Blue your mind

"May we come in sir?" I asked.

"Yes Anna, please come in." Director Joshua smiled. All of us entered his cabin.

"You might already know them but, I'll be introducing them again. This is Sam, Ryan, Jacob, Zack and Mary. I've chosen them as my teammates for this mission."

"I remember and know all of you. Anna I approve your team making decisions. Wish you all the best. When are you all leaving?"

"Right now."

"Good. But, before you leave give me a report of your plan, I need to see it myself."

"Sure sir. Here it is," Mary handed him a file which contained all the information pertaining our plan. Director Joshua took his seat and started scrutinizing the plan I made. We were all still standing, waiting for Director to give his approval. I should have asked for his approval before packing but I totally forgot about it. Very dumb move being the team leader.

"This sounds good to me, I am giving you contact numbers of our other detectives near the location. I will also inform them about your plan by the time you reach the Night Owl, for your convenience."

"Thank you sir. We will not let you down."

"Agreed. Be safe, goodbye."

"Goodbye Director." saying this we left his cabin.

I released a breath I didn't even know I was holding.

"Woah! Director approved the plan. The way he looked at the report, his expressions, I was convinced I would have to unpack my luggage." Jacob said jokingly.

"I know right! I felt like a dumb leader for packing bags before asking director." I sighed.

"It's alright Ann, you made a fail safe plan. How could Director Joshua reject it?" Ryan said placing his hand on my shoulder. This made me smile.

"Yes Anna, we trust you." Zack continued while Mary and Sam looked at me proudly. I felt so glad I had them, as team mates, as friends and as family.

"Come on, let's go."

We got in our SUV, which was bullet proof for obvious reasons. Zack was driving it, Mary was shotgun, Sam was enjoying the view with her headphones on and Jacob was next to her with his soulmate, I mean his laptop. This left Ryan and I in the back of the car. Somehow my thoughts had a sudden shift and I started thinking about our plan. Will this mission be successful? Will I be able to arrest Marco? So many of my missions were failure. Will I get out of this alive? Was I risking everyone's life? The next thing that happened startled me, Ryan hugged me. He must have noticed my worrisome face.

"Ann, are you alright?"

"Yeah... I am."

"You don't seem like it."

"I have a feeling this might not go as planned."

"A lot of things don't happen as we wished or planned to but, does that mean we should stop trying?"

"No but, I am risking your lives."

Ryan chucked at this, "Babygirl, I joined FBI because I love the risk,"

I couldn't help but smile at this.

"I think you should sleep for a while, the journey's of three hours and we will be awake till late night. So you better get a good sleep before you slay that blue dress of yours."

This made me blush, "Okay."

I tried to get away from him to get some sleep but, he pulled me to him closer. I looked at him confused.

"Well, a lot of girls have told that me my chest is their favourite pillow, I am giving you the golden opportunity to try it,"

I looked at this narcissist handsome man, "Why don't you just go and fuck yourself?"

"Can't happen because I would rather fuck you."

You have to accept it, Ryan was a smart mouth and handsome too. I gave in and cuddled with him. He hugged me tighter. This felt good, so good but so platonic. I didn't feel the butterflies and stuff like that in the books. I just felt warmth, no connection.

Now that my eyes were closed and I was in his arms, this made me ask myself a few questions. Do I really have a crush on Ryan? He is handsome and everyone around me talks about his beauty. The feelings I have towards him felt like a little infatuation. This was a lot to think about at this moment, I shooed all my thoughts away and decided to get some sleep. I snuggled into his jacket to get more of his fragrance. Before I fell asleep, I made a mental note to ask Ryan about his cologne.

A screech woke me up from my slumber. It was the sound of our car stopping. It wasn't loud but I wasn't a heavy sleeper. You would get killed in your sleep if are a heavy sleeper and a FBI agent.

"Ann, we have reached. Let's go,"

I fixed my hair a little bit and got out of the car. Sam had the keys to our room in her hands. Girls in one room, boys in another. Sam took our keys and all of us entered a giant elevator. It was just us in there.

