Chapter 4: Moira Anya Grimaldi


I stood a good two minutes staring at the large oak door leading towards the cafeteria. Not only does it separate me from the inevitable but connects me to it as well. "Inevitable" because sooner or later I need to eat and that huge door connects me to the food but also connects me to the student that is eating their own food but since it's closed, it separates me from them... am I being very clear? Does this make sense? Anyways— With a dreaded tone, I mumbled. "The door to the mess hall." or Cafeteria or whatever you prefer to call it.

My stomach grumbled as I kept my gaze on the door knob like I shouldn't touch it nor twist it to open. It's the only thing separating me from the monsters of the academy. But, I was hungry. My stomach protesting about being empty didn't help at all. In fact, it's starting to lessen my common sense. My stomach demanded me me to enter my doom to eat. If I get to eat, that is.

"It's all your fault," I complained to my own stomach's gluttony.

I've woken up pretty late this morning. Since I'm excused, I wasn't in a rush to fix myself. But, since I woke up late, I missed the call time and food isn't available until lunch.

So, I spent my morning inside my room. Doing what a normal person would do when they are alone. Plot their escape while hanging upside-down in bed. I scolded my stomach for being hungry whilst I plan.

I squinted my eyes at my belly, "are you hungry? Or are you just bored?" It did not reply as expected.

Sighing, I stood from my bed. I decided to explore what's behind every door in my room, looking for something of use for my great escape. There was a huge walk-in closet filled with clothes that all look the same. Then the bathroom which I can never get enough of. There's also a balcony in my room! Which is great, I mean. It's a nice exit if I find some kind of makeshift ropes to climb down on.

I can see the huge oval ground from my dorm room. I even saw some athletes running around the track field. Most of them stripped of their upper clothes. I mean, I did enjoy staring at gorgeous pecs but why take your upper clothes of? They're not even half way done the whole course and not even a sweat trickled against their skin. Heck, they haven't even started yet but they took their clothes off already?

I soon realized why they did what they did once I saw Maverick running ahead of the other runners. There's like seven of them in the field aside from Maverick. I can tell that it was him because his hair is easy to recognize. Even if it was dark when we met each other or when I met him to be exact, that volume of hair will never go unnoticed.

He was down to half his laps when he shifted right before my eyes in broad daylight. He sped up his sprint and the other athletes joined him. I guess all those athletes were werewolves.

I watched as the raven black wolf lead the others. Maverick was larger than them, faster than them. I can see a proud aura that he had had the moment he shifted into his wolf. What captivated my eyes is that, his wolf-form isn't that all black, there was a huge white glove on his right front paw.

After the short show I had on the balcony, I heard the bell of the school going off signaling the call time. Which is why, I am in front of the mess' halls door. A little bit later than the call time since I don't want to bump with the others.

When I entered the room, everyone was eating already. No one seemed to notice me at first, only a few, so I decided to go get some food up front where the cafeteria served the food.

The whole room was large. It didn't have separate tables like in a restaurants— No, the tables were long and connected. There's five long horizontal table in the middle of the room. Once I started walking to the buffet, I noticed that there are five separate table above a podium. Each tables had five seats in front of every elongated table at the bottom of the podium.

In those five tables sat different monsters, I can't help but notice that they are staring at me. Some look at me with harsh eyes, some with curiosity, and the rest with pity. I averted my gaze.

I soon realized that I was taking a rather long time standing in line. I have been here on the same spot on my line to the buffet. Honestly speaking, the line hasn't decreased yet. When I peaked at the sides, I saw a person in front of the person in front of me letting someone ahead of him.

It annoyed the hell out of me but I kept my mouth shut. Biting my lips to stop myself from creating an unnecessary fight. I know I would be the one with a disadvantage.

Sooner or later the person in front of me will complain and blame the others anyways. So, I wouldn't bother myself and exert energy when someone can do it. Speaking of the person in front me, they turned to face me. Her face frowning in anger. Even more than I am with the person cutting in line in front of her.

"You!" She directed her threats at me which was a surprise. "Get the hell away from me! Because of you I can't even get a decent meal!"

That played out quite different in my mind. And I was even proud to imagine any human decency in this monsters. Why would she blame me? I didn't do anything except stood there trying to eat like everyone else--- trying to get something to eat anyways.

I sighed. Gripping the hem of the shirt I was wearing and started moving backwards. I turned around and left. Guess I won't eat any meal today. If I knew that, I would've added breakfast as one of my prizes for finding an excellent hiding spot.

