Loving An Arrogant Man

By B.E.M.


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Erica has fallen in love with a man she expected to give her the love she was dreaming of for a long time. It was Troy Sandoval, a mysterious man that suddenly came into her life and messed it up. At first, Troy showed her his pure kindness. The man courted her and she immediately answered with a 'yes.' It happened so fast that she did not realize that she was falling deeper into the man and they got married in a short period of time. But a few months later, after they got married, Troy changed into something she never imagined. He became rude and disrespectful towards her because the true intention of Troy is to get revenge for his brother Rix that he genuinely loves and is still in a coma.

He was blaming Erica for the tragedy that happened to his brother. Rix is the long-time suitor of Erica, and the woman constantly and consistently rejecting Rix feelings. Erica was always pushing and telling Rix to stay away from her, but Rix was very persistent with her. Erica didn't want to give false hope to Rix bec

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