Chapter One


I woke feeling very happy and at the same time scared, I am going to tell my brother and dad about my boyfriend Ian today. We have been going out for two months almost three and things are kind of getting serious. My dad and brother are very protective, they are the only family I have. My mom died when I was 6 years old from cancer. So it's just my brother Lucas and my dad and also Rosa our housekeeper she has been like a family to us.

I planned a dinner today at her dad's mansion today with the help of Rosa to tell them about Ian. Of course Rosa already knows about him because I tell her everything.

I and my best friends Ariana and Vanessa are going shopping today. I am also going to joining the family company as the new CEO next week. I have worked part time with my dad and brother since college, my dad just retired and my brother is already the CEO in the company in Europe. The remaining companies in Latin America and Asia are chain of companies, her and her brother are in charge of them together.

“Ariana do you think my brother and dad will be angry that I haven't told them about Ian yet.” I say as we drive to the mall.

“Of course not, or maybe just a little, you know your dad can't get angry at you for long, remember that time freshman year in college when you took your dads Ferrari and we totally crashed it. We were so scared when we brought the car back. I and Vanessa were so scared that your dad will get angry. But he didn't even say anything about the car. He was just so happy you didn't injure yourself.” Ariana says.

“Well yeah, but I did get in trouble for not driving carefully and I had to go around all year with a butler.

“Quit complaining Kathy. Nothing is going to happen, okay. Besides I think Ian is going to propose to you soon.

That makes me slow down the car.

“Chill Ariana, he's not proposing soon. We've only been dating for two months.” I say.

“Duh yeah, but he wants to meet your family and he wants you to meet his family.

“That doesn't mean he's proposing. He just wants us to know more about each other's family.” I say not entirely believing my words.

“Whatever you say Kathy, but remember your bestfriend Ariana is the relationship expert.

“Whatever you say, Ari. So where are we meeting Vanessa, we have a lot to buy. I need something for our anniversary tomorrow and some new outfit for the office.

I say changing the subject.

“She just texted me, she's meeting us in the lingerie shop, me and Vanessa decided to get you something sexy to wear on your anniversary with Ian.” Ari says smiling mischievously.

“You guys are so sweet but I don't think I need new lingerie, I have new one that I haven't worn yet.” I say.

“We know but we saw this new one from Victoria secrets. Besides me and Vanessa want to buy it too.

“Okay then.” I say knowing there’s no arguing with Ari.

“By the way how's the sex”.

“Oh honey, it's good. We haven't done it for a week now, so I want our anniversary to be good.” I say blushing a little.

“You're lucky sweetie, Damien and I haven't done it for like two weeks now, I think he's cheating on me.

Hearing two weeks you’ll think it’s little but if you know Ari and her long term boyfriend Damien two weeks is a lot they are like fuck bunnies.

“Ariana, I don't think he's cheating on you. Damien adores you. And besides no one can replace you Ari without you finding out.” I say trying to make her feel better.

“Well we better go get that lingerie before Vanessa gets tired of waiting for us, and remember you have dinner with your dad and brother.” She says changing the subject.

We shopped for clothes and lingerie. We finished late around 5 in the evening. I took a shower and changed. And went to meet my dad and brother for dinner.

“Hello princess, my dad hugged me giving a kiss on each cheek. How are you mi amoré?

“I’m fine dad, how are you doing?

“I’m good too princess. So Rosa said you have important news for us.

“Yeah dad, but let's wait for Lucas.

“You don't have to wait for me, I'm here already. Sorry I'm late.

“It's okay we haven't started yet.

“How are you darling.” Lucas said giving me a hug and a kiss on each cheek.

“I'm fine.” I say sitting down.

“So what's the news you have for us.” My dad asks.

“Let’s start dinner.” I say. “Well the thing is I've started dating this guy and I wanted to tell you about it. His name is Ian Bancroft.

Okay. They both say and continue eating.

“Why don't you two look surprised.” I ask.

“Well mi amoré, the thing is we already know.” My dad says.

“What? How?

“Sweetie it's our duty to know who you're with, your friends, boyfriend. Well especially boyfriend.” Lucas says.

“So my brother and dad are spying on me, oh that's great in fact superb.

“Sweetie it's not like that. We aren't spying on you. We found out through one of your brothers friend. So we looked into your boyfriend. To see if he's a good man and everything.

“Then why didn't you tell me you knew I was dating him.” They always do this, for a reason which I don't understand they feel like they have to know everything going on in my life.

“Well princess, we wanted you to tell us yourself.

“Okay then since you know all about my boyfriend, I think this dinner is over.

“Princess where are you going, stay and finish your dinner. We're sorry for looking into your boyfriend. I know we said we won't do again. But sweetie we don't want to see you get hurt, that's why we did it.

“Well okay, goodnight then.” I say getting up to leave.

“Mi amoré please stay.

“No dad. I will see you later this week. Goodnight.

“If that's what you want. Goodnight.” Lucas says.

“Goodnight Lucas.” I say leaving.

We're sorry, okay. My dad says again.

I know.

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