2: Ummu Saudah

I heard my sister complaining. She said that her contract with his employer was still several years away. She has to come back as soon as possible to work, beyond the allotted time off, there's no way my sister will come pregnant right?

"If you don't fulfill the contract, what will happen?"

At that time my sister glanced at him in panic. "Later there will be a fine that must be replaced by the violator."

I was stunned. Of course it's bad. Even if Mira's sister couldn't fulfill the contract, it was because of her own employer's lewd act. I rubbed my sister's growing belly. Wanted to say hello to my nephew in there. I smiled a faint smile... I was also concerned when I saw the tip of my index finger cut off as it moved to rub my sister's stomach.

"What if I just come over to replace sister's work ... I can speak Arabic quite well—"

"You're crazy!" Sis Mira screamed angrily.

"You see my situation is like this, hah Hilya! What if you have the same fate! I wan't you to be poor like me! Anyway, don't ever intend to work in that bastard's house, whatever the reason." Sis Mira snorted, she returned to her sitting position.

"But... if the contract is not fulfilled, you can be fined, right? Do we really have the money for that?"

My sister shrieked. Restless at the same time. If one of us does not come to fulfill the contract, it will definitely be subject to fines and compensation. What's more, we have nothing for it.

It will only make us more debt-ridden and impoverished.

"You don't have to think about it, Hilya." Sis Mira replied, "That's none of your business. Let it be up to you and that bastard. If you tell your sister that your situation is like this—you have to, then you will contact her. Maybe ... she will understand and cancel the contract. There is no other way, right? I wan't you to be hurt."

At first I almost agreed. "But, Sis... if that bastard finds out that you are pregnant with his child, what if my nephew is taken away?"

At that moment, my sister's face paled. Obviously, she didn't want to lose her child let alone be taken over by that person. Even though babies out of wedlock are assigned to their mothers, the Arabs think that the maids in their homes are the same as the 'Amatun', the female slaves. Which means, the child they conceive is entitled to it.

"We also need money, right? For mother's treatment? And sister is also going to give birth. I don't think your employer will like to sleep with me. I'm ugly and not as beautiful as you. So I thought, I was less attractive and would not make Arab men who on the cool is interested..."

My sister glanced at my face. Her nose snorted. "If you dress up a little, you're beautiful. Just a little dirty because you don't shower often." She raised her hand and touched my forehead.

"Anyway, you can't, you just stay home. Okay?"

"I just want to stay at home, but if I don't work, how will our life be?"

"You try another job. Where, grandpa. So be overseas female workers is not the only way. Okay?"

Request for her ability. I finally nodded, "okay."

The next day, I looked for another job as my sister asked. Here and there, back and forth, one place to another, various places I applied for, all rejected me. It can't be helped, my only capital is a high school diploma. There is no one place that wants to accept me, even at my best friend's place of business he also can't recruit me because there are too many employees.

Even though we haven't seen each other in two years. When you find it, it's useless. But the good thing is, he finally paid off the debt when we were in high school, because he once lost the gold necklace that my father gave him. When I got home, even without a job, I managed to hold onto some pretty good money.

I took my mother for treatment. Hissing told him to shut up as she grumbled, asking where she got the money from. The rest, I have calculated for my sister's delivery costs later. I was stunned, after Mother's medical expenses for the past and in the future, including the cost of Sis Mira's delivery later, the millions that I hold are really thin. If I had no source of livelihood at all. Okay, we're going to starve to death.

"I can't get a job today, Sis. No one wants to accept."

Sis Mira turned around, her breath sounded tired. "I thought the money you used was a down payment." Her smile was thin.

"Well, I'm just a overseas female workers instead of you. What's more, if the contract is not fulfilled, we can be compensated, right? Come on, Sis, will you agree?

Sis Mira looks objected. "Besides, if you want to go to Saudi Arabia, is there really a fee for the plane?"

"The rest of the money was enough." I recalculated my really running out of money.

Finally, Mira nodded. With a message, take good care of myself. If it turns out that the master is really an asshole because she also wants to rape me, I have to act and fight even if prison is the end. Actually I was also afraid, but for the sake of Sis Mira and Mother especially for my future nephew, I had no choice.

I hope that until the contract is fulfilled, until I get married I will still be a virgin girl who keeps her chastity.


It's the first time I've boarded a plane and been in a foreign country. I'm having a hard time following Google's instructions when looking for my sister's employer's home address. At the same time, I was scared too. Too late to regret it. My other path later, can only defend myself. Now, I'm standing in front of a magnificent house that is truly stunning.

