Chapter Four

Michael’s POV

‘Okay, I will hurry back. See you later Mike.

I read the text from my mate and smiled at the nickname. I guess Mike will do for now and I like it. I pressed the phone on the desk and then continued to work. The construction of the new pack house of division two was to be started next week Monday and Alpha Owen would be ready for us. I had to make sure that everything we would need was ready.

"~Alpha, witches were spotted in the west of our territory.~" The voice of Daniel had me standing up and leaving the office in a hurry.

I sent a reply that I was coming and as soon as I was outside, I changed forms. I ran through the woods in my wolf form which had dark brown fur. I splinted to where Daniel and the other warriors were. My beta gave me some clothes to change into, as I changed back to human form.

"How long have they been here?" I asked.

"We knew of them as we passed here and so we don't know how long they have been there."

"Did any of them cross the border?"

"No Alpha." Daniel replied.

I moved closer to the border and I could sense there were more than 10 witches here. They didn't show any interest in attacking but they just looked in our territory. There must be something that they needed and I planned to find out. I shouted to them, to let their leader or someone in command, come and talk. There was no movement at first but then someone moved in my direction. The witch appeared before me and it was someone I knew well in the past years.

"What do you want here?" I asked the man before me, Brian, who was Theo's uncle. He was the only sibling and younger brother of Theo's mum.

"We come in peace, Alpha Michael. We need to talk about your mate."

The moment he mentioned my mate, I growled angrily and in a second I grabbed him around the neck where my claws came out and pressed in his skin. He whimpered and tried to make me remove the hold on him. He pleaded, that I should let him explain and I threw him down.

"Explain!" I demanded.

"My sister was obsessed with you. She secretly transferred part of her soul to your mate when she first saw him. A few days after she was taken from you, she transferred the rest of her soul in your mate which led to her death. She planned to be born again through your mate and she sealed her soul away until the day you meet your mate. So when you found your mate on that day, you also broke down the wall and released her magic." Brian explained.

"What?" I couldn’t believe my ears got the right words.

"You know how powerful she was in the past, and this time she's ten times powerful. When other witches sense the power, they will come for your mate. They will destroy him in order to kill her before she can even exist." He explained further.

A long time ago, I met the most beautiful girl I had ever seen beside my mother. She was breathtaking and knowing she could do magic only increased the beauty I saw in her. She had long black hair, pale skin and long eyelashes that made her look like a doll. She had a nice figure and eyes that could change colors all time.

I didn't like her as a woman because I knew I had a mate that was chosen just for me. As we grew up, I became worried as to why I never had the mate call even though I could feel that my mate was alive.

She saw how worried I was and since she loved me, she couldn't bear to see me like that and proposed a solution. She told me she could help me visit my mate spiritually just to see what the holdup was. I was very excited at the proposal and so I promised to do anything for my friend in exchange of her services.

Her plan worked and I visited my mate spiritually. I was surprised to not only find that my mate was male but also just a kid. I was 15 years old at the moment and the boy looked about 7 years old. We watched him for some time until Katherine ran out of energy. I wished I could say 'hello' but the spell only allowed us to see, not him to see us.

It was only a year later when things went south.

"~Dad,~" Theo's voice chased away the memories and what he said brought fear to my being.

"~I can't find Cadmael anywhere, I left him on the bench but he's nowhere to be seen. I can't smell his scent, it's like he just vanished dad.~" He cried to me.

I promised my son I’d be there and that he should be where he left my mate in case he came back.

"~Where the fuck are you?~" I yelled to the warriors whom I posted to look after my mate.

"~A-alpha he w-was there but h-he just vanished. We've looked everywhere but can't find or smell him.~"

"~I will rip your heads off if I find a single hair not in place on my mate.~" I growled.

"Daniel you should take twenty warriors with you and go to where Theo is, I'm coming behind you." I commanded and he left while linking the warriors. "The rest should continue with the check around the territory and must report any suspicious thing you see." The rest of the warriors moved out, linking each other.

"What is wrong?" Brian asked and I looked at him.

"My mate is missing and if I find that any of you were involved, I will kill you all." I warned him and changed in my wolf form.

