Chapter One

Cadmael's POV

I waved at the couple as Xavier drove them away. Not knowing what to do next, I turned to Michael and found him looking at me. He quickly turned to his car, opened the passenger door and motioned me in.

"Thank you." I told him and entered the car. The drive to his home was silent until he broke it. Wait! I didn't get what he said.


"I was asking if you like it here. I mean, I know you've only been here for three weeks and didn't walk around much, but I was just curious if you liked it so far." He paused and looked at me seeing my blank face, he quickly looked to the road. "It’s fine if you don't like it, I guess I will just try my best to make you like it and-"

"I think it’s okay here."


"Yeah, sure." I said as I took my phone and started playing games on it. I knew it seemed like I was ignoring him but I was just avoiding the awkwardness. It was awkward talking to him and I at least didn't want to experience it while we were in a car.

We reached his house and wow, the house was beautiful and I liked it. I wondered what it would look like inside. He motioned me forward and together we walked to the door but then I stopped.

"What about the bags?"

"I will collect them as soon as I show you around. Come on." He said.

"I can help you carry them."

"No you won't. Now come on."

Silently, I followed him inside and he showed me the living room since it was the first room we stumbled upon. I wasn’t disappointed because the inside was exactly breathtaking like the outside promised. But just as he moved for the stairs, I stopped him.

"Can you just show me the kitchen for now?"

He stared at me oddly and I offered no explanation as I patiently waited for his response. Luckily, he murmured a ‘sure’ and then walked me to the kitchen. I paced around the room, admiring things but then a clearing throat brought my attention back to Michael.

"I will bring the bags up stairs. It’s the last room down the hall." I nodded at him and he left.

I sighed and looked around the room once again. I could see myself getting used to cooking in here. I sat on the counter and took my phone out of the pocket and I found a text from Kacy.

'I am so nervous.'

'Don't be. It will work out fine.' I replied to his text and then put it back in my pocket, after finding nothing else.

Most wolves tended to finish the mating process once they meet but for my best friend, things were different than most. His relationship with Alpha Elijah, his mate, was full of rocks and shit in the beginning. My best friend didn’t want to rush things and so he took their mating process slowly as they mended their relationship. Now it was all fine and he was ready to cross the long awaited bridge.

The thought of that, brought forth the thought of me and Michael. Even though we'd just met, I didn't want to hold things like Kacy. I didn't know why, but I had a feeling of trusting my mate even though we'd recently met. Did I love him? No, I didn't or at least not now but I did trust him and in my next coming heat, we would definitely finish the mating process.

I left the kitchen and went to the living room window and peeked out. I didn't see Michael, so I went up the stairs to the room he mentioned before. I reached the door and thought against of knocking, so I just walked in. I found Michael with his back to me, folding my clothes and placing them in some of the drawls he had opened. I stood there for a minute, just watching him. Michael was handsome and even though he had that many years on him, he didn't look like it much. He had fine looking muscles and an eight pack. His hair color was brown and his eyes were also a beautiful brown.

The way his muscles moved when he was folding the clothes, made me wonder how it could be if he was- Stop! That's enough of him now. I glanced away from him and looked around the room. It was nice but something felt off to me and so I decided I might make some changes to it.

I saw a picture flame and approached it to take a look at the picture in it. There was a boy with black hair, brown eyes and his left cheek showed a dimple that was there since he was smiling. He looked beautiful and somewhat a smaller version of Michael, except the black hair and maybe the dimple? I wasn’t sure since I hadn't seen him smiling or laughing in my presence. I'd only seen him do that when he was with Alpha Elijah and the distance was big for me to notice if he had dimples or not.

"That's Theodore, my son."

I turned around to find Michael standing a few steps behind me with his hands in the pocket. His eyes were locked on the picture with a slight smile present.

"Oh. He's beautiful." I complimented.

"Wait until you see him. He's a sight to see." He came forward and touched the picture.

"Do you think he will like me? I mean he's not a small child and it will be harder to make him like me if he doesn't. Also-"

"Hey," his hands touched my shoulders and I looked down. Is he thinking I was overreacting? Or did I sound childish? Oh god!

"Look at me Cadmael." I hesitated but a gentle squeeze of my shoulders had me looking at him. "He will like you just fine. Theo is not a rude child and definitely not picky. You don't even have to do something for him to like you, just be yourself."