I swallowed. I didn't get the wrong address, did I?

When I pressed the bell three times, an old woman rushed over to open it.

"Assalamualaikum," I greeted as the white-haired woman stood in the doorway.

"Walaikumsalam," she answered in amazement. Maybe a little recognize, because I look like Sis Mira. She lowered her head, looking at the large bag I was carrying. "Who are you?" From her appearance, it seemed that she was also a maid in this mansion. From my appearance which also resembles a maid, of course I am not present as an honored guest of rich people.

I can digest the Arabic sentence. My tongue went numb as I adjusted the complicated grammar. "My name is Hilya. I am Mira's sister, who is also a worker in this house. I am replacing my sister, because in my hometown she is sickly."

The head of the old woman without the hijab nodded. I also glanced at my hair that flowed over my shoulders, our hair was exactly the same length. But different colors and shapes. I was straight and smooth, while the hair of the woman before me was curly and white.

"I'm Sauda. You can call me, Ummu Sauda. I've been working for Mr. Ahbek and Mrs. Hanin for a long time. So I hope you can match your sister's performance. She is very diligent while working in this house." The door was opened wide, Ummu Sauda let me in. I pulled my bag and stepped inside the house which really left me speechless.

Damn, this isn't home anymore. But the palace. It's around the complex here. Rows of magnificent houses lined beautifully. It's a gang of rich people.

"Where are Mr. Ahbek and Mrs. Hanin?"

I just found out that bastard's name is Ahbek. Sis Mira, never mentioned his name. Always called a bastard, because he is a bastard.

"Ah, I forgot to tell you Hilya."

Ummu Sauda helped me carry the bag in my hand. Seeing me tired and having so much trouble carrying it. The journey from Indonesian to Saudi Arabia was so exhausting body and soul.

"Mr. Ahbek divorced Mrs. Hanin a few months ago, ever since your sister took the day off." Umm Sauda's smile was thin.

"So, after the iddah period that Mrs. Hanin performed for three holy times. Mrs. Hanin left this house, while Mr. Ahbek traveled abroad on business, so this house and its contents—including the goods and workers in this house— was taken over by his cousin named Mr. Hanan, he will be the Great Master here. Because he has bought everything here, including your contract also changed hands to Mr. Hanan because from now on he will be the one to pay us. So, with all his might our hearts must serve him."

I followed her lead which led me to a room, which wasn't too cramped. I was told it was Sis Mira's previous room that she occupied. "Get ready, I'm waiting for you outside." Ummu Sauda left after saying goodbye. I packed my things into the closet that was there, then with a sad look glanced at the narrow bed in the middle of the room.

Sis Mira said, Mr. Ahbek always came to his room in the middle of the night and always flirted with her like an animal. Imagining it in my head, my eyes reddened. It feels reluctant to sleep there, if that's really what happened.

The silent witness that lay below as my sister was raped and abused. If that Ahbek was still here, during my contract I want to avenge my sister. Actually, apart from money and the fulfillment of the contract, my head is more dominant in avenging my sister to the Master Ahbek. But it's a pity . There was only his cousin. It seems, putting my revengeful intentions aside, I have to be a good worker in this house. Collect money, send most of it to the village and fulfill the contract to completion.

After changing clothes. I came out of the room, immediately met Ummu Sauda. Asking what should I do.

Before telling my assignment, Ummu Sauda even chatted for a while. "Why do Mr. Ahbek and most Arabs like to employ those of you who are from Indonesia? Because the average Indonesian worker is diligent, can cook and clean. So after cleaning the backyard, I think you should cook. can cook Arabic specialties, you can cook something from your country according to the ingredients in the kitchen. The ingredients in the kitchen are still adjusting to Mira's previous dishes. Because Mr. Ahbek really likes Mira's cooking, so I hope your cooking can spoil Mr. Hanan's tongue too."

I nodded, immediately cleaning into the backyard. After that, I prepared to cook according to the ingredients in the kitchen. Seeing the kitchen in the house, is like seeing my neighbor's kitchen. The ingredients are complete, like the kitchen of most Indonesians. I immediately started cooking, smiling when I saw the thin smile on Ummu Saudah's lips because the aroma of my cooking really spoiled my nose. Especially the tongue.

"Looks like you can also cook like Mira. I guarantee you, Master Hanan will like it."

In my heart, I pray the same thing.

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