they turned their attention to the Queen and her family.

"May we have your attention please..." Thana gaining everyone’s attention. Essence walks up to her wife and face her subject.Years had passed and she still the loving mother to all creatures.

"I hope everything is in order. The food, the drinks, everything," Thana smiles followed by series of chuckles.

"Welcome to our annual Akeldama Ball. This is the only place where we don't have to be a king, queen, prince, princess for a night. It’s a night enjoyed by everyone, creature nor human. And of course, new born."

Natalia smiled while looking down. She try to stay focus on the speech but knowing herself, she's not going to have any. It's long and boring. She then thought of something and wrapped her hands on both of the princesses waist and pulled them closer to her. Arika leans in.

"After this, we will be focussing on the task. Let's finish this once and for all," Arika kissed Natalia's cheek and so does Ivy. Natalia felt her cheek got hotter. She never get this feeling before. It's different than being rejected. It's the feeling that makes her obey the princesses every wishes. Even if she had to risk her own life to save them.


"You need to focus. Make sure to keep your eye contact with the enemy." Arika pointed out Natalia's wrongdoing. Ivy waited outside the ring and watches everything with patients. When Natalia didn't jab the punching bag like she wanted, Ivy decided to get into the ring with Arika.

"Hit me," Ivy said, completely surprised everyone.

"But..." Ivy quickly turns to her wife and glares. Arika raised both eyebrows and nods.

"Okay then. Jac, hit her." Natalia shakes her head vigorously. Arika decided to get into her mind. She traced her fingers on Natalia's shoulder and went to her back, leaning in and slowly breath onto her neck.

"Imagine Ivy as an enemy, she just killed me. My head explode, my limbs were decapitated, my body were severely damage and you just knew I was carrying our child. Will you seek revenge for me?" Arika breathes onto Natalia's neck and images of her being torture to death were playing in her mind. Natalia's body shaken with anger and that's when Arika moved away from her. Ivy mocked her even more and get herself ready for an attack.

Natalia's first move was sloppy. Ivy manage to avoided her attacked easily.

"Remembered what I taught you Nat. Every moves must mean something," A loud screeching scream from the new born made everyone turned their attention to the ring.

Ivy was bewildered by how fast Natalia could sum up her energy to delivered a few powerful punches. Ivy decided to avoid every attack before showing Natalia how to end the fight.

"Ivy! End it," Arika shouted.

Ivy bend down and grabs on Natalia's head before lifted her over her body and slams her body on the ring floor resulting a couple of her bones to break. Ivy smiles at Natalia who just looks at her with wide eyes.

"Sorry. This is how we train," She offers her hand and helps her up. Natalia was about to fall but Ivy quickly grabs a hold of her body.

"Arika I think she needs that meditating thing you did to me," Arika nods and turns her back to them.

"Follow me."

When Ivy felt like Natalia has no will to walk on her own, she carried her in bridal style and followed Arika towards the weaponry room. Ivy placed her gently on the chair and Natalia let her bones heal on their own. Arika went to a table filled with swords, knives, daggers, guns and even bombs in different shape and sizes.

"For a fast kill, we use these.. instant kill, fast, and no energy needed. Just pulled the trigger or swing its sharp ends to your enemy. These weapons had been blessed by the holy one and trust me, vampires, ghouls, werewolves and even the legendary creatures of the night will perish." Arika grabs a great sword that has Videric's insignia on it.

"This is my father's old war sword. Legends says that he has killed many souls with it and they all trap inside, looking for blood. It was placed here by him and I used them to trained my wife from time to time." Arika placed the heavy great sword down and grabbed something that only exist in the movies. Arika smiled at Natalia's expression.

"This is a falchion sword. It's very much lethal and the only creature than could perfectly swing them would be Ivy over there."

"It's my favourite." Ivy added and chuckles.

"It's the heaviest and can kill its enemy in one full swing. Never near any of your enemy if you saw them with these baby." Arika placed the sword down and looks through variety of weapons on the table.

"I think this is perfect for you." When Arika showed Natalia the golden sword she never seen before, her eyes glisten. It's shining, as if telling Natalia that it's looking for a new owner.

"Looks like it had chosen you." Ivy whispers into Natalia's ear before Arika walks towards her and present the sword.

"This is a brand new addition to the weaponry room. It was forged by the famous blacksmith in the castle. It says that every sword he made has a story behind them and only him could tell you that." Natalia couldn't hardly felt the magnificent weight the sword possessed. She traced her fingers all over the blade and smiles.

"This is perfect." She said and looks up to Arika.

"Perfect. Now I'll teach you how to use them." Arika grabs a sword and stood in front of Natalia and Ivy.

"Fighting using these blades is like dancing gracefully with a woman. One false move and you’ll get a moody woman in your arms. That's the same thing with swords. One false move, you have a huge gush of blood coming out of your body." Arika chuckles and start swinging the sword that's in her possession.

Ivy touched both Jac's shoulder and breath calmly on her neck. "See how graceful her steps. See how amazing she dance with the sword, without even injuring herself. It's like an artist carving its art onto the canvas. But the only difference, you will be carving its tip onto your enemy's skin." The last swing Arika made landed near Natalia's neck.

"Remember this and remember well. Once you have second thought in killing someone, you'll be putting the person dearest to you in danger. Every blow means death and every task needs to be completed." Arika kept the sword inon its scabbard and placed it on the table again.

"We understand that the person who listed was the person dearest to you. But they were chosen and you need to fulfil them. It's hard, we know, but just remember this in every mission. They all hurt you. One way or another." Ivy went next to her wife.

"It's time for your meditation class. This will help you see what's is right and wrong. Also to calm your nerves, remind you who you are. And also to help you get in the right emotion." Ivy smiles.

Natalia looks down to her sword with a smile she never knew existed.

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