Memories in the Moon Night


6.05k words

3 chapters



Table of Contents


Every time the full moon appears, Mari’s sleep is filled with mystery. Memories of her appears in her dream with events that she couldn’t seem to remember.

When her parents decided to move at the countryside, her life became much worse and she found herself tied into the fate of the lonesome werewolf, Justin, who was causing a scare to the people. When secrets of their past reveals misfortunate turn of events in their lives, will they be able to change their destinies that was long set?

In her journey of finding the truth to her memories, will Mari be able to succeed and correct the mistakes of yesterday?

People have the ability to change and control their fate. In a world where fate decides everything, Mari will fight to protect the love that was denied of her in the past.

Will Mari and Justin be able to take grasp of a second chance and find a happy ending for themselves?

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