My Bad Boy Lover


79.84k words

39 chapters



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When Samantha loses everything and becomes pretty reckless shes sent to live with her aunt Kiesha and her bestfriend Kiefer thinking that things are going to be completely boring she's proved wrong. She meets the mysterious bad boy next door, Blake Frost. Blake thinks all girls are the same and its easy to make them fall in love until he meets Samantha who isn't just any girl. Both Samantha and Blake challenge each other on so many levels, until this chaos of a game has an outcome that no one would thought of, love. But is Samantha would be willing to accept this without knowing all of Blake's secrets, and when she find out will she be willing to accept Blake?

I may be a real bad boy, But baby I'm a real good man. -Tim McGraw

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Becky Morales

Is there a part 2?

2021/12/24 Reply