Chapter Three


It has been two days since I met Ian's family. I still feel my cheeks heat up whenever I think about Ethan, Ian's older brother. I've told my friends about it but they don't believe me. They think I just have jitters because things are getting serious between me and Ian. So they want to take me to a club today, so I can blow up some steam and have fun in Ariana’s words. I don't think that's going to help but I'll just have to give it a try.

We’re have lunch in restaurant few blocks away from my office.

“So there's this new club opening today,” Vanessa said. “I got us tickets from my friend Oliver.

“Is this the Oliver you have been fucking?” Ariana asked her.

“When you two use the word fucking like that, it irks me.” I say scrunching up my face.

“That’s because you're kind of a prude,” Vanessa says playfully.

I roll my eyes at her and get back to eating my chicken salad.

“Well yeah, we have fucked a couple of times but we aren't in a relationship, our relationship is just physical.

“Yeah we know that, because all your relationships are just physical.” I say.

“Oh please Kathy not you too.

“Okay sorry, let's get something to wear for the club later.

“We will meet you later at your house, we will go from there together. And please Kathy please wear something sexy and please show a little skin. Just because you have a boyfriend it doesn't mean you can't wear sexy something to a club.

“Well Vanessa you don't have to tell me that, you know I'll never dress like a nun to a club.

“Ok bye I've to get back to office.” I add getting up.

“Bye see you later.

I called Ian, I told him Ari and Vanessa are taking me to a club to tonight. I didn't tell him they were taking to the club to blow up some steam or because I couldn't stop thinking about his brother. I just told him it was a girl’s night out.

I wore a short black dress which stopped by my mid thigh, did a little makeup and wore dark red lipstick and high heels. Ari and Vee came over, Ari wore short red dress with some makeup and Vee wore a silver sequin dress and some makeup.

The club was full but thanks to Vee and her fuck buddy Oliver we were at the VIP section. I ordered us some shots.

After this shots we should go dance Vee said.

We all drowned our drinks and went to the dance floor.


It was a regular Friday night, my best friend Jake decided to take me to the club because I have been acting moody all week, he thinks I need to get laid.

Well it's true I need to get laid, I can't stop thinking about Katherina, who is my brothers girlfriend. She's so beautiful and hot. I have never felt this way about someone and besides I've never been interested in any of my brother's girlfriend.

But Katherina is gorgeous. I haven't had any sexy dreams in like forever but since I met Katherina. I've had multiple different scenarios actually which usually ended with me taking a cold shower.

I even asked my assistant to get me an Instagram account so that I can check her pictures.

Normally a being billionaire bachelor has be good to me, women are always throwing themselves at me. I usually get laid all the time but this week all the women I met haven't appeal to me. I just can't get Katherina out of my mind. So I decided to just sleep with someone today maybe I will forget about her.

I was sitting at the right side of VIP section of the club when I saw Katherina and her friends, they were also sitting at the VIP section by the left side and they were doing shots. She looked so hot, she wore a short black dress which was just by her mid thigh and her cleavage was showing, she also had red lipstick which made her look hotter.

After taking two shots of tequila, her and her friends went straight to the dance floor.

I decided to join her on the dance floor. She was dancing when I went to her and started dancing with her at her back. She turned and saw me and stopped dancing.

“Hey I didn't know you knew how to dance.” I said talking first. She couldn't hear me because of the loud music. So I held her hand and dragged her off the dance floor.

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