I'm so helpless in this academy.

"Humans never put up a decent fight. They're so boring." A student whispered but I still heard.

He proved my point. But, whatever! They're the one who wanted me to not put up a fight anyways. If I did, they'd end up baffled and try to put me back into my place by bullying me even more. How ever I see it, I'd still end up as an outcast.

My stomach grumbled again in protest the moment I reached the empty corridors that leads to the dorms.

"Shut up!" I screamed at my tummy. "Blame the rest of the organs in this body for being spineless if you're gonna complain about being empty."

Even my logical brain is talking to the other parts of my body.
But logically speaking, aren't the brain always talking to the other body parts?--- I shouldn't be left alone with an empty stomach and a loud brain.

"It really should, shouldn't it?" I shrieked at the voice coming from behind me. "Oh, sorry. I guess it's creepy hearing a voice so suddenly." The girl chuckled.

I looked behind me to see a woman in uniform. She's a student from one of the tables in front of the mess hall.

Her hair was black, her skin was pale white. Her uniform was dark. Well, the shade of it was. It's a knee-length silk black skirt, plain without design. Then her upper uniform is a black vest over a maroon long sleeved blouse with puff sleeves. She also had a black necktie with a logo on it. I can't tell the symbols engraved in it but it was pretty.

"Uh, yeah." I nodded. Suspicious of why she followed me.

"I'm Moira, by the way. Moira Anya Grimaldi." She walked towards me with her arms extended. Her black stilettos clacked against the marble tiles with every step. She looks familiar, like she's one of the monsters sitting at the table above the podium looking at me like I'm pitiful.

"Nice to meet you." I shake her hand, unsure of why she's talking to me. I couldn't help but look over her shoulder to see if this was a set-up for a horrible prank.

"I know this looks weird and all.
Me being nice when all you've ever experienced since you got here are harsh treatments. But, I got you food!" She showed me a brown paper bag.

I took the bag from her with hesitations. I didn't bother hiding my questioning look because everything about this scene screams danger. Her nice attitude is unnerving. There must be something that I'm not seeing here. What does she want?

"Come with me!" I yelp when Moira pulled my arm that wasn't holding the bag. "I know a great place to eat for lunch. Hardly anyone goes there. They can't anyways." She was talking rather fast but I can keep up with the sound that left her mouth.

"Ta-da!" She raised one of her arm towards the sky and the other extended like she was welcoming me to a big wall of bush. She then reached inside the bush. I heard a noise like some mechanism activated and a door opened up from the bushy wall.

The place looked like a secret garden. A secret sanctuary that belongs only to her.

My stay here, even for only three days, made me realize that this place wasn't gloomy at all. Every thing looks like we are studying in a mansion and without me in a scene everyone was nicer. Everyone looks like normal people and acts like one.

"Come on." She ushered me to one of the stone benches found at the side of the garden. It was underneath a stone arch which is overgrown with vines but I was still hesitant.

Why is she like this?

Even so, my foot stepped forward hiding the way that I looked at her. Cautious and distrustful.

She's one of them, I reminded myself.

I still don't know what kind but she is one of them. They are not suppose to treat me right as stated by Principal Nioz whoI haven't seen since my first day here.

"Is this poison?" I bluntly, for the first time with monsters other than that witch Hana, asked.

"Taught you'd never asked!" She squealed which is surprising because if she did plan to poison me, she would've made a more sinister tone.

It's not like the whole secret garden that no monster visit doesn't reek murder already.

"It's not, by the way." She stated with a pointed look. "But it's nice that you suspect me."

I raised my eyebrow at her. "Are you being sarcastic?"

"No, not at all." Moira shook her head then tapped an empty space beside her telling me to sit. I sat beside her, my wariness starting to fade.

She looked at the view of the garden. "You know, it's normal to act that way towards someone like me. I don't expect you to be friendly or anything but I just wanna say that I'm not gonna harm you."

I shrugged her explanation and sat beside her saying, "Okay.

I began to dig into my food. I even moaned as the first taste of deliciousness touched my mouth. The food was chicken fillet filled with thick creamy sauce. I was happy to see some rice accompanied with the meal. I thought I was going to eat it as it is.

"You're not gonna ask anything else?" Moira asked after letting me take three spoonful of food.

"Like what?" I asked not caring if food is still inside my mouth.

