Chapter 2

    The Flight 
Laurel boarded the plane and it was a full flight to Tuscany and it was going to be a long flight that Laurel was looking forward to, it gave her time to think about her next move and how she was going to adjust to her life.
First things first, she had to change her name legally back to her maiden name Rossetti, then get her own bank account, and cell phone, then she had to make sure the estate and property deeds and the business deeds were all switched over to her name. The plane was in the air and flying over the ocean, the clouds and Laurel loved looking out the window at the beautiful view. She sat there in her seat imagining what her life would be like and what type of business woman she would be. Laurel in the midst of thinking and imaging fell asleep, poor thing was exhausted and emotionally drained, but she can blame her after all she had been through. Her eyes start to flutter, as she begins to dream, she dreams of being on the beach facing the ocean as the breeze blows through long, flowing locks, she watches the tide as rolls in, she hears the seagulls as they fly by skimming the top of the water, she hears galloping behind her, she turns to look, here comes this handsome stranger, tall, handsome, shirtless, sexy as be. He has jet black hair, eyes as blue as the ocean, and abs of steel. He gets off his steed and grabs Laurel and picks up in his big strong, muscular arms, and gently places her on the back of his horse, he climbs on and says in Italian, “Vain MIA Bella signora, vain e farm l’more all’ ocean.” Which means in English come with my beautiful lady, come, and we will make love by the ocean. She grabs hold of his waist and holds on tight as they ride down the beach to a cave, it was nice and quiet, and they had the beach to themselves, he grabs Laurel and takes her the horse and sets her down and grabs her by the hand as they go into the cave together. She was in awe looking at this insanely hot Italian stallion standing right in front of her, he was sexy from his head down to his damn cowboy boots. She looks deep into his eyes and gets lost and sees down to his soul. He's kind, and caring, he’s sensitive, his soul is deep and gentle, he is sweet and charming. She was totally enamored with him, he looks into her eyes and leans in and presses his lip on hers, Laurel’s knees go weak, her heart turns into a melted puddle, she gets goosebumps from head to her toes, and chills run through her body. Her emotions are raging, and feelings are all chaotic and twirly, she can’t think about anything but him and the hold he had on her. He pulls her to the ground, and she falls into him, and he kisses her neck, and kisses down her body sending sensations in places that haven’t awakened in a long time. He kissed her, his lips tasted salty, yet sweet, she couldn't get enough of his kiss, she craved it, he kissed her hard, more passionately.  He takes hand and slowly moves it down and slips his in between her thighs and plunges into her dripping went mound, she moans, he strokes and pleasures her, making nice and wet, he pulls down his jeans and boxers, and his dick pops out his pants and stands on intention, he enters her slowly, teasing her, he plunges in and out, slowly driving her insane. Laurel takes her hands and rubs down his chest, touching his abs, she reaches up and tweaks his nipple he groans, and says harder, he thrusts into her harder and deeper hitting her g-spot, making scream out loud, he knows she’s peaking to climax, and pushes into harder over and over each stroke becoming a steady rhythm, she feels an orgasm coming on, it comes in small waves at first hitting hard with each small blow, she releases her nectar, hot juices running down her thigh, he pushes harder he can feel his balls get tighter he’s about to finish with one last hard thrust he releases himself inside of her, she could feel his hot  man juice running down her inner thighs. This handsome nameless stranger lies on top of her as they lie there together entwined, a hot sweaty mess, neither of them speak, they lay there on the cave floor enjoying the moment. Laurel is woken to the sound of the in-flight movie Rome, Open City, she shook her head back to reality she was still reeling from her hot, steamy, dream which left feeling turned on, frustrated, and flustered, she was annoyed that she had to wake up she was enjoying her dream, and wanted to know who the nameless stranger was. A friendly voice from the row of seats next to Laurel’s was a beautiful girl, “hi my name is Juliana and I’m on my way to see my parents in Italy, hi Juliana my name is Laurel and I’m on my way to Italy too, it’s nice to meet you.” The ladies shake hands, Juliana