Chapter Five


Everything has gotten worse, I still can't get Ethan out of my mind. Ian has also started to sense something is wrong. I have not able to concentrate on Ian. So I decided to plan a candlelight dinner for just me and Ian, so that I can try to make things better between the two of us and maybe a little exciting.

I planned everything in my house with the help of my assistant, I can't cook so I ordered his favorite food.

I dressed up in the sexiest outfit I could find in my closet. A Chanel dress, I got as a gift from a business associate of mine when we did a business deal last month. The dress is a black long dress which had a slit up my leg, which allowed me to show one of my legs. The dress also showed my cleavage.

I applied a little makeup and wore high heels.

After I finished getting ready, I sent a message to Ian asking him where he was. He said he was on his way and asked for the code to my gate. Well I had given it to him already. But he has forgotten, so I gave it to him again.

To wind up time before he arrives, I decided to check my social media. Particularly my Instagram. I've been busy for the past few months becoming the CEO, which meant more responsibilities and of course there no room for failure. People think I got the CEO position as a handout from my dad but the truth is I might just be 25 years old but I worked so hard for it and I deserve it.

I used to be online present a lot but being busy I haven't posted any pictures, so I decided to take a mirror selfie of myself and post it.

I was checking my feed when I heard Ian come in.

“Sweetie you look amazing. I didn't know we were having a special date night or I could have been here a while ago.

“Well honey I wanted to surprise you.

“I'm glad, you surprised me” he said pulling me in for a kiss.

“Let's eat.” I held his and took him to the dining room.

“Wow sweetie everything looks so perfect. Why are you doing all things, is it because I said you're zoning out on me yesterday, sweetie I didn't mean it okay.

“No honey you're right, I've been zoning out. I've just been busy so I am going to focus on us.

“Katherina you're perfect.” He said kissing me on the mouth and using his tongue part my lips so he can have access to inside my mouth.

I quickly broke away from the kiss. “Well there mister keep it in your pants. Let's have dinner first there will be alot of time for dessert.

Ian stayed over, the next day we had breakfast together but I had to leave early because my dad called me and asked me to meet him for brunch.

Ian gave a key to his place. We practically live together because he spends most of his nights in my place and sometimes I spend most of my nights in his place. But I think giving me my own key is a big step and besides I just collected the key and didn't give him mine.

I met my dad for brunch in the golf club. “Daddy, how are you?” I said giving my dad a kiss on his cheek.

“I'm fine princess and how are you?

“I'm fine, so dad when you called me you wanted to meet urgently.

“Princess it's nothing urgent, you haven't come by the house for weeks now and I was just starting to get worried.

“Daddy it's nothing and I'm absolutely fine, I've just been busy with work.

“Hope no one is giving you trouble at work.” He asks.

“No, everything is fine. I’m just finally getting used to being in charge.

“Okay princess but you should come over for dinner next week Saturday, your cousins are coming over from Spain and you know how your aunt Gloria is, she wants all the family to get together and I told her you're seeing someone. She wants you to invite him also.

Aunt Gloria is my dad's adopted sister who lives in Spain with her family, she is divorced but she has two sons Andreas and Scott. Andreas is my brother's age mate and Scott is older than me with two years, they used to live in L.A when we were little but they later moved to Spain when I was in senior year in high school and now they're just my annoying Spanish cousins. Well I'm Spanish too because my dad is half American half Spanish.

“Oh my God dad, why did you tell her I'm seeing someone, I'm not ready for you to meet Ian. And besides why are they coming back to America. I haven't seen them for like 5 years now.

“Princess I don't know, your aunt just said they've missed us and she wants to bring the family together again and besides we haven't seen each other for a long time, so I think it's a good idea.

“Okay okay dad. I'll be there but I'm not coming with Ian. I don't think it's the right time for him to meet my family.

“Okay princess but I thought things were getting serious between you and Ian, you even went to meet his parents.

“Daddy we've just been seeing each other for 3 months, it's nothing serious and I'm just not ready for him to meet my family. And dad please let's not talk about him, I don't feel comfortable talking about my boyfriend with my dad.

“Okay princess, I'll see you then.” He says defeated.

“Bye daddy,” I said giving him a kiss on each cheek.

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