Chapter Six


My aunt and cousins arrived from Spain yesterday and we're having a family dinner today. Ian has been acting weird for the past few days now. I asked him what's wrong and he said he thinks I don't want him to meet my family.

Well it's not that I don't want him to meet my family, I just think the relationship is moving too fast. I adore him but everything is just overwhelming. My friends think I have issues with relationships.

But it's not that, if my boyfriend ever gets to meet my parents. I'll want to be in love with him. I like being around Ian, he is nice, sweet and he is just perfect. But there isn't sparks and all the things people feel when they're in love. He is just too perfect for me and I've always been the kind of girl to fall for bad guys.

He also wants me to move in with him but I told him No, that it's too soon and he got angry.

So I planned to surprise him later at his house, well I'm not moving in with him but I'll just tell him that I'll think about it.

There is just a lot of tension in our relationship, we haven't had sex for a while now, it's not that he hasn't tried to have sex with me. It's just that I'm either not in the mood or whenever he starts kissing me and touching me I just picture his brother.

I know it's awful of me to think about my boyfriend’s brother like that but I just can't help it.

So tonight I plan on surprising him at his house, and maybe I'll try and have sex with him, maybe that will take my mind off his brother.

I joined my dad, brother, my aunt and my two cousins for dinner at the mansion.

“Hello aunty.” I said giving my aunt Gloria a hug.

“Oh hello to my favorite sweet niece.

“I'm your only niece aunty.

“Yes my darling that's why you're my favorite,” she said giving me another hug.

Go in my dear, your cousins are inside.

“Hey Kathy,” my cousin Scott said giving me a hug.

“Hello Scotty.” I said returning his hug.

“I missed you.

“I missed you too.

“So Scott gets a hug and I don't,” Andreas said.

“Your own hug is obviously special my favorite cousin.” I said giving Andreas a hug.

“Okay you people it's time for dinner, we can all catch up later.” My dad said.

We had dinner and talked mostly about Spain and also about how I and my brother should come visit. I left after desert but I also agreed to hang out with my cousins before they leave.

I went home immediately after dinner, dressed up and went to Ian's house.


I haven't seen Katherina for weeks now but I still picture her whenever I close my eyes. I even picture when I'm with another woman, her body in that tight dress she wore to the club the other day. How she moved her hips and her gorgeous face, just thinking about her makes me have a raging boner.

We are having our regular Saturday dinner at my parent’s house. When my brother Ian said he wanted to talk to me about something. He has been looking gloomy since we sat down for dinner, I hope he isn't angry because Katherina told him about us dancing at the club.

“So Ian you said you wanted to talk to me about something.” I said to him immediately we finished dinner.

“Yeah, can we go to the living room or somewhere private to talk?

We went to the living room to talk while our parents and sister chatted about a TV show they watch.

“So what's up bro, you have been looking gloomy all day.” I said immediately we sat down in the living room.

“Well it has to do with Katherina, I want some advice.” He said.

I felt my heart beat faster immediately he called her name, it's a good thing I know how to hide how I feel or he could have sensed something was wrong.

“Tell me what's wrong.” I said.

“Well first of all we kind of haven't done it for weeks now.

I raised an eyebrow looking at him like I didn't understand him.

“You know what I mean, we haven't had sex for weeks now.” He explained.

“Oh okay, did you do something to make her angry or do you have a problem.” I asked him trying not to look directly into his eyes to avoid all awkwardness.

“Oh no, I don't have a problem I'm perfectly fine and I didn't do anything to make her angry.

“Okay then so what's wrong.

“Well whenever I start kissing her and you trying to do it with her, she either says she's tired or not now.

“You're sure you didn't do anything to upset her.” I ask again.

“Yeah I'm sure, or now that I think of it I kind of asked her to move in with me and she said no and I also accused her of her not wanting me to meet her family.

“Okay that's bad but fixable. You two have been dating for months now maybe she thinks you're moving too fast and when shit gets overwhelming, it's kind of a turn off to women. Why don't you try and give her a little space for a few days and try not to push her into introducing you to her family.

“Okay thanks bro, I'll go and talk to her later and then give her some space. How do you know about all this, I know my brother doesn't ever date.

“Well yeah I don't date but I know a lot about the ladies.” I said smiling.

“What are you two whispering about,” our mom said when she entered the living room.

“Nothing mother,” Ian answered her.

“Okay you two should come to the living room upstairs your father and sister are about to play the piano for us.

“Okay we’ll be right there.

Ian was the first that left after my dad and sister both finished playing the piano for us. He said he was going to go to Katherina's house.

It was after he left that my mom realized he left his keys, so she gave it to me to drop it off at his place.

I went to his house before going home, I knew he wasn't home because he said he was going to see Katherina but I knew the code to his gate so I just entered.

The lights were off but I heard footsteps coming from the living room upstairs, I knew no one was home so I went upstairs to check who it was.

Immediately I went upstairs, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Katherina, she wasn't wearing any clothes just a thong and a matching sexy bra.

She didn't notice me come upstairs, because light was dim but I could see her body clearly.

Then she turned around, and said “sweetie you're back I was starting to think you weren't going to come back.

It was clear she thought I was Ian and I didn't correct her, I just stood there looking at her and then she strolled over to me. I quickly turned my back to her, afraid that she would know that I wasn't Ian and think I'm some kind of creep looking at my brother's girlfriend who was practically naked.

I thought she was going to stop but she hugged me from behind pressing her breast to my back.

The worst thing to happen in that situation happened, I felt myself growing hard.

“Ian honey is something wrong, why are you quiet.

I was about to say I'm not Ian, when she turned me around making me face her while touching my already hardened cock.

Honey you're so hard for me, she said while running her hand up and down my hard cock.

She was about to give me a hand job, when she looked up and notice something was wrong she quickly turned on the light.

“Oh my God you're not Ian.” She said panicking.

“What are you doing Ethan, what was that.” She asked fuming.

“I'm sorry I swear I'm not some kind of creep, I wanted to tell you I wasn't Ian that's why I turned around but I just couldn't say anything when you hugged me.

“You couldn't say anything Ethan? Oh please you could have just said I'm not Ian. Oh God I was practically giving you a hand job through your pants.” She said panicking.

“I'm so sorry Kathy, I swear I didn't mean to let you do that, you’re gorgeous and I couldn't stop myself. I’m an asshole.” I said trying my best not to look at her breast. She was still standing there in her bra and thong with the light on she even looked sexier.

“Oh please Ethan you're still staring at my boobs.” She said noticing I'm still staring at her.

She quickly went to the bedroom and wore a bathrobe.

“Kathy I'm so sorry, I swear it won't happen again. Please let's not tell Ian about what happened.” I said feeling completely horrible about myself, I know I’m an asshole but what just happened is next level.

Ian will never forgive me for that it’s just for the best if he never finds out.

“Ethan, just go and I don't think I can keep something like that from Ian.

“Kathy you're mad now but trust me you wouldn't want him to know, let's just talk about it later okay, let's meet up and talk about it or I'll call you.

She nodded silently and walked back to the bedroom leaving me alone, I quickly left to avoid Ian coming back and finding me here.

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