Chapter Five

Cadmael's POV

The ride home was silent and it felt longer than necessary. We dropped Theodore at his friend, Gina's house and I didn't ask why he wasn't going home with us. I wished him a goodnight and Michael drove away. It was still silent even when his son wasn't with us and in no time we reached home. I got out of the car and walked inside the house, making a beeline for the kitchen. I needed a cold drink and I got water because there was nothing much in there. We seriously needed some groceries.

"I will be up in our room. We can talk once you get there but I'm going to take a shower now." Michael said and at my nod, he left the kitchen.

I sat down and seeped my drink. I was very nervous for the talk that was to come. It was after all about the woman who had been with my mate. I had so many questions running in my mind. Did he love her or does he still love her? Does he regret having me as his mate? A lot of things came up and I didn't even know what to ask first.

The most gnawing on my mind being the fear of finding out what the woman meant to my mate. It would break my heart to hear my mate confessing his love for another woman to me. I guess that was better because it would mean he was telling the truth. But that didn't minimize the hurting at all.

I stood up and cleaned the little mess I made in the kitchen and climbed up the stairs. I reached the room but stood outside, my hand on the handle. I sighed and slide down the door with my back pressed on it, sitting cross legged on the floor.

What if what he tells me destroys us before we could even go a step further? I really wanted us to work and face any problems thrown in our way together.

I sighed then got up and opened the door. I found him in bed with his laptop but he stopped doing what he was doing on it and faced me with a smile.

"I guess it's time for that talk." He said and closed the laptop then placed it in the bag beside the bed. I closed the door and told him I was to take a bath first. I entered the bathroom and didn't close the door because I wanted him to be able to see me as I take off my clothes to shower.

It was an out of the blue decision I made when I saw him on the bed. I wanted to mate with him; I wanted us to have the physical touch before facing the rain. I needed to seduce my mate to sleep with me.

Unfortunately, leaving the bathroom door open, didn't work because he never came to me.

After the long lonely shower, I thought of what to do next and I decided to just tell him what I wanted. I walked out with only a robe on and approached the bed. He looked at me but then looked away as I removed the robe and revealed my nakedness.

"Are you not going to put on something?" He asked when I stayed unmoving.

"No I'm not."

"But we need to talk and we can't do that while you're like that."

"I don't want to talk. I want you to look and touch me." I whispered.

"Cadmael I-"

I quickly moved and straddled him, cutting his words short. My butt was on his semi hard member and I brought my hand to his face and moved it towards me for he was stubbornly looking away from me. We locked eyes and I could see how much he was struggling to hold himself back. I internally smiled appreciating his efforts but we I didn’t want him holding back.

I brought my hands to his hands and moved one to my waist while the other was pressed on my hard member. I moved his hand up and down on it and moved my hips as well, grinding on him. I moaned a bit, and felt him harden under me.

"I don't have a condom." He said breathlessly.

"That won't be necessary."

"But you can get-"

"Stop with the excuses, Michael!" I hissed at him, irritated. "You don't want to touch me? I'm I not good enough for you?" I asked and he growled.

He had me on my back so sudden and hovered above me. I wasn't in heat but at the moment I craved for my mate's touch. I wanted him to touch me and show me how much he appreciated my body by ravishing it to his heart’s content.

His touch was all I needed and as his hand trailed a path on my body, it left fire in its wake. This was a mate’s touch and I needed it probing on my body as well as inside as it prepared me for my first time ever. I helped him lose his clothes and it wasn’t long as we danced the first of many routines to come for the night.

That night, he was exactly what I expected and more as we enjoyed each other immensely throughout the night.


The next morning I woke up to Michael talking on the phone. My groans as I stretched alerted him that I was awake. He approached me after ending the call then kissed me on the forehead and asked how I was feeling. I smiled and eased his mind for I was fine. We got dressed and went down to the kitchen for breakfast which he insisted to cook for me.

We ate and sat on the couch in the living room, after breakfast. I knew this was the time to have the intended talk about Katherine which I wasn’t prepared to hear. I just had to make sure to have an open mind and think things through before any reaction.


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