Long, Lost Summer


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Nao is an average 17-year old highschool student from Tokyo,until the tragic accident happened to her family.
After that tragedy. As ordered by the law to protect her,the court decided to put her in a foster home. A kind doctor from Okinawa,named Nishikawa Chieko,decided to adopt her. The whole family gave her unconditional love. Still unable to trust anyone in the small town,Van suddenly came into her life and without realizing it,she started to open up to him.
While on a vacation, Nao was involved in another tragic accident,and she slept for 10 years. As she woked up from her long slumber,she realized in horror that she is she's been trapped into a different body! And the puzzling thing is...She jumped in time ten years forward! Nao doesn't have a choice but to assume the identity of this girl,the while thinking how to get back to her original body.

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Alex Dane Lee

It's Tuesday,and I hope everyone's all and well. I hope you all can find what you're looking for. I am so happy to say that ''Long Lost Summer'' has added 1 more chapter for today!

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Alex Dane Lee

Hello,loves! 😻 It's raining,and I'm in the mood to post another story of mine... Let's all walk with Nao as she tries to survive all the challenges she has to face in her life....

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