Memories in the Moon Night

Chapter 1: New World

The car stopped.

Mari felt a light tap on her shoulder. There was a warm breeze of air that brushed her face caused by the door opening.

She opened her eyes and looked around the place they were at.

It was their new home, some place far away from their old house in the city. It took them about 8 hours traveling and she felt her whole body filled with fatigue and her bottom aching from too much sitting.

The bright rays of the striking hot sun hit her when she made her way out of the car, her eyes squinting from too much brightness.

A soft yawn made its way past her lips so she covered her mouth, but her mother has already caught her in the act.

“Still sleepy?” Her mother asked, raising an eyebrow at her. Mari smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck.

“No, I’m already wide awake.” She craned her neck to the sides and did some stretching to prove her point. However, her mother won’t let her off.

“Sure, you are,” mocked her mother and brushed some sleep dirt off her eyes.

“I am!” Mari whined and pushed her mother’s hand away, rubbing off the dirt by herself.

“Hey, stop playing around there and help me out!” Her father called out from behind the car. He was holding a large box, filled with stuffs they still need from their previous house.

“Coming!” Mari answered and ran to help lift the remaining boxes.

“How many boxes do we have left?” asked Mari to her father who was standing near the door and counting the items that they brought inside.

“We’ve carried everything inside already. Go and take this to the driver and tell him to get some food. Don’t forget to thank him for his help.” Her father said and handed her money.

“Yes, dad.” She answered and walked outside where the driver was standing under the shade of their roof, smoking tobacco like nobody else is around to inhale it.

“Um, excuse me,” Mari called. “My father asked me to give you this.” She carefully walked towards him, the smell of tobacco welcoming her as she move forward to where the driver was standing.

The driver nonchalantly took the money and nodded, as if a way of saying thanks, his eyes focused on something in a far away distance.

“Have you heard of the story about a wolf here?” The driver suddenly asked.

“Huh?” Mari looked at him with wide eyes, surprised with the sudden question that came out of nowhere.

“Every night when there’s a full moon, a long, sad cry of what is believed to be a wolf is heard. It’s sound is piercing and sorrowful, as if it is longing for something.” The driver looked at her with a serious look on his face.

“Many people who hears it already became accustomed to it, but there are still many who are scared because of the fact that there might be a wolf.” He continued.

Mari just stared at him wordlessly as she listened to the story. She was wondering why the driver was suddenly telling her about this story but she was not rude enough to cut him off and walk away during the conversation.

It’s not that she doesn’t believe in the story. It’s just that, in the modern era where wolves are believed to be extinct, there was almost a hundred percent chance that the story is just fabricated. A tale made by some people to tell to the people who came from the city.

“It’s probably just a tale, right? Wolves don’t exist anymore. They have disappeared long ago with the extinction of vampires.” She reckoned.

“Besides, has there ever been a sighting of the wolf? If not, why would they believe such a baseless information?” She added.

“No, but they do because you can feel its presence.” The driver stated. “When the night time falls and silence kicks in, a strong kind of presence comes off from the forest. It’s not an ordinary presence though; it’s huge and threatening. It’s like you can see its eyes, all sharp and frightening, waiting for you to come so it can lure you into the darkness.” The driver finished.

Mari sighed, not realizing the air she was holding in as she listened to the story. She looked at the forest; the woods covering the entrance doesn’t seem enough to protect them from the predators inside. The forest look dense on the outside but it doesn’t give off the kind of dangerous vibe that the driver was implying on her. In fact, the forest is the first thing that has attracted her to the place ever since they arrived.

“Well, if there was no sighting then I suppose there wasn’t any incidents either. There’s nothing to be scared about.” Mari shrugged, still looking at the forest.

“Well, maybe you’re right. If there indeed is a wolf, we can say that it is a harmless one because there were no reports of attacks here in the country. However, if you’re going to explore the forest, I just have one advice that I can give you as a local of this area.

“Oohh, and what would that be?” Mari sang.

“Don’t get lost in the forest. Don’t let yourself be overtaken by the nighttime while still in the forest. It’s very dangerous there.” The driver looked at her with seriousness in his eyes.

Mari gulped, feeling intimidated by his stare.

“T-thank you. Anyway, I’ll have to go and help my parents unpack our things. Thank you for the advice and for your help.” Mari bid goodbye to the driver who just nodded at her in return.

“Did you hand him the payment?” Her father asked as soon as she stepped in the house. He was lifting some boxes towards the Master’s bedroom — where he and his wife will be staying.

“Yes,” she replied and went to get her own things.

