Chapter Two


Today is my anniversary with Ian. He has already planned a candlelight dinner, in my favorite restaurant. I'm getting ready he's coming to pick me up around 6 in the evening.

I'm wearing a long backless red dress, I'm letting my long black hair done and wearing high heels. I'm also putting on some makeup. I'm obsessed with fashion and makeup, been in numerous beauty magazines if I wasn’t working in the family business. I would probably work in fashion or beauty. Or probably go into arts, I also paint and I love it.

I finished getting ready, I looked in the mirror. Feeling satisfied with my look, when I heard the door bell. It must Ian, he's already here. I carried my purse and went downstairs and opened the door for him.

“Darling, you look breathtaking.” Ian said giving me a hug and a kiss.

“You don't look bad yourself,” I said kissing him back.

“Okay so I'm thinking of just taking you upstairs and ravishing you instead of going for the dinner.” He said playfully.

“Well honey if go for dinner quickly and come back we'll enough of time for whatever you want to do to me.’’

“I have something for you. Happy anniversary Kathy.’’ He said giving me a black jewelry box.

“Oh God Ian this is so beautiful.” It is a beautiful necklace with diamonds on it. “Thanks darling, and happy anniversary to you too.

Ian moved my hair up and put it on me.

We had the best time during dinner. I told him I've told my brother and dad about us. He asked me if I would like to meet his parents tomorrow, he has actually been pushing that weeks after we started dating.

I finally said yes.

We finished dinner and went back to my place and he gently made love to me.

Before finally drifting off to sleep, I heard him

whisper I love you Katherina.

I didn't answer him back but went to sleep thinking if I'm in love with him.

I am meeting Ian's family for the first time today. I'm a bit nervous. But Ian keeps on telling me there's nothing to be nervous about. His parents are going to love me.

I'm meeting them for lunch today. I wore a short black dress with high heels, and little makeup.

We drove to his family home together.

“Hello you must be Katherina, nice to meet you. I’m Ian's dad.” An older looking man who looks a lot like Ian said giving me a hug. “And my God you're beautiful.

“Hello nice to meet you too and thank you sir.” I said blushing a little.

“Please call me Robert. Let's go inside, so that I can introduce you to my wife and daughter.

“Hello, Katherina right? Nice to meet you. I'm Ian's mother Paula.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs Bancroft. And you have a lovely home.

“Call me Paula please and thank you. Come on have a sit. Ian sweetie you didn't tell me Katherina is very beautiful.” She said smiling sweetly to her son.

“Well mom I wanted to it to be a surprise.” And where are Susie and Ethan. They said they're going to be here. Ian asked.

“Susie is in her room. You know teenagers and not wanting to leave their room and besides Susie likes to see me frustrated, she never does anything I say.

“Mom I'm here please don't complain. Hello to my favorite brother.” Susie said giving Ian a hug. “And you must be Katherina. Nice to meet you. You look better in real life, pictures don't do you justice.” She says to me smiling.

“Hello, and you must be Susie. Nice to meet you too Ian talks about you all the time.

“Well we better start eating while you tell us all about yourself,” Ian's mom said.

“Mom shouldn't we wait for Ethan to come.

“Honey, you know your brother. He's always late, it will better if we just start.

We sat on the dining table, Ian sat down beside me, Susie sat down opposite Ian and his parents sat down opposite each. The food was served and we were about to start eating when Ethan, Ian's older brother came in.

“I'm so sorry am late,” he said giving his mom a kiss on the cheek and sister a kiss on the cheek.

“Hello you must be Katherina. I'm Ethan, Ian's big brother. Nice to meet you.

He had this piercing gaze, it was like he was looking straight into my soul. He is really good looking. Ian is good looking but nothing compared to the Ethan. Ethan has more of a dangerous soul haunting look. He is beautiful.

“Hello nice to meet you too,” I answered not recognizing my voice. He pulled a chair and sat down opposite me. I still felt his gaze on me even when he sat down.

“So Katherina, Ian told us you are the new CEO of Alvarado enterprises.” Ian’s dad said.

“Yes I’m starting this week, for the US branch. Been working in the company since college officially joined immediately after college.’’

“Dad let's talk about something other than work.” Susie said. “Kathy why don't you tell us about how you met Ian. Sorry can I call you Kathy?

“Of course you can.

“I met Ian in an art gallery. I was actually having a bad day. When Ian came over to where I was standing and talked me. He cheered up me and he was so nice and funny. So at the end of the night he asked me out to dinner the next day and of course he was charming so I said yes.

“Wow so my brother is quite the charmer.” Ethan said.

I looked up and he was still looking at me, his eyes piercing into mine. It made feel tingles all over my body. Oh God what's wrong with me, am here sitting down with my boyfriend but his brother just looking at me makes me feel tingles all over me.

After lunch we sat down in the living. Ian's mom and dad went to get some photos of Ian when he was little to show me. His sister went to her room to go get her cell phone living me alone with Ian and Ethan. Ian received a call from the office, so he stood up to answer the call living just me and Ethan alone in the living room.

“So Katherina you don't talk much?” Ethan asks after sitting through minutes of awkward silience.

“Of course I talk it's just that this is our first time meeting and I don't really know what to talk to you about.

“Okay then why don't we get know each other a lot better. By the way if I haven't said it, you're gorgeous.

“Thank you,” I answered feeling my cheeks hit up.

What the hell is wrong with me. Why am I feeling like this, Ian is my boyfriend. Why do I feel tingles all over me whenever his brother looks at me.

I was starting to feel uncomfortable with Ethan's gaze on me, I swear I could feel his eyes on my boobs, I kept my eyes down and pretended to be texting someone so that there wouldn't be any eye contact between us.

Ian's parents finally came back with the pictures. I thought it would make things better between Ethan and me or maybe he wouldn't stare that much with his parents in the room. But his parents asked me to come sit on the couch beside them so that they can so me the pictures.

Ethan quickly sat beside me on the couch, his thighs brushing mine. I swear there was this electric rush that happened between my thighs immediately his thighs touched mine.

His parents were showing me pictures of Ian when he was little and his pictures together with his brother when they were little, they were so cute.

Ian finally came back from his phone call, let's just say I was happy when he came back. Maybe now his brother won't touch me unexpectedly or brush his thighs against mine.

Ian sat down opposite us, I thought Ethan was going to stand up and let Ian who is my boyfriend and his brother sit down beside me but he didn't. After we finished watching the pictures. His sister came back asked us to take a picture together for her Instagram.

We took a selfie, just me and her. And then one with Ian and then one with everyone.

She asked for my Instagram username so she can follow me and tag me on the pictures, I gave it to her and promised to follow her when I got home.

Then Ian decided it was time we should go, his mom and dad hugged me goodbye. His sister also hugged me goodbye, then his brother Ethan also hugged me, his hands went through my back, and I swear I could feel him pressing me against his body.

Ian and I finally left, after what felt like the longest hug of my life.

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