Chapter 6


Let me get this right.

So we went to the bottom of the Sibuyan sea to look for something that could be our museum next attraction but instead we manage to find a girl who has the appetite of a monster that looks like she hasn't been eating forever.

"What's your name?" Keres has been trying to know her name for quite some time but somehow she always said the word, Musashi.

"Musashi," she said with her mouth full and that her 10th rice bowl.

Keres sigh heavily before she took a baton and was about to hit the girl when I forbid her.

"Umm ... maybe that her real name? You found her at the very bottom of the ocean, correct? Maybe that what we humans call as the guardian," Miss Waters explained.

A guardian doesn't need this much food!

"Yes. I'm actually a guardian," she was spitting food while she was talking. Apparently, this guardian doesn't have any manner whatsoever. I wipe the bits and pieces of her food that hit my face with a wet tissue.

This is disgusting.

"Why didn't you just find something else to protect after the Musashi was sunken?" I asked as I take a seat further from this so-called guardian. I don't want to be bombarded by food from her mouth again.

"I can't," she finally done? She went to wash her hands and mouth before walking back to us.

"For 74 years I've waited for someone to release me from my bind but the humans who came and found it only bring their robots to take pictures and investigating the wreckage," she then looks at me with a smile.

"It was you who release me and for that, I would like to be your servant. I will protect you as I did with the ship," I raised an eyebrow.

"But the ship you suppose to protect didn't survive in the end. How am I suppose to feel safe when I know the very reason you're here right now?" Musashi seems to be having an argument with herself until she smiles.

"You're right, I shouldn't be alive. Excuse me," she took a knife and was about to stab herself to death when Keres grabbed her wrist.

"Do you know how hard it to clean blood off of a carpet? It'll take me weeks! If you wish to do Seppuku, do it somewhere else!" Keres release her wrist.

I pinch the bridge of my nose before summoning for Musashi and stop her from killing herself.

"Fine... you'll have the honour to serve me but... you'll be working under Hotep. You'll be meeting her when we're back to the state," Musashi smile at me before showing me her bleeding finger.

"What?" She explained to me that this is how she formed a contract with the person or thing she had to protect.

"Alright ..." I how her my palm where she places her blood on. A mark suddenly appears on my palm.

"I am officially yours to use," she seems too excited for this. Hold on, what did I just get myself into again?

"Don't get me wrong because this is awesome but we don't have what we planned to get. This trip is a bust," Evangeline is right. We're here to find an artefact but instead, I get myself a new servant.

"What about this samurai sword that belongs to Naval Marshal General Isoroku Yamamoto?" And just like that Musashi was holding a beautiful samurai sword. Where did she hit that sword all this time?

"How did you ..."

"He was brought back to Japan abroad me when he died. I am honour to be of service for him," Musashi seems sad for some reason. He is her commander-in-chief after all.

"A samurai sword that belongs to the naval Marshal that abroad the Musashi?! This is front page material!" Miss Waters took the sword and admire the beauty.

"But doesn't it belongs to the government or the Japanese? What if they sue us?" Evangeline voiced her concerns.

"I'm sure Hotep can think of something. She's a PR genius when it comes to things that don't belong to us," Miss Kingston making her point.

"For now let's keep the sword safe from those who wish to have it. I don't think we'll be able to keep it to ourselves since we have company," I pointed to the direction of the incoming ships.

It doesn't look like it belongs to the coast guard at all. It looks more like it owned by someone who has the green to burn. When it was close enough for us to see who does it belongs to, I was surprised.

"Hello again, Lady Imperia," it was Jericho. The winged creature we met in the middle of the highway a few days ago.

"It seems like my lady wishes to see you as soon as possible so here we are," Jericho now as a woman with a silver hair appears behind him. She's a vampire, that's for sure. Her aura just gives away that vibe and this must be the leader of the vampire clan here in Asia.

"Welcome to the Philippines. You and that woman with huge knocker obviously not humans like the rest of you. I am curious about you though, the one with the raven hair," I stood in front of Musashi when this silver shoe vampire looks down on her with such intensity.

"What do you want from me?" I asked. She was shaking her head.

"I'm the one who supposed to ask you that question, trespasser. I am sure you aware of the treaty we had agreed on. If you're not in my clan, you can't simply waltz into someone territory without my consent. You're trespassing my territory, Imperia," treaty? Territory? Trespassing?!

"It seems like you're not from the alliance," I slowly shake my head no.

"I thought this world belongs to the humans," I replied.

"It's not. It belongs to those who hold much more than the humans. You, on the other hand, you don't have any clan, huh?" Does the vampire brides consider as a clan?

