Love Born From Revenge


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"She WAS the key to my revenge, but now, she IS the key to my heart."

"Of all the pretty girls out there, why am I the one he notices?"

"I've never had trouble flirting before. Does this mean...I finally fall in love?"

"What I what I get."


Preeda Chan, an introverted and laconic girl, has never thought her first love involves revenge and a game. For 16 years, she has done an excellent job to keep away from romance, even though she is an avid reader of romance novels.

However, the arrival of a playboy, Albert Stanley, turns her life upside down, for it gets more complicated than the main character in any romance story she has ever read.

As if her peaceful life isn't hectic enough, a mysterious half-brother and an adoptive son of a billionaire, Seth, come for revenge, planning to steal everything and everyone that belongs to Albert.

With the help of Mia Tanakorn, the sole heiress of a conglomerate and the one that harbors feelings towards Albert, Mia and Seth collude to

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