Chapter 22

AN: Since I need over 500 words to update a new chapter, I am here to talk with you all a bit. This novel is one I have nurtured the idea for years, and am glad you are here to enjoy it coming to life with me. I am hoping to have it multi series, as I have a lot of places I want to go and explore with you, and much that needs to be discuessed. Thank you for taking the time to be here.


“The law forbids interspecies relationships, and heavily punish fraternizing, unless it is…” Zali paused, before shaking his head. He backed off of Vivva, and then rested against another pile of boxes. Vivva kept his head hung, his hand rubbing his arm, as if he was awkward. She could not see his expression. 

“Unless?” She pushed. It was something she needed to know. She was… Not willing to remain so ignorant. Even if it was awkward, or hard, she needed to know. 

“Nobility have special permission to use our bodies.” Zali looked between them, eyes reflecting the dim light. Special permission? To use…? 


It was a good thing she did not move from the scales, as the air around her sizzled once more. She took a breath, but the crackling energy within her refused to calm down. 

Power. She needed power. Vivva and Zali remained quiet, they seemed to be having a conversation she could not hear. 

As was she. If she had power? What would she achieve? What would she want? What was her goals? Originally it was just to protect her sister. But now?

Freedom and equality, for both woman and Land-Born. How far did this delve? Was it every country that was so disastrous? What would the outcomes look like? Why had no one attempted yet? Why was it so deep rooted? 

More. She needed to learn more. She needed to grow. She needed to become stronger. 

The air around her had cooled, but the sizzling energy inside her did not. 

“Where does this caravan go?” She asked, making both the men look at her. It was perhaps a random question, but she had plans. 

To learn, to grow, she needed to see, and learn. She would need to the Scholars Library in the land of Nuivia. No, more then that. She needed more then what books could provide her.

She needed experience. 

She would visit the other 3 kingdoms of Empyrean. As much as she loved the people of the Caravan, she would stay only as long as their paths aligned. 

“This Caravan travels between the capitals of Zapan and Vasile, but we also stop at some minor cities and towns.” Zali answered, his ear twitching. 

So, she could at least travel with them to Zapan. The capital would be a good place to start. “How far is the Capital?” She asked.

“About another two weeks. We have a spell of fast travel, so we move at double or triple speed.

Two weeks.  

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