"Why don't we all have a nice long chat back at the shore. I can tell you a story about how the vampires joining hands to keep each other safe from ... our mortal enemy. Besides, I am hosting a party. It'll be perfect to let the others know about you," did she just invited me to a soirée?


-Diamond Hotel, Manila-

"Lady Anastasia, welcome home," I raised an eyebrow.

"It's good to be home. I am here with my friends, so only the best. I am sure you'll be capable of doing so, right?" The manager of this hotel nods his head.

"Of course! Only the best for Lady Anastasia," he replied.

"I would like to have some drinks first. Do I need to make a reservation?" The manager shakes his head no.

"There is no need for that. For your Lady Anastasia, you could just walk right in," he then guide us towards the hotel's cafe and lead us to our table. We ordered, all about the beautiful city before we indulge ourselves with the matter at hands.

"How was it possible for you to not be in the alliance? I thought everyone was invited, the leader does the clan I mean," if I told her I spent thousand years of my life in a casket, will she believe me?

"Perhaps I just didn't get the memo," we chuckled. I was embarrassed when Musashi decided to be herself and shove every food she has her eyes on into her mouth.

"That's a rather ... interesting servant you have, Lady Imperia. Say, I am curious about something," curious?

"I can't help but sense an abnormal power surging from you. Are you by chance ... a pureblood?" I raised an eyebrow. She's catching on quick huh.

"I am a pureblood, so does my lover, Keres," her expression changes.

"Is that so? That explained how you're not affected by the sun like I am..." but she wore a swimsuit when she first came out to the sun! But I did say she was holding a parasol to keep herself away from direct sunlight.

"I wonder about your servant the same thing. How did he even manage to keep himself from turn into ash?" Anastasia turns to Jericho with a smile.

"The alliance has come up with a temporary drug to keep our kind of being turn into ask. Why not make use of the technology to be more innovative?" Anastasia smile. I am curious about this alliance.

"About this alliance, exactly how many are you? Is this a group just for the elites? I don't understand one bit of this," Anastasia seems reluctant but she knows sooner or later I am bound to know.

"The name 'alliance' just something we come up with but in the real world, we never even make use of the name. We're all too greedy to be allies," she started. This is interesting.

"The Alliance consist of 7 of us and our supreme leader would be Gotard, the one who has everyone right under his fingertips," I raised an eyebrow.

"Including you?" She nod.

"Gotard is not even a pureblood vampire, to begin with, but he does have the most powerful human man under his control," hmmm ... that's interesting.

"Will he be in this party you're hosting?" Anastasia gave me a little nod. Together with his most trusted advisor. Not just him, every clan leader will be there as well. I'll introduce you to them tonight," she smiles. Hold on, why?

"I am just a stranger you found trespassing your territory. Why would you introduced me to the vampire who runs this world?" I asked, curious about what she has in mind.

"Because you're a pureblood vampire. In other words, you're probably stronger than Gotard himself. You see, the vampires whose in the Alliance, they all follow Gotard's wishes because they thought he's the strongest but I know he's not. You can beat him in his own game," and why would I even do that?

On the second thought, that's not a bad idea at all. How did this trip become a tool for me to use to expand my power? This is such a coincidence or is it?

"Well, what do you say? Best Gotard and be the next leader of the Alliance?" I don't even know her motives.

"What do you gain from this? You only know I am a pureblood, that's it. You don't even know who I truly am," Anastasia gave me a gentle shrug.

"I don't have to know anyone's background when she's the legit pureblood. Isn't that how the world works? We follow those who have the aura to be a leader and you, stranger, you have that particular aura. The power surging from you, the way you bring yourself, that's a royalty," I have to admire her keen eyes.

"Well Keres, what shall we do? We actually came across something that's hard for us to bargain, should we even accept this offer to control the world?" Keres shrugged her shoulder.

"Why stop at Gotus when you can have the world? But first, we should meet this Gotus person. I am curious about him," I turn to the humans.

"Seems like you all can enjoy the night here in the Philippines. Where do you suggest these humans go, Anastasia?" The vampire hummed.

"Well, I can always ask my humans to show her around. If that's okay? Trust me, the Philippines is a gorgeous country. You'll have fun learning about the culture, that I promise," the vampire gave them a gentle smile.

"I'm sure we all agreed to visit the museum. We should love to learn more about their history," Miss Kingston said and they all agreed to do so.

"I don't think any museum would be open at night though," Miss Waters voiced out.

"Oh, I can make an exception. Don't forget, I controlled this country ... I controlled Asia ..." that is interesting. To have that much power, I yearned for that.


