Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Family History & Liana


Arika stood still in front of Liana's apartment door. When she turns, she smiled at Natalia and Ivy.

"Are you ready?" She asked. Natalia nods.

"Just enter the door as if it was opened. You may be the lowest of the lowest in the vampire rank but you have our blood and it will help you." Arika was the first too went through the solid door at ease. Ivy then lead Natalia and told her to walked slowly into the closed door.

"Be careful. We don't want any of your limbs to stay behind," Ivy chuckled before pushed Natalia through the door.

At the other side, Natalia didn't know Arika was standing still, when Natalia accidentally hit her. Arika didn't budge from her spot but Natalia was on the floor butt first.

"Don't play around. Get up. She's asleep. Let's ransack her apartment."

Ivy made herself known and decided to searched the living room while Arika at her work station and Natalia in her bedroom. Using mind link, Ivy manage to keep in touch with the others. Even though they can't be seen by naked eye but their voice can be heard clearly.

"Seems like she has a fiancé. Rupert is his name," Jac said through mind link.

"Remember you goal Natalia." Arika warned her. Natalia then stare at the sleeping figure on the bed with hatred. Her mind went back to the time where she humiliated her in front of the whole student body.

For weeks she was a target of bullies and became a daily joke for the popular group in the school. Natalia clenched her fist, controlling her anger from punching the life off of her. "Natalia Ambrose... Learn to control your anger," Arika voice echoes in her mind.

Natalia took a deep breath and relaxed. She continued looking into Liana's personal belonging. Ivy was looking through Liana's magazine stack when she stumbled upon something that might trigger Natalia's interest.

"I found something. Come here, both of you," Ivy called for the both of them. When they arrived, Ivy was sitting on the couch, looking through an album. But this album was not filled with Liana's memories. It filled with newspapers ad.

More specifically, newspaper ads about Natalia's kidnapping and how the police manage to found a piece of Natalia's limb somewhere in the desert. Natalia took the ads from Ivy's hands and read it thoroughly. But when Natalia read the chronology of the crime, she threw the ads away and hugged her knees to her chest.

Arika and Ivy turned at each other before decided to consult their frightened bride.

"Shhhhh..." Ivy coos.

"It's okay now. They’re gone. No one will harm you ever again." Ivy whispered in her ears. At first, Natalia doesn't like how Ivy rubbed her shoulder but slowly she laid her head on Ivy's chest.

"Keep the ads away," Ivy mouth to Arika. Arika collect all of the ads on the floor before came across something about Natalia's family. She took the ads and put it inside her pocket before kept the others away.

"I think we should go back, to the palace. I think we should prepare ourselves for tomorrow," Arika said.

"The Akeldama royal gala?" Arika nods, followed by Ivy's long sigh.

"Akeldama?" Natalia asked while looking up to Arika.

"Yes the Akeldama royal family. They are the leaders of all vampires and supernatural beings in the whole realm. Some say they control the humans as well but that can't be proof." Arika reached for something in her jacket pocket and took out a little bag filled with powder like substances.

"Let's go home,” Arika was grabbing a hand full of powder when Ivy's eyes widen.

"No way! You haven't mastered the arts of witchcraft yet. We will be ending up in the Gobi desert if you experimenting while we’re with you!" Arika waved his wife off.

"Thank you for that little encouragement words Ivy. Now shut up," Arika took a handful of the powder and was speaking in some language they both didn't know before throw the powder on the floor.

The last thing that they all saw was blinding light and Arika's annoying laughter. Arika was glad she finally get the right destination this time when a couple of her familiar maids ran for their undead life after they saw the princesses suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Calm down!" Arika shouted and face her wife and bride hugging each other tight.

"We're here. Ivy please help Natalia to choose her attire for the gala. I want everything to be perfect."

Ivy let Natalia go and was impressed by Arika’s progress.

"Oh wow! We're not in the deserts," Suddenly Ivy touching her chest, arms, legs and proceed to check for Natalia's wellbeing as well.

"No body parts left behind too. Wow. You really did learnt something from Transylvania."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Arika said and leave them two alone. She want to meet her father and discuss about what she found out about Natalia's parents still alive. Even her father's hates the idea, they have the right to know where Natalia's body are.

What if Natalia's family was still searching for her and in vain because of what had happened? Arika sighs when she stopped in front of her father's private study. She knock and waited for the door to be opened. The maid greeted the princess and let her in. Videric was sitting behind his desk when he looks up to his daughter.

"Ahh. Arika. How's the trip to the human world? Still as bad as it was?" Videric asked with a smile plastered on his face.

"It went okay but that's not why I'm here. I have a very urgent need to discuss." Videric laughs at his daughter.

"What is there to discuss my dear princess?" Arika showed her father the newspaper ad she found.

Videric looks at his daughter before reaching for the ad and read it.

