Mafia's son


"Agent Anastasia reporting, sir!"

"Have your seat. I'm about to assign you to execute a renowned criminal."

Confusion was evident on my face as I took my seat, never breaking eye contact with director.

"Who are you talking about, sir?"


My jaw instantly clenched hearing his name, director too noticed it. I took a deep breath to calm myself. He must have a good reason to assign me, this was the opportunity I shouldn't be scared of.

"You are aware of our unsuccessful attempts to get hold of Marco. His activities are getting matchless."

"I have observed so."

"You are one of the most capable agents we have in our agency and I want to hand over this responsibility to you."

This made my heart race, director Joshua McCartney was not the one to compliment any of the agents.

"I am honoured."

I was, I really felt honoured and proud but, there was a feeling of fear in my heart. Fear of failure. Marco was the Einstein of Mafia, he committed every crime with so much precision that it was almost impossible to get track him. Almost. So many brilliant FBI agents had failed even trying to get accurate information about him. This was going to be a very difficult mission but, I was going to put in all my efforts.

"Is there any recent information about his whereabouts?" I asked.

He opened the drawer to his right and took out an envelope, he then pushed it towards me. I carefully opened it, by the feel of it I could say there were some photographs placed inside. After opening it, I had around 10 photos of someone who looked a lot like Marco in a club like environment. After going through all them I realised it was a casino. I looked at director suggesting him to elaborate on the information.

"This is the Night Owl Casino in Las Vegas. It supposedly belongs to Marco. As you can see, the pictures are not very clear and its hard to say if this is actually Marco or not. I want you to visit the place yourself with your team and find out more."

"Yes sir,"

"We have an insider working there, you can meet him and discuss about activities happening in and around the Casino, this is the insider, " he handed me a confidential file containing information about the insider, Hussain .

Hussain was a 30 years old detective, very intelligent might I add, who was working as a waiter at the Night owl using the fake identity of Gabriel Arthur. I had worked with him before so it wouldn't be difficult identifying him in the casino.

"Hussain has never been wrong with his information, Anastasia I would recommend you to take enough capable members with you."

"I will set up a team as soon as possible sir,"

"Keep me informed and you may leave now."

"Yes sir."

"Take care of yourself, we can't afford to lose you."

The sentence filled my heart with warmth. I smiled at him and left the office. Soon as I closed the door I let out a breathe that I didn't even know I was holding. It was a mixed feeling of satisfaction of being a capable agent and fear of loosing my life. So many of our agents had lost their lives arresting Marco. We have lost so many friends to the ruthless beast. This created a feeling of insecurity but, I shall serve my country till my last breathe.

Taking a determined step forward, I entered my office. When you work as an FBI agent, you didn't really get to decorate your office, there was just a simple desk with three chairs around, an air conditioner that worked just fine and lot of cabinets filled with thousands of files. These files contained confidential information about my previous and upcoming mission along with details of my colleagues. As I sat on the chair, I started thinking of every capable agent in FBI who could help me get hold of Marco. I wanted to set up the strongest and the smartest team ever created. This was either going to be my best mission or my last mission and I was going to make it worth it. I took out files of my previous missions so I could rummage through familiar faces. While flipping through the pages, I saw a picture of Ryan Moritz. He didn't have his drool worthy smile that made girls go wild. He looked very serious and confident (as always). This confidence is what I needed, Ryan was not only confident but also very intelligent. He could think of a fail safe plan and also join dots faster than most of us in the FBI. Ryan Moritz was chosen.

I quickly scribbled his name on my note pad and started thinking of other candidates. Surely, when dealing with such a criminal, you didn't only fight with guns and nuclear bombs. Sometimes you just had to do the classic punching stroke. I started thinking of the most physically strong agent in the FBI. Sam! Sam was undoubtedly our strongest agent. She had proven it so many times before. Yes, Samantha Smith the strongest agent in the FBI was a girl. The girl was one of a kind. She could seduce you to bed but, she could also punch you to death. And I needed her in my team.

Lastly I needed a tech expert, someone who would handle all the data property. Who would be better than Jacob for this job? He had been part of so many successful missions and was very quick with his work. Jacob was definitely going to be a part of the team.

A triumph smile spread across my face thinking of the capable team I set up. All of them were the best in their fields, why hadn't director put them together in a team before? Maybe he wanted me to do so. A chuckle escaped my lips on that thought. It was now time to call for a meeting. This mission shall be the end of Marco or it shall be the end of me.

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