Loving You, Hating You, Wanting You


6.08k words

5 chapters



Table of Contents


Hazel was scandalized when she woke up after having a sex dream with her best friend, Shawn. How can that happen? Was she so sex deprived that she had to have a sensual dream with a guy who only sees her as a sister?

Knowing nothing is ever going to happen between them, Hazel wanted to forget about her stupid dream. But the vividness of it all makes her want to wish it can become real, too.

And she wasn’t surprised when she started feeling so jealous after Shawn introduced her to his new girlfriend. Even with the appearance of another dashing man in her life, it still wasn’t enough to distract her hopeless romantic heart. And she couldn’t ignore the ever growing affection she has for her best friend, Shawn.

Will she ever have a chance at a happy ever after with her oblivious first love?

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