Love In Vain


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"Ke Beichen, I'll give you three seconds. If you don't say you will marry this woman, we will take turns to rape her!"




He just hesitated for one more second for the sake of his mom and they hung up.

He had to marry someone he didn't love that day and then he would know where his mom was; but he had never expected he would lose her. He ditched his fiance and ran away from the wedding to look for her but it was too late--she might have been engulfed by the ruthless waves; he just couldn't find her.

When his fiance came to his house and accused him of his betrayal, he got several guys to rape her by turns, just like what she did to the woman he loved--but he was even crueler.

"Take a video. Make sure her face can be clearly seen. I am gonna play it in front of her mother!"

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seems interesting

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What a life

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Love must not be in vain

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nice one

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