"Damn it!" Videric placed the ad down and took off his glasses.

"I thought she's an orphan. I really don't want to deal with in laws." Arika sat down on the chair facing to her father.

Videric smiled when he thought of something that might work.

"A little lie will help us tremendously. Find a human body and let me deal with it all. There's no need for Natalia to know about her parents and there's no need for them to know about Natalia being a Vampire," Arika nods.

"But what are you doing to do?" She asked.

"Oh it's something I'm expert in." Videric smirks.


"A dress or a suit?" Ivy asked a very confuse looking Natalia.

"I hate dresses." She said and Ivy threw the dress on the couch.

"A suit it is." Ivy went back into the closet and searched for the perfect suit the seamstress had done for Natalia.

"Tell me about this gala." Natalia said when Ivy saunters back from the closet.

"The gala is something the royal family love to host. It's to strengthen the relationship between every creature existed in the realm. And also the neighbouring kingdom. Humans were invited as well but they're too afraid creatures might kill them," Ivy find it amusing how humans were afraid of them.

"What happen in this gala?" Natalia asked again as Ivy gave her a suit to try on.

"Well, dancing, eating, meeting new creatures, meeting old friends and of course, meeting snobbish creatures who think they're better than anyone else." Ivy watch as Natalia walks inside the bathroom to try the suit on.

A couple of minutes later, Natalia saunters out and showed Ivy how ravishing she looks.

"You sound like you hated the gala." Ivy shake her head while turning Natalia's body around.

"I love the gala. It's just certain creatures that really don’t want to meet." Ivy gave Natalia the blazer to complete the look and she proud of herself for choosing such perfect outfit for her.

"Perfect." Ivy said and noticed how Natalia was looking for something.

"If you're looking for a mirror, there's no mirror. One stupid thing being a vampire was we have no reflection whatsoever," Jac sighs.

"I was hoping that little info from the movies were false," Ivy laughs.

"Everything in the movie was true. Except the part where we sparkles when our flesh met the sun. That's just weird," For the very first time, Ivy heard Natalia laughs genuinely.

"I hope everything's in place." A male voice said by the door. They both were surprised to see Videric.

"Sit down Ivy." Videric commanded while he walks towards Natalia who's playing with the hem of her blazer.

"Stop acting like a child. You're not in trouble. I'm here because I need to explained to you why you're here in my castle and where do I come from." Videric observed Natalia's demeanour.

"Well as you may know, my name is Videric. I don’t have a last name. I have a father but my mother was killed while attempting to save me from being devour by my own uncle," Videric turns and face the wedding portrait of her daughter and Ivy.

"My father was well known all over the world and history. I have a sister. Same father, different mother. Her name is Rose. I am the useless child of the family. That's why that man gave the position of controlling the underworld to my niece and not my Arika,"

Videric turned to meet Natalia's orbs.

"You're here because my daughter was chosen by the prophecy keeper. She was destained to have two remarkable wives and Ivy over here saw your potential as my in law," Videric smiles.

"I can see that as well."

"What is this about a prophecy?" Natalia asked informally. It's rather a bad move when Videric raised both eyebrows at her but he ignores it.

"The prophecy tells everything that will happen in the future and I will do whatever it is in my power to stop it all from happening. I will not lose my heir because of a silly feud," Now Natalia is even more confused.

"Back to our topic. At the gala. Arika will introduce you to everyone. While I'll be in the shadows. You will meet my father and step mother. If she's there. Of course my half-sister. Just don't embarrassed me nor Arika." Videric informed. Ivy stood up from the couch and patted Natalia's shoulder.

"What he wanted to tell you was, don't be nervous. You're just a new born. There's a lot of intimidating creatures at the gala. But trust me, Arika nor will I, will ever let anything happen to you or everyone from our castle." Natalia chuckled.

"I feel like we're going to war rather than a party."

"Oh we are." Videric said before walking out of the room. Natalia turned to Ivy.

"Does he always acted like that? Mysterious and showed up unannounced?" Ivy chuckled.

"That's just the beginning. Wait until you're in bed with one or both of us. He will barge in nevertheless if we're inside or not." Natalia smiled.

"What does he meant when he said he doesn't know his mother?" Ivy stopped picking up all the clothes on the bed and placed it gently on the chair.

"Well, his father... ummm... well, you will meet him at the gala. I hope. I'm sure Videric's step mother will be there too. And step sister," Ivy chuckled.

"Just a heads up, Arika hates her grandfather." Natalia tilted her head.

"Why?" Ivy turned to her wedding portrait and turned back to Natalia.

"I'm not a pure blood vampire. Arika, well she's halfblooded as well but she's not like us. When her grandfather was told that I was destained for her, he turned against his own seed and Videric was.. disown."


Ivy nodded.