moves to the seat next to Laurel, and she asks Laurel’s all sorts of questions. “Why are you flying to Italy, if you don’t mind me asking? Laurel answers, I 'm moving to Tuscany to get away from my ex-husband and my old life. I couldn’t stay back in Millers Creek, North Carolina, it would’ve been too hard to stay, plus my ex is a total nut job, Laurel explained. I know exactly what you mean, Juliana said. I left my cheating fiancé behind too. I couldn’t stay in my hometown either. I had to get away and begin my life. I'm going to visit my parents till I figure my next move, Juliana replied. Laurel turned to Juliana and said, look I have a big house in Tuscany and more than enough room if you’d like to stay, I have a job for you as well if you’re interested. Oh my gosh that would be amazing, my parents offered the guest house to me, I really don’t want to move in with my parents if I don’t have to, Juliana said excitedly, are you sure it’s okay?! Oh totally, I will be inheriting my grandmother’s estate and business soon after her funeral, it all will belong to me, so it’s fine. Thank you, Juliana said graciously, as she hugged her new friend excitedly! I just have to call my parents and let them know about my change of plans.” That reminds me I better call my cousin and give her a heads up that we’ll have a roommate, Laurel said, I’ll call her as we land. The girls spent the rest of the flight talking and finding that they were very similar and had so much in common with one another. They watched the movie together till it was over, laughing and giggling, and talking, before they knew dinner was being served. It was amazing they had salmon, rice, and veggies. The ladies even got wine with dinner. After dinner the flight attendants came and cleaned up, and the girls continued talking well through the night. Both girls had dozed off, they woke up to the sound of the meal cart coming, they woke up and got breakfast and coffee, and chatted over breakfast. The pilot was speaking over the intercom saying, ``Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to reach your final destination. We will be landing in Florence in about an hour. Thank you for flying on Italy International Flights. We hope you have enjoyed your flight with us.” How exciting Laurel thought to herself as she looked out the window and finished her breakfast. They came to clean up the breakfast service and girls sat quietly and looked out the window and thought about their new lives they were about to embark on. The plane descended as it got closer to the Florence International Airport, the girls grew more anxious to get off the plane, the plane hit the tarmac and landed with a thump, as it turned into the jetway. All the passengers were waiting patiently in their seats as they waited to leave the plane. The unbuckle sign flipped up and everyone unbuckled their seat belts and waited to get their luggage, first class was released first, Laurel and Juliana grabbed their luggage from the overhead bin and headed off and got off the plane. The girls walked down the long jet way that led into the busy airport, Laurel went to sit down and call her cousin. She dialed her number praying she would be there but there was no answer, little did Laurel know her cousin was about to surprise her and pick her up from the airport. She hung up the phone and headed to baggage claim to get the rest of her luggage. Laurel finds her luggage and waits for Juliana to find hers and when she grabs them, they head back upstairs and go outside to wait for a cab. Liliana who was Laurel’s cousin was speeding around the windy Tuscan country roads on her way to pick her cousin, her phone buzzes she checks it and there’s a voicemail on her phone, she clicks play, “Hey Lil, it’s me I have invited my new friend Juliana to come and live with us and I offered her a job at the winery, hope that’s okay just wanted to give a heads up.” Liliana is almost at the airport and has taken a shortcut she knows to get her there quicker, Laurel is looking for a cab to hail and Juliana is waiting with Laurel. Liliana pulls into the airport by the pickup zone and calls for Laurel. Laurel hears a familiar voice calling her, she pushes her way through the crowd, yelling “I’m over here.  Liliana comes running over to her cousin hugging her. Laurel my sweet cousin how are you, how was your flight? Oh, good long, tiring, here I want you to meet a friend of mine, my friend Juliana, Laurel stated. You ladies ready to go, Liliana asked?’ Sure, let’s go, both girls said excitedly! The girls get into the car and Liliana places the baggage in the trunk, shuts it and then gets in and they drive off.

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