Let Me Be The One

By amaim


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"Do you know why I'm keeping you here?"he crossed his arms and sternly stared at her. She nodded showing her understanding of the situation she had caused.

"Well then,"he sighed, looking down at his table in disappointment,"head back to your room and don't leave until you're ordered." She saluted at him and rushed out. He watched her dash out of his room. A hint of amusement and smirk played upon his lips as he watched the shades of guilt cover her whenever he confronted her.

He checked his phone. It read 4:00 pm. He silently placed it on the table before he burst out in laughter. He had caught her after so long, it wasn't going to be easy for her to escape and they both knew it.
Childhood friends meeting after years of no contact and the military butts into their relationship that was somehow supposed to bloom...wait what? yes the military. You read that right.
Dive in to read about this rom-com, love triangle and military + mafia story. :D

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