"When Arika's grandfather watched me defeating one of his pet, he saw my potential and thus, he taught me a little about his ability and skills. Remember when you saw Sylvester body after I finished with him?" Natalia nods.

"He taught me that." Ivy chuckled.

"Nevertheless, he's a bad influence. He's really, really bad. You'll see tomorrow. You'll see.."


Liana was rummaging her personal stash of information about her old friend kidnapping case when her fiancée came home. Rupert placed his bag and bomber jacket on the dining table and went to kiss his fiancée that's sitting on the floor.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Remembered the disappearing case of NataliaAmbrose? The case that shocked the whole town? And we all thought she's dead because the police found her limbs somewhere around the dessert?"

Rupert nods hid head.

"Guess what. I met her. In the State Capital building. I accidentally hit her and my stuff went all over the place. But she's not like the person we used to know. She's not the nerdy girl who you used to make fun off for confessing her love to me." Rupert shakes his head with a small smile.

"Liana. I was sorry okay. When I was informed what happened to her... I just... feel guilty." Rupert looks down.

"Too late for that. She's gorgeous when I met her. Like I said she's not like the person we used to know." Rupert chuckled.

"Liana, people nowadays has fashion blog and all. Who knows she's probably a different people or she just simply went back to her parents and change her appearance for safety measure," Rupert pointed out.

"Her case is not being handle by our local police. It was handle by the FBI. If they said to live in secluded area or changing identity, she has to." Liana looks up to her fiancée and nods. She trust him. He smiles.

"Now, put all of this aside and start planning your dream wedding. I'll just get the cheques ready." Liana chuckled and pushed her fiancée a little.

"I will. Don't worry Rupert, I'll make sure you have to pay a hefty amount of money," Rupert raised both eyebrows.

"As long as you’re happy. But make sure it's not that expensive." Liana laughs and stood up.

"I'll get dinner ready." Rupert nods and watched her fiancée disappeared into the kitchen. Rupert looks at the albums that filled with newspaper ads and search through it.

"Why did you show up again? I thought those people done its job well," Rupert clenched his fist.

He took the album and hide it from Liana's view. It's almost their big day and he will not let anyone interfere with their wedding. Not again. Without Rupert's aware of, Arika was watching the situation closely. She stood still on the top floor of the next door building of Liana's apartment.

"I smell bad blood," Arika turns to meet her loyal servant yellowish eyes. She turned herself from four legged creature to a very sexy, naked woman in front of Arika. Arika shake her head and took off her black jacket and threw it to her.

"You need to stop transform into human while in the city. What if someone saw you?" Arika warned her.

"Well you asked me to follow you for a reason. And that reason must be chasing him down. Am I right?" Arika shakes her head.

"I want you to guard them. I want to know their routine before Natalia could get her soul."

The woman with yellow eyes can't believe what she had heard.

"My princess. It's been a while you ask me to be a guard dog. What wrong?" Arika turned her attention to the apartment again.

"I have a feeling that he's doing something behind her back. I need to know what. And why. Understand?" The yellow eye woman nods and watched Arika sat down on the railing.

"If only you saw what I saw when I sunk my fangs into her neck. Her memories, her pain, her suffering. It’s horrible," The servant was baffled. It's the first time she heard the princess actually care.

"She doesn't have any happy times when she was alive. She was rejected, she had to work two jobs just to meet ends. Even with that much work, she still lost the mortgage. That's how mercilessly the world did to her. That's how selfishly humans did to their own kind."

Arika sighed heavily.

"And they say us creatures the damned one. We love the person who seek our attention unconditionally but them, the so call civilised human beings didn't. Yet they still calls us monsters but look at how they treated my Natalia. They cut her apart even when she plead them to stop." The servant actually felt how deep the princess words are.

"What we're doing right now is to show them that even the weakest has the chance to rise back up again and gets her revenge." Arika smirks.

"I remembered how happy Ivy was when she got her chance to fullfilled her old grudges." Arika was interrupted when the servant spoke.

"That was a couple of hundred years ago. Why does it took you both so long to find the perfect bride? And why a human who was badly torture?" Arika smiled.

"It was destained. It's what Ivy says and I think Natalia is perfect. I'm sure she will be a great leader. Don't you?" The servant shake her head no.

"She looks weak and frail. And she doesn't even know how to fight." Arika turns to her servant.

"She shall learn and you will have the front seat to witness how evil she can be. She never showed it before and now that she has the power to do so, she will be. Even more evil than my own father. Even more sinister than my grandfather. I promise you that."

Arika winks and that sent shivers down the servants spine.

"Have you informed the warriors who was chosen to be at the gala tomorrow night?" The servant nod her head.

"They will be escorting your highnesses tomorrow." Arika nods.

She's actually nervous for the gala. Mostly because it will be the first time Natalia will be meeting her family and her father's enemies and associates. She hope for the best for tomorrow for she knew that it will be one hell of a night.

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