In Love With My Best Friend


12.22k words

13 chapters



Table of Contents


Note: This book will no longer be available on Sofanovel. If you'd like to read this further, please message me for the link. Thank you so much for giving this book a chance. Much love, A. MaNan

Punit and Ankita have been the best of friends since school days. And when it came to their personalities, they were the weirdest.

Ankita Agarwal aka "patakha" (as she was known by all) was exactly it: Dangerous. Her tastes and choices were more masculine. For instance, when it came to colors, she preferred anything dark and solid. She hated unnecessarily fussing and was quick to dress up, loved anything big and muscular such as heavy bikes, giant dogs, and strong cars. She was quick to anger and took no shit from anyone.

Punit Soni, on the other hand, was a "Gentle Giant", thanks to his personality that had no match to his size. He was slow to anger, was immensely patient and understanding. He was a softie, unlike Ankita who was rough, brash, and often spoke without mincing words.

When it came to his choices a

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