My Fiancé's Brother


68.11k words

39 chapters



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What happens when you meet the love of your life but you are already engaged to his brother....
Katherina Joe Alvarado is a very beautiful woman. She is the complete package, she is gorgeous, smart and intelligent. She is the heart and soul of her family and friends. Its hard for anyone to meet her and not fall in love with everything about her. She was finally happy with her fiancé after years of dating men who only wanted her for selfish reasons when she meets Ethan who changes everything fast and drastically.
Ethan Louis Bancroft is gorgeous and every woman's dream. He is one of the most eligible bachelor but also a known womanizer. He doesn’t believe in love, he has been with a lot of countless beautiful women but the moment he met Katherina everything changed. There is mutual undeniable attraction, he has never felt that way for any woman. He wants her but she also happens to be his brother's fiancée.



Veena Singh

Loved it

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Sr Chato Balancin

nice one...

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Rebecca Farmer

good story!!!!

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Sreeja Bavvi

nice one👍

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This story sounds interesting!!!

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Blessing King

best story

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Shawn Jaylouis

beaut story

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Vydehi Kosuri

good to read

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Pramod Kumar

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Shane Labarete

this story is so nice and super dupper interesting

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