My Fiancé's Brother



The first time I Ian Louis Bancroft, was romantic and everything I had ever wished for. We met in a private art show, one of my favorite things to do.

There he was, handsome, a gentleman with knowledge of the art. I was having a bad day actually when we first met. He came to where I was looking at a beautiful piece of art.

“The focus on the lighting says something different every time you look at it.” He said referring to the painting.

That was when I noticed him, he had said exactly what I was thinking so I was officially intrigued.

We talked all night, when the show was over we strolled around till was very late. It was one of the best nights I have had in a while. At the end of the night he asked me out on a date. I would normally say no, but he was just perfect. I couldn't say no to him we already had a lot in common and I was dying to know more about him.

The next day, we had our first date. He took me to an amazing candlelight Dinner. Romantic, I haven’t had romance before and he wasn’t exactly my type. I have a tendency to attract guys who I know for sure it wouldn’t work out but Ian is different. He is perfect and I liked him. We talked about each other. He told me about his family and his life. He came from a family of 5, his mom and dad, his older brother and his little sister. His family owned companies in America and Europe, which he and his brother ran.

I told him about my family, my older brother and my dad. My famous family also owned companies in America, Latin America and Europe.

We had our first kiss that night and soon began a beautiful relationship till the day I met his brother and everything changed.


I truly thought I loved Ian or at least I think I still do but then Ethan came into my life ad everything changed.

“Well that doesn't sound right because if he did make you happy you wouldn't have danced with me the way you did or tremble underneath me as we kissed.” He whispered in a hoarse voice.

“Get over yourself Ethan, remember I was drunk when we kissed and I don't even remember most of what happened.” I lied.

“You're not drunk right now so try and remember this then.” He said and bent down and captured my mouth in a hard passionate kiss, I was trying so hard to stop the kiss but he was so strong and the kiss was captivating.

So I just allowed him to kiss me and I kissed him back allowing him to have access into my mouth with his tongue. We kissed for what seemed like forever till we both ran out of breath and then he whispered into my ears.

“You have no idea what you do to me baby.” Then he left me standing in the bathroom as he opened the door and left.

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