"I'll be needing around two hours to get access of all the CCTV cameras at and near the night owl. Anna and Zack, you can get dressed up by the time I am done," Jacob suggested.

"Yes. Mary, Sam and I will load the guns while you guys are doing so," Ryan continued.

"Great! Let's get this done," I said.

Leaving the elevator, we entered our room. It was designed on white and powder blue theme and looked cosy. It looked like home. Sam started loading her guns, Mary was clicking selfies. I decided to take a bath and get dressed.

I grabbed my bag of toiletries and went in. I just felt like doing a little pamper session for absolute no reason. But, I mean hey! I am planning on looking the hottest girl at the casino, might as well just pamper myself.

I massaged a hair mask on my scalp and busied myself in scrubbing & shaving my body. I even put on a face mask which was so unlikely of me. I enjoyed them but, I get too lazy to apply. I let the lukewarm droplets of water from shower head sooth me. It felt so good. Almost heavenly.

"Anna, will you fucking take an eternity to just pour some soap and water on your body?" Sam barked as she banged on the door. I could hear Mary giggling.

"Few minutes more!" I replied as I laughed at her annoyance.

"Alright, we are going to see our hot men. But, when I come back, I want to see you all dressed up or I'm gonna lose my shit,"

"Oh come on, Sam. Let her enjoy. Anna, take your time. We'll be waiting for you." Mary replied.

"Okay." I heard the door shut after few seconds.

Washing off the lather, I patted myself dry. I quickly came out of the shower and started wearing my undergarments. I decided to do my makeup first because the dress was easy to put on. I kept the makeup minimal and natural looking but then I wore a bold maroon lipstick to jazz up the look. I opened the bag and took out my dress. I shoved my long legs in it and pulled it upwards to wear the strapped sleeves. I wore my heels and looked at myself in the mirror. This dress was accentuating my curves and the slits were simply the cherry on the top. I sprayed some perfume and left the room. I checked my phone and there was a text from Jacob saying that they are waiting for me in the lobby. When I reached there, I could see them gathered in a circle discussing something, probably our mission.

The click-clack sound of my heels might have caught their attention because everyone turned towards me. And in a blink of eye their mouth formed an 'O', Mary took out her phone to capture a video of me, and I started walking like was some big model on the runway.

"So, how do I look?"

"I kind of feel turned on," Sam exclaimed which made me giggle.

"You look amazing, I have the hottest date in the world," he said proudly, I couldn't help but blush at Zack's compliment.

"Anna, you might have to switch the shoes, the sound of heels might get you in trouble if you are alone somewhere," Jacob said, I could hear the concern in his voice.

"Yes, I've a got a pair of backup flats, I'll be switching to them in the car. I just wore these heels because I didn't want to disappoint my hype girl Mary," I flashed a toothy grin towards her, to which she squealed like a happy child.

I was waiting for Ryan to compliment or at least say something about my look, but he didn't which disappointed me but, I didn't show it.

"Is everything ready?"

"Ayy ayy captain," Zack said enthusiastically.

"You look very excited about it," Sam looked at him with her eyebrows raised questioningly

"Of course I am, I'm wearing my Armani tuxedo for the first time,"

Now that I looked at him, he looked very hot in the suit, it was making him look broader. I would have to save him from all the thirsty girls and guys at the casino tonight.

"How can you even afford that expensive piece of beauty?" Mary inquired.

"It actually belongs to my grandfather but, gave it to on my 21st birthday as a family heritage," he laughed.

"Aww, that's so sweet," Mary said with puppy eyes, this girl was literally a child.

"So, let's get going?"

"Yes!" everyone exclaimed.

It took us a long time to reach there due to heavy traffic but, when we finally reached there everyone quickly busied themselves arranging their weapons. I was cross checking my guns when someone held me by my arm and pushed me behind a car nearby. The attack was so sudden that I couldn't decide any defence. But, I didn't need any defences because, it was Ryan.

"What are you doing?"

"You look amazing."

This made my heart beat go haywire.

He leaned his nose towards the crook of neck and circled his arms around me, now this was an actual haywire.

"Sweet Ann, you blue my mind."