"I can help Alpha Michael. If it's a witch involved, I can be able to find them fast." The idea was good, so I let him come in my territory and I ran to the park.

I changed into the shorts one of the warriors that were with Theo gave me when we reached the park. Theo ran to me and I caught him in my arms as he cried and said he was sorry he lost my mate. I managed to assure him that it wasn't his fault and then I sat him on the bench. I tried linking him but it was no use, I also tried calling him but his phone was off.

"I can sense his power from the forest where your warriors have gone into. He's not too far away." Brian informed me.

"~Found him yet?~" I asked Daniel.

"~No, Alpha. We have looked everywhere but we can't find him nor smell him even though we’ve travelled far ahead.~" He replied.

"They must be witches, my warriors are far from here and didn't even smell him yet you tell me he is near. I'm going in-"

"No don't, Alpha. I and the others can go in, you should wait here for us." Brian said hastily.

"Why should I trust you?" I asked.

"You know I can be trusted, Michael. You should trust me that I will bring him to you. Besides, if your warriors didn't find him, the witches must have put up a spell." He said and I knew he was right that I could trust Brian to bring my mate to me.

I nodded and he left.

Brian and I were good friends long ago and I met him first before his sister, Katherine. He was the one who introduced us and also the one who prevented his father from killing me when he found out what happened between me and his daughter. In everything that happened, he stayed by my side but time came when he had to listen to his father. I didn't blame him and he left on good terms.

The scent of my mate had me standing up from where I sat with Theo. I ran as fast as I could into the woods, following his scent. I stopped when I saw him running in my direction.

"Michael!" He shouted as he ran to me. I caught him in my arms and checked him for any injuries, asking if he was hurt anywhere but he ignored me.

He threw his arms around my neck and kissed me. I was surprised at the act and it took me longer for me to respond. I kissed him back when my mind registered it and pressed him more to me as I ravished his mouth. He opened his mouth and I drove my tongue inside, making him moan.

I caught his tongue and sucked it in my mouth, our teeth touching making me groan in pleasure. I carried him and pressed his back to a tree with his legs around my waist. I moved my hips to him and grinded him against the tree as our members crushed each other, the friction brought a load of pleasure on us.

"S-stop M-mike!" His voice brought me back to earth from heaven and I stopped my movement. We both breathed heavily, trying to calm down our bodies.

"That was great." Cad breathed in my ear as he rested his head on my shoulder.

"Yes." I agreed.

After we properly got ourselves calmer, I carried my mate out of the woods. Theo ran to us and hugged my mate after I settled him down on his feet. He kept on apologizing for leaving him on his own and my mate comforted him.

"What happened?" Theo asked the question that was on everyone’s mind.

"Some witches called Ashton and Alec approached me." He said.

"The brothers.” Brian said in awe and when I looked at him, he shrugged before facing my mate. “What did they want from you? They didn't attack you, did they?" Brian asked.

"No but I somehow did. They said they were guardians to me and said something about a Katherine."

"Guardians?” Theo frowned.

“Do you know them?" I asked Brian.

"Yes I do. They are very powerful witches and like to keep to themselves. They must have a reason why they came to you and the guardian thing is new to me." He said.

"You have to look into it." I told him and he left with a nod.

"Who is he? Aren't they witches?" Cad asked me once Brian left. Before I could answer, he asked the question I wished he didn't. Not that I didn't want him to ask, but I wished it was later. "Who is Katherine?"

"That's my mother's name." Theo answered.

"What? Michael, what is happening?"

"I will explain later, Angel, once we are home and that's a promise." I told him and he nodded.

I called forth the warriors that were watching my son and mate. I wasn't going to kill them but they would be punished for their failed duty and for withholding the information of my mate missing. They were supposed to inform me immediately once it happened. I gave Daniel instructions to deal with them before I left.

I drove home in Theo's car and it was a silent ride. I wondered what my mate was thinking and how he would react to Katherine’s story. I linked my son just to check if he was fine and asked him if he could stay at Gina's for the night. I didn’t know what Cad’s reaction would be and just to be safe, he had to go away to give us space to work out our problems.


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