I'm down to my last two bites so I can managed to make conversation now.
Besides, I'm sure she's not fond of silence and I am very silent when I eat. That way I finish fast. Faster than anyone. I've always been a fast-eater ever since I was a kid.

I stuffed food in my mouth even if I haven't swallowed the first food I put in my mouth.

"Like, I don't know? Anything that you're curious about the Academy." She hummed.

I finished my food and drank the water in the paper bag. I put all my trash in the brown bag before looking at Moira.

"I'm not curious about anything." I answered. I'm gonna leave anyways. So, attaching myself to the academy is a waste of time. I still need to know how I can transfer my curse to someone else in school so I can get disqualified already.

"No?" Moira raised her eyebrows. "Everyone's curious about something!" She exasperated. "You're weird, Tala."

I chuckled, "I like the compliment."

She joined me, "nice to know that you took that in a positive way."

We went silent for a second. Which was awkward. I kinda forgot that sometimes silence can be awkward. I've always loved hearing silence but I'm not used to it now that I'm hanging out with Moira.

"Well, if you're not gonna ask questions. I should just tell you random information." Moira said breaking the silence. "You already know my name. But, you don't know which type of myth I am, right? I am a vampire. " I looked at her appearance. So, that explains why she's pale.

"Also, added info. Call us myths not monsters. Humans do love calling us that but really, we haven't yet earned the name monsters. Until we do, we're just myths." I just nodded.

Are all vampires blood-suckers? I should ask that and I did.

"Uh, no. Not everyone of them. In fact, there's two types of vampires due to evolution. The active vampire that have painful bites. Their the ones who can even turn humans into vampires. You can spot those type of vampires if you can see any prominent red features in them. Red-head, red eyes, blood-like color of lips."

"But you're not one of them, are you?" I asked once she finished explaining.

I can't spot any red in her features. She's pale with black hair. Her eyes are brown and turning gold when the sun shines, plus her lips are a normal shade of pink.

"Yup!" She nodded. "I'm one of the other type of vampire. We're called the passive vampires or the oldest type of vampires. Our bites aren't painful. It feels like nothing at all. But we're swift. When we move, all they feel is breeze so we are perfect for quests that requires stealth. Anyways, you'd know someone is a passive vampire if you see black features in their appearance. Black eyes, hair. The rare ones even have black lips."

"Cool!" I commented.

I didn't know there are different ones. I like the passive vampires. I felt like the active ones are mean bitches but I refrain from wording it. I'm being prejudice but I can't help but feel like that. I grew up thinking that monsters are mean bitches who doesn't have a heart.

Especially, vampires who sucks the blood of people.

"But, do you suck people's blood dry?" I couldn't stop my mouth in time and asked the question.

Moira chuckled. "Yeah. Dracula isn't the best role model for us vampires. He's obsessed in keeping himself 'healthy'. Too healthy, if you ask me." She informed. "And also contrary to popular belief, we don't suck people's blood dry. We only drink about 20% of their blood and it'll last us at least two months. Humans can produce more of their blood anyways. We need the nutrients in a humans' blood to sustain what we can't create ourselves."

"Oh!" I nodded my head, excited of the new knowledge. "Just like when herbivores eats plants for energy because they can't undergo photosynthesis!"

"Yeah! Nice analogy! I like it!" She agreed. "You're pretty cool, Tala. I thought you'd freak out."

I stopped the moment I realized she was right. Am I beginning to see this as normal? No way! She explained her side so I'm enlightened. Only a jerk wouldn't understand a logical explanation and refuse reason. It's not her body's fault that she can't produce certain nutrients. She only wants to survive like everybody else.

We ended up having a whole conversation for the rest of lunch time. I almost got her late for her afternoon class.

"Nah, it's fine." Moira reassured me.

"You look like someone who cares for her grades. Aren't you a bit worried?" I asked her.

"I could ask the same to you." She grinned.

I shrugged, explaining. "I'm excused for the whole day."

"Oh!" She nodded understanding. "Well, I'm kinda in the student council so I can excuse myself a bit."

I teased, "how corrupt."

Moira chuckled. "Well, this is were our meeting ends. See ya later!"

"Yeah," I laughed with her, "see you".

You've made a friend.

I got startled when I heard a voice in my head but I ignored it. It's not rare for me to talk to myself so I let it go.

Besides, I was more occupied with the thought the voice made.

I looked at the retreating figure of Moira.

A friend.

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