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Meredith Jane Lewis loved money but she loved it more when she made it.

Soon after the retirement of her father, Meredith took over the position of the CEO of a successful tech company. People often laughed when they heard women and technology in the same sentence, she was here to prove them wrong. She was perfect in every way. However luck wasn't on her side and she lost investors.

Samuel James King had everything he desired although, it wasn't easy for him.

At a young age, Samuel handled the family business, his determination and hardwork moved the business at greater heights. With his queen beside him, he had everything sorted and was living the life everyone longed for. But when the queen betrayed and became a threat, he was willing to do anything to protect the only thing he loved the most, his reputation.

The two knew each other since High school, they were rivals. Both struggling in their personal and professional lives were desperate to make things better.

But unexpected things happened at unex

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