My Mate's Secret



Cadmael's POV

The car stopped as we had now arrived at Alpha Michael's pack house. It was a beautiful house, decorated nicely outside and I couldn't wait to see the inside. I got out of the car and stood beside Xavier; Alpha Elijah's driver, as we looked at said Alpha and his cousin greet each other. Alpha Michael greeted Kacy next with an embrace. He even did the same with Xavier; I guess he was cheerful person.

Soon he came to me and I quickly offered my hand to him. It would really feel awkward for him to embrace me. I am just an omega after all and Alphas creeps me out in some way; with only the exception of Kelvin whom I should stop thinking of right now.

He raised an eyebrow at me and I knew he didn't like the action but he had no choice. He shrugged and moved his hand to shake mine.

The moment our hands touched, I felt a sudden connection to Alpha Michael and it was like I smelled his scent for the first time. I looked up in his eyes and I’m sure I stopped breathing for a moment there. I snatched my hand out of his hold and took a step back. A growl sounded and my body froze, halting any further movements I wanted to make. His eyes changed from blue to bright blue and I could feel his wolf coming to the surface.

Will he hurt me because I moved? Please don't let him hurt me!

For a moment during my panic, it was like we were just us two standing there but somehow, a thought of Kacper made me aware of my surroundings. I shouted for help but I was still tuned on Alpha Michael that I didn’t know if my call of help was heard or not. He began stalking me and my body was full of terror.

Suddenly, Alpha Elijah came by his side and with an effort; he successfully pulled him away from me. I couldn’t grasp what happened next until Kacper ushered me inside a room where I threw myself down on a bed. I then became aware of my body as for the first time ever, I experienced heat.

Kacper held my hand and I knew he was worried and wanted to know what just happened, so I told him. With difficulty, I managed to tell him that I was in heat and he quickly got me his pills so that I can hide the heat scent to avoid an angry Alpha from mating me.

The pills didn't disappoint and soon I started to feel better, my breathing came down as well. Now that I was calm, the fact that I have found my mate became urgent in my mind.

Is he really my mate? But he's an Alpha which meant we could have already known each other if I was his mate. Oh god! He has a son, he will not want me. We have a huge age difference; will he reject me because I am younger than him? Why the hell did I not know he was my mate all those times we have been around each other? I could have smelled him but I didn't, why?

Tears rained down my face as I couldn’t grasp on what emotion to feel at the moment. I was angry, frustrated, afraid and excited at the same time. Excited that I found my mate but I was angry I found him too. After all this time, I had to find out in such a way and said mate already mated someone. I was afraid that he may find me lacking something and reject me.

I felt drained and tired that sleep was like my knight in shining armor coming to free me of my consciousness. I welcomed it and let go of any thoughts, letting myself rest peacefully in the arms of my friend.


Michael's POV

I was not very surprised to see Kacper's friend was with them, since I knew how close they were together. I was the same with Elijah, only that we had no choice but to live apart. Cadmael was very beautiful; he always managed to get my attention whenever he was around me. It didn't help my case that I was almost twice his age, I just couldn't deny the attraction.

I tried to hide the fact that I liked him but Elijah noticed sooner than I expected, the guy knew me better than myself and I made him promise to keep it a secret. I thought I was lucky to finally embrace my dream guy, only to be disappointed when he offered me a hand to shake instead.

I was looking at him but he kept his eyes down from mine. When I touched his hand, it felt like something was knocked out of me. I took a sharp breath as the heaviness I felt around my heart dissipated. I looked down at our holding hands as a shock travelled from there and spread out through my whole body. His scent hit me like a blow aimed for my nose. I still couldn't believe it, so I looked into his eyes and what I saw there made me want to dance happily.

The thought of that dance escaped me once I breathed in his scent again. He was in heat and my wolf surfaced, ready to mark him ours forever. He snatched his hand away and took a step back which made me angry that he was moving away from me. His lips moved but I couldn't focus on what he was saying. Damn! I could already imagine how those delicious looking lips will taste as I devour them like a hungry wolf eating for the first time in weeks.

Suddenly, I was held and moved away from my mate. I tried getting away from them but their hold on me got strong and it hurt. I watched as my mate was dragged inside the house, out of my view. It seemed forever as I struggled against the hold on me, trying to free so I can follow my mate. His heat scent drove me crazy and I was angry at whoever was keeping me away from my mate.

His scent suddenly disappeared and I couldn't smell his heat. Slowly my head got clear and I found Elijah pressing me on the wall. When he noticed I stopped struggling, he let me go and turned me to him.

"Are you alright, Mike?" I only nodded to him and sank down, sitting with my back against the wall.

"So, you've finally find him."

"Yeah." Though it wasn't a question, the need to answer him made me do so. We both stayed silent and I processed everything that happened, that will happen and that may happen.

"Do you think he will reject me? I am older than him, I have a son and all that mistake I did by meeting her. I'm sure he will reject my stupid ass before I even explain myself and it will definitely kil-"

"Hey!" Elijah shouted and I said nothing more. "Stop thinking like an idiot and use your brain. This is not just about you now. You should think about him too and I know I said its okay for you not to tell me about Theo's mother but you have to tell your mate." He added.

"I will tell him."


"Yes, everything." I knew it was a promise somehow and he didn't push further because he knew I always keep my word.

"He won't reject you, I know it." I smiled at his positive words. He gave me an okay that I could go to my mate and we went our separate ways.

When I got there, I couldn't bring myself to knock on the door. He was crying and it made my heart ache. I sat down by the door and waited until I could not hear him cry anymore. The door opened and out came Kacper. At first he couldn't see me and was about to leave. I spoke, which made him stop and turn to me. After he assured me that Cadmael was fine, I took his advise to rest. I really was tired and I haven't slept in three days since Theo left with my Beta for some pack business.

For some reason, I always have nightmares when am alone and its better when I know Theo is just down the hall. Him being away just made the nightmares worse. I was in no mood to drive home since I don't live in the pack house, I decided it best to stay in my old room when I lived here. When I got there, it didn't take long for me to sleep once I laid on the bed. I wondered what the future holds for me and my true mate. A thought came to me and with a smile I fell asleep, no nightmares involved.

I finally found you!


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