Mafia Life


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The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets.
The brightest eyes have cried the most tears.
The ones who seem like the strongest have felt the most pain.
The kindest hearts have felt the most heartbreaks.
The strongest amongst us all is the one who fights battles no one knows.

A bright smile, a gorgeous laugh and pretty sweet eyes. That's how she's known. A bright shooting star is how they knew of her and truly she was.

A strong, bright star that can blind anyone that comes in its way, but all stars need darkness to be seen... and she was no exception.


He was broken, heartless, reckless, a machine in the shape of a handsome man.

To others at least that's what it seemed. They didn't know, but they assumed.

He was a cold-hearted machine.

A cold-hearted machine and a fiery bright broken star. What will happen when the balance is lost and two different worlds collide.


They say opposites attract, I

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