Since we didn't exactly for duck occasion, Anastasia was kind enough to lend us some of her clothes for us to use. Keres was having fun with what Anastasia provided is with but not me. Somehow I think this vampire has something planned as soon as she lands her eyes on me.

"I'm curious about this Gotard person. How can someone who's not a pureblood be the supreme leader of this huge group? Do you think Baracus is behind all this?" I actually laughed at her question.

"Listen to your own question for a second. You really think Baracus is capable to even think of this complex political world? I doubt he can, Keres," soon Keres joined me with a laugh as well.

"It's been a while since we're attending any soirée huh? Do you think we have some time to grace them all without dancing like we use to?" Maybe we can spare some time to show how the real royalty has some fun.

"Well, there always some time to dance. Hotep will kill us since we didn't really do what we're supposed to do here," I can almost imagine how jealous she is.

Soon we were told that we have to be at the soiree with the host. It's funny how I don't think a bit nervous to meet this Gotard and the rest of the clan leader. Will they know right away who I am?

That I'm curious.

"Well, it's about time that you two show up!" We followed the vampire into a secluded part of the hotel and was surprised to even came across a hidden ballroom. This must be where the vampires gather to avoid meeting the humans.

As soon as the door towards the ballrooms opens, I can sense the tension building up as they saw us walking in with Anastasia.

"An unknown guests? That's odd even for you, Anastasia," a raven-haired woman with the darkest orbs I've ever seen first greeted Anastasia before smiling at us. She's beautiful, that's for sure.

"Amy, this is Lady Imperia Luna and her partner, Mistress Keres. Lady Imperia, Mistress Keres, this is Amy, the clan leader of the Middle East," we smile at each other.

"Luna? I never know any clan by that name before and I know everything," obviously she doesn't know about Gotus. Well, I don't expect everyone does since they all look too young to be living as long as I am.

Anastasia proceeds to introduce both of us to her guest. Let me recall some of their names. Elizabeth, the leader of the European vampires, Anthony who possessed the most charming smile, he is the leader of the vampires who reside in Africa.

Sebastian, now he's going to be someone who I will probably never forget. He did kiss Keres on the lips right in front of me. He's the leader of the south, north and Central America. Zachary, he's the quiet one who leads the vampires that live in the Pacific.

Last but not least, the supreme leader of the vampire clans, Gotard. Compare to the others, he looks a lot older than the rest. A vampire who seems to be glutinous, he's a disgusting vampire. As soon as his eyes landed on me, I can feel his intensity to devour me.

"My my ... Anastasia, what a treat!" Huh?

"Oh no no no ... he's not for you to have for the night. I'm actually introducing you, the pureblood vampire," the guests gasped. They probably never thought that they get to meet someone who claims themselves to be a pureblood.

The guests laughed at their host for such atrocity.

"Anastasia, darling, we all know how far-fetched that sounded like. Please, no more jokes like that. We all know the purebloods were extinct after we killed the last of their kind," they killed the last known remaining pureblood? Why?

"Gotard, I don't think the pureblood we had killed every match this person who stood beside me. You should see how easy it was for her to even dive into the bottom of the seabed. Trust me, she's the real thing," Gotard took a step forward with his eyes looks at me from top to bottom.

I don't appreciate this kind of treatment at all. I hummed to give Keres the signal.

"Step away from the queen," Gotard raised an eyebrow.

"The queen? This got to be some sick joke! Anastasia! We will have a long talk about this!" He's about to touch me when Keres grabbed his wrist.

"No one touches the queen without her consent. Have you no matters, dog?" Keres pushes the so-called supreme leader easily. If he is that strong like he claimed, he could easily stand his ground. Keres didn't even use his full strength to push him away.

"What are you? If you don't even have the strength to withstand Keres weak attack, you shouldn't even be leading such a refine vampires I've ever seen. Even Anastasia has some guts in her, " I tilted my head as I observe his body language.

"Once again, what are you? Are you even a vampire? You do seem to have the features of one but I don't think you are one. We're you turned by a low breed? Or you just simply were turned by an artificial vampire?" Gotard was taken aback by my claim.

So I was right after all? He was turned by an artificial one?

"Artificial one? So like that little girl Hotep working on thousands of years ago? Someone must've stolen her idea, somehow," Keres was cracking her knuckles when I touched her shoulder.

"What is this? Anastasia? You're letting this fake mocking me?! How dare you! Don't you respect your leader?!" He thundered.

Anastasia still recognised her superior. Even for an artificial one, they do possess the same feature as a pureblood. This is exactly how Hotep designed them.

How was it possible for her creation to be created since she was buried alive like both of us do? Who stole her idea? Who even dare to steal anything from her?

This I need to know.

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