She took care of her things first that was placed inside the boxes and brought them to her room. She placed the box on top of her bed and opened it. Inside were lots of important things like books, music CDs, and music boxes that were a part of her own collection. She stared at them in disbelief — were they always this many?

She pushed the box aside and laid down her bed, sighing lazily as she stared at the ceiling.

“It should take me a day to unpack all my belongings when I’m feeling as lazy as I am right now.” She told herself and laughed.

“Oh, I forgot about Elly!” She sat up abruptly and found the stuffed turtle standing at the chair at the feet of her bed.

“Mom probably brought her here earlier.” She went to pick up the stuffed toy placed it at the top of her bed, right beside her pillow.

“Mari baby?” Her mom called and peeked inside her room.

“Yes, mom?” She turned her head towards the door and looked at her mom.

“I brought your suitcase here. Just put it aside and unpack later. I saw a small restaurant near the area so I figured we should check it out since it’s almost lunch time and we don’t have anything here to eat.

“Alright, mom. Thanks. I’ll follow you right after I put this aside.” She went to the door and took the suitcase from her mom. She pulled the suitcase towards the side of her cabinet and rushed towards the door, where her mother was still waiting.


“Three orders of beef steak, please.” Mari told their orders to the cashier.

The eatery doesn’t have any waiters. It was just a small business where the customers pay as they order their food.

“That would be 10 dollars, madam.

Mari handed the money to the cashier and waited for the change. After paying for the food, she went towards the receiving area where the food is freshly served right from their kitchen.

“Thank you.” Mari told the guy who handed her the tray with their orders. Mari’s mother came to help carry the other tray towards their table.

“So, how do you like our new place?” Her mother initiated the conversation once they have sat down.

“Well, the place looks nice and clean, and the area is peaceful so I have no complaints with that.” She answered honestly.

Suddenly, her previous conversation with the driver about the wolf crossed her mind.

Well, there wasn’t exactly a proof that the story is true so she can assume that the place is peaceful, right?

“Anyway, I met our neighbor from the house next door and he seems very lovely!” Her mother beamed.

“Really?” Mari asked as they started eating. “Everybody seems lovely to you though,” she teased.

“I’m telling you, this one is LOVELY.” Her mother emphasized.

Mari decided not to fight back and focus on her food instead. The meat was savory and delicious, the sensation being left behind in her mouth. She knew her parents would agree to her with the way they were enjoying the food.

There was a small television hanging at the corner of the eatery, where customers can enjoy watching shows while eating. The place was slightly packed considering the time of the day. There were some people standing on the sides, waiting for the people eating to finish their food so they can replace them in their tables.

When they finished eating, Mari cleared their plates and brought them towards the collecting area. Her parents were smiling all throughout, telling stories as they wait for Mari.

“Your father was telling me about this party next week. Apparently, there will be a huge gathering of the people in the area and it will be a great opportunity for us to meet our neighbors.” Her mother said. “He says that the owner of the store next door invited him when he bought something earlier from them.

“You know I’m not a party person, mom,” Answered Mari. “And I still have a lot to prepare for because I will be starting school next week. It’s not easy for a transfer student to adjust especially that I am transferring in the middle of the semester.” She pouted.

“Aww, I’m sorry that we have to suddenly transfer, dear.” Her mother consoled her. “But don’t worry, I’m sure that the people here will help you adjust. They are all very nice.” She smiled and patted Mari’s back. Mari smiled back and nodded, hoping for the words of her mother to come true.

“I really wish it was as easy as that, mom.” she thought.

When the darkness kicks in, they were already back in their house.

Mari was sitting on the sofa of their living room while her parents was busy unpacking in their room. She was lazily browsing the channels, her interest far from the continuous laughter of the casts of the show.

She pulled out her phone and checked on her social media account. There were at least three chat messages from her friends from the city, asking her how their transfer have been.

Sighing, she replied to their messages and updated their group chat, telling her friends that the place was fine and that she can get used to it. After responding to their messages, she closed the application and turned off the television, deciding that it is right to call it a day.

She went to her parent’s bedroom and told them good night before going straight to her bedroom. When she entered her room, she heaved a sigh, feeling the tiredness take over her body.

She first went to her bathroom to do a quick wash up then changed her clothes into clean ones. After she finished with her night routine, she went to lay on her bed, cuddling on her favorite stuffed toy. A few minutes passed and she closed her eyes, sleep finally taking over her.

As her eyes began to shut, she had a glimpse of the forest at the window across her bed; two pairs of eyes watching from a distance, staring at her sleeping figure.

She was already fast asleep when a howl echoed from the forest; a sad, anguish cry breaking the silence of the night.

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