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Kate is a charming, dashing lady that can happen to any guy. She finds love in the hands of two cute men of opposite personality; cool headed Brian, and bad boy, good, sexual diva; Tony.
The celebration of her 20th birthday kick starts a war that makes her put Brian aside and fall into the horrible sexual web of bad boy Tony, believing he is the right one for her. But her affair with Tony sparks the worst experience not just for herself but for her family. Her father goes to jail; her family is thrown into shambles and sexual desires because she is unaware of the bad boy her heart beats for.
A cloud of twist sets in when she is implicated in a crime and stands to be sentenced to life imprisonment; that was when she realized true love in Brian who owns up to her crime and serves her jail term. Brian is ready to fight the good fight of love to recover the love he has for her and help put her family back to what they were.
But would the gripping hands of lust, and obsession give room for true love?
Would Br

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