He smiled at me and I did the same with a nod, showing I understood what he said. Most Alpha children were not well behaved since they had too much pride. But Kacper was the only exception. He was always there for me through thick and thin. Also the Cephas family children were well behaved. I looked forward to meet Theodore White. He was currently away with Michael’s Beta and was expected to be home tomorrow.

"Let's go make some dinner." Michael said and led the way to the kitchen.

"I will prepare the food." I offered.

"No. Just sit down by the table, I will cook for you." He argued.

"No, Michael. Let me do it." I insisted.

"No you won't, I will not let you-" he abruptly became silent with a distant look in his eyes. I knew he was talking with someone through the link, so I stayed silent waiting.

"I have to get to the pack house. My beta and Theo are there at the moment, earlier than expected and I have to get there to discuss something with him." he said hastily and I nodded.

"Will you be okay alone? I can just cancel it and then we can cook together."

"No, it’s okay. I will be fine alone. I will busy myself with the cooking." I told him with an assuring smile.

"Okay. I will send Theo home once I am there." He took the food I had to prepare from the fridge and told me where I can get things I need. He headed to the door but stopped before he could open it. He stood there for a minute or two, then made his way back to me and kissed me on the cheek.

I shivered.

"I will be back soon."

Stunned at the action, I only was able to nod and he left. I sighed, not liking the fact that I was alone. I knew I said it was okay but it really wasn't. I hated being alone due to past experiences but I knew I should get used to being alone because Michael was an Alpha who would be busy now and then. I hoped to make friends with Theodore just so I’d have someone to be with when Michael wasn’t around.

I started cooking and lost myself in the moment, that I didn't even hear the car arriving nor the front door opening and neither when the kitchen door was opened. I continued cooking, oblivious to the boy who was looking at me.

A clearing throat had me screaming and holding the spoon I had as a weapon and faced the intruder. I faced the boy in front of me and after seeing it was Theodore, I brushed in embarrassment at my behavior and slowly lowered the spoon.

"Um, hi." I greeted nervously.

"Hello, I'm Theodore."

"Cadmael." He offered his hand and I shook it with a smile.

"I'm sorry if this is rude but it’s not often to see people in our home and I wonder why you’re here."

"No that's not rude at all, more like curious, and I understand. But didn't you talk to Mic- I mean your dad?" I asked.

"No. I left the pack house to see a friend when I heard he was coming and I blocked our connection since I didn't want him to call me back." He paused still looking at me or maybe inspecting.

I remained silent, not knowing what to say to Theodore and screaming at Michael in my head. Thankfully, he got the gist that I wouldn’t say a thing and he took a step backward.

"I will just talk to him now."

I turned to the food and finalized everything. I first set the plates on the table and was about to carry some of the food, when Theo stopped me.

"Let me help you with that." He said and took the food away from me without waiting for my answer.

"I am so sorry I didn't know about you. Apparently, he planned to surprise me with the information but I ended up messing his plans by meeting you before he said anything."

"It’s okay."

"You're welcome to the family. It’s about time my dad found a mate." He reached me and gave me a hug and I awkwardly hugged him back. I was 18 years old and the boy was 16 years of age yet our height was the same. It wasn't that much surprising because Alpha children tend to grow much, unlike omegas.

"Thank you." I whispered and we came apart.

"Just sit down on the counter; I will put everything on the table." He said and I didn't object to it but sat on the counter.

We both didn't want to eat without Michael, so we agreed on waiting for him to come home. Theodore sat on the counter with me and we talked about random things.

"I never thought my dad would have a male mate." It was a sudden start of story and I just listened.

"Do you not like it? I mean-"

"Of course I like it." He interrupted me. "I just never thought of it." I nodded at that. I guess I could also not expect it, after all he had been with his mother.

"I am happy for him and he even got himself a beautiful young omega." I blushed at that.

We both heard his car pull in and the front door opening. I didn't notice myself doing it but Theo noticed.

"You look fine, don't bother straightening yourself out." He whispered and I couldn't help myself but blush at his words.

When the door opened and Michael walked in, he gave me this look and I just blushed harder. Theodore smirked, going to his dad and patted him on the shoulder.

"Damn dad! You know how to pick them." He said and sat down on the table. His dad scowled at him but smiled nonetheless.


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