Chapter Seven


I heard Ian come back an hour later after Ethan left. When he came inside the bedroom I pretended to be asleep, I just couldn't face him after what just happened between me and his brother. I felt guilty that something almost happened between me and his brother but also guilty I she enjoyed it and guilty that whenever I closed my eyes I imagine Ethan and how his body felt against mine.

I should have known that he wasn't Ian, Ethan is taller than Ian they smelled differently. There's something about how Ethan smelled like much manlier than Ian. Okay Kathy you have to stop thinking about him that way, I scolded myself.

Ian comes out of the bathroom and comes to bed, I closed my eyes pretending to be deeply asleep. He whispers goodnight my love while giving me a kiss on the forehead.

The next morning I woke up early before Ian. My friends and I have this Sunday morning tradition, we meet at the gym and work out together every Sunday.

I had just finished dressing up and getting ready to leave for the gym when Ian woke up.

“Good morning honey,” he said standing up from the bed and giving her a kiss.

“Good morning sweetie,” I didn't hear you come in last night I lie avoiding his eyes.

“Yeah after dinner with my parents I went by your house to talk to you but you weren't there. I tried calling you but your phone kept going to voicemail.” He explained.

“Oh sorry I think I left my phone downstairs, so what did you want to talk about.” I ask.

“Well nothing really I just wanted to say I'm sorry for accusing you of not wanting your family to know about me, I was being an asshole and also I wanted to say we have only been dating for few months now and I don't want you to you feel pressured by me. So I will meet your family whenever you're ready okay.” He said kissing my forehead.

“Oh Ian honey, you're too good.” I said giving him a kiss on his lips and feeling more guilty than I did earlier.

He drew me in for another kiss, using his tongue to seek entrance into my mouth while using his hands to massage my butt.

I quickly stop the kiss and say. “I'm sorry Ian I really have to go or else Ari and Vee would kill me if I'm late to the gym again.

“Okay” he said looking a bit disappointed.

Noticing the change in his mood I said. “How about we stay in later, maybe we can have dinner in and also a movie night and a little something sexier afterwards.

“Sure sweetie” he answered, his mood improving a bit.

I leave immediately afterwards meeting the girls at the gym and then a coffee shop afterwards

“Guys so I have a confession to make.” I said as we drink coffee.

“Oh my God Kathy please don't tell me you're pregnant.” Ari said looking at both Vee and Kathy.

“God Ariana, seriously why would I be pregnant. Why would you even say that?

“Well you have been acting moody all week and you barely said anything at the gym.” Ari answered.

“Please Kathy ignore Ari she's just crazy.” Vee said.

“Yeah she is crazy. I said rolling my eyes at Ari. “So guys anyway I wanted to tell you guys that I almost kind of you know have sex with Ethan.

“Dear God Katherina Joe Alvarado, are you insane or something.” Vee said.

“Guys it's not what you think.” I said immediately.

“Okay then what, did you make out with your boyfriends brother.” Ari asked.

“No, well kind off. We didn't kiss or anything but I was home alone at Ian's house when his brother Ethan came to drop some keys. Well I was wearing a lingerie and waiting for Ian and the lights in the hallway upstairs were dimed dark, that was when Ethan came upstairs and I thought it was Ian so I went and hugged him and things started escalating and when he didn't say anything, I noticed it wasn't Ian so I switched on the lights and asked him to leave.

“What is wrong with that Ethan. I knew he was trouble the moment I saw you two dancing in the club.” Ari said.

“Wait what, when did that happen I didn't see them dancing at the club.” Vee said.

“Well I think you have left already by that time.” Ari said.

“So what are you going to do, are you going to tell Ian about it.” Vee asked.

“I don't know really, it will really crush Ian to know that. He loves his brother so much and besides Ethan begged me not to tell Ian.” I said trying to explain.

“Yeah it would hurt him but Kathy I also think you might have some kind of feelings for Ethan”

“I don't know Vanessa but I just can't stop thinking about Ethan and it's coming in the way of my relationship with Ian and you know something he said he wants us to meet and talk about what happened or that he would call me.

“Sweetie I don't think that's a good idea, you can't be with two brothers you'll just have to get Ethan out of your mind okay.” Ari said.

“Okay guys I have to go now, I'll call you guys.” I said while giving both Ariana and Vanessa a hug.


I went home, took a shower and got ready. And took some time to check my mails, returned some work calls and made plans with my cousin Scotty for tomorrow. Around 6 in the evening I changed into a short white dress, put on makeup and went to see Ian. I really wasn't in the mood to go be with Ian right now but I am willing to make it work with Ian, he is just so good to me and also patient with me. But I also can't seem to get Ethan off my mind, since when he said he would call me yesterday night. I have been waiting for his call since morning.

I keep imagining what happened last night, him growing hard as I felt his body against mine and also his intoxicating scent. Just thinking about him makes me extremely horny.

I drove inside Ian's house and parked her car. Ian was sitting in the living room waiting for me.

“Hey.” He said giving her a kiss.

“So how was your day?” I ask.

“It was good. My brother Ethan and some of our friends just watched the soccer game at Ethan's house and how about you, how was your day.” He asks.

At the mention of Ethan's name, she felt her heart beat rise. “It was okay too, just hanged with the girls and later answered some emails.

“So I've already ordered Chinese food or would you like something else.

“No Chinese is perfect.” I said smiling.

We sat down by the TV watching the new episode of blindspot while eating.

“So my parents wedding anniversary is next weekend and they're planning on all the family members going to Miami, that's where they met and we used to live there when we were little. We have a family home there by the beach. So my mom said I should also invite you to come with us.” Ian said.

“Ian that's nice but I don't want to impose, besides you said it's just intimate family gathering.

“Kathy you are my girlfriend and you wouldn't be imposing and besides I would like it if you came with me.” Ian said.

“Okay then Ian if you want me there, I will go with you.” I said smiling at him.

Ian was about to say something when my cell phone rang.

“Sorry.” I said and answering the call, it was an unknown number.

“Hello” I said answering the call.

“Hello” the person on the phone answered. “Its Ethan can you talk now.” He asked.

Ian was looking at her, I tried my best not to sound suspicious. “No I can't talk now I'm kind of busy, how about we talk tomorrow.” I said.

“Oh I'm sorry is my brother with you.” Ethan asked through the phone.

“Yeah,” I answered. “Bye I will talk to you tomorrow.” I said ending the call.

“Who was that?” Ian asked.

“It was no one, just a new client who wants to go over some work details but she would just call my secretary.

“Okay,” he said. “How about we go upstairs and you know do something,” he said while leaning into her and giving her a kiss.

Okay she answered him forcing a smile, but the smile didn't reach her eyes she wasn't really in the mood but she has been saying that for weeks now, so she pretended everything was okay.

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