Chapter 8


"I want the files from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Thank you." I said over the phone that connected to Ellie's.

"Sure. Ummmm. You have visitors."

I sighed. "If it's Yuri, throw him out."

"No. It's the sugar mommies."

That was new. Why were they here? "Let them in." It’d been months since I last spoke to them. I wondered what they wanted.

A knock on my door startled me.

"Come in." I said, and the door opened slowly.

Two intimidating blonde women came through my door looking not so happy about something. They always had this strong enraged aura coming out from their body. "Hey Charlie." They said in unison.

"Hey Kimberly... Nicole. What's up?"

Kimberly slammed her hands on my table.

"Jesus! What's wrong!" I was not a very patient person.

"Our sugar baby ran away while we were in Paris for her birthday!" Nicole said and cried.

Well, that was what they get for having a nineteen-year-old. "And you're here for…..

Kimberly smiled. "We want a new one. From one of your girls."

I laughed. "Oh! Sure! Which one?"

They both smirked.

Wow. They could change their attitude just like that!

"Well, we’ve had our eyes on Alice for years."

I raised my eyebrows at them and chuckled. Of course, they did. “Come to the club tonight, and I'll introduce you."

They smirked.

"Thank you Charlie."

"Anything for you girls."

They both stood and smiled.

"Meet you tonight, Charlie."

I nodded and watched them walk out of my room. "Ellie. Come in please."

Moments later, Ellie came in with the files I wanted.

"Tell the girls we're coming tonight. I want to introduce Sophia to them."

Ellie raised her eyebrows.

"No secrets between us. Now go."

Ellie laughed and walked out.

I called Sophia to let her know I was taking her out tonight. Thank God she said yes.

My office phone rang again.

"Charlie Avilia...What?!I'll be right there." I hung up. The nerve of that boy. I stood, grabbed my phone and walked out of my office. "Ellie. Follow me."

"What's up?" She asked me when we entered the elevator.

”I’ll introduce you to Sophia's ex. He's in the lobby making trouble."


I nodded.

When the elevator door opened, a yell greeted me. Obviously, it was that boy.

Everyone in the lobby made way for me and Ellie.

"Hey short stuff."

Brian turned his head to me. "I am not short! You're just freakishly taller than me! Bitch!"

I was the bitch now? "Sure shorty. What are you doing in my building?"

He scoffed. "I don't see your name here!"

Could he be more stupid than this? "Look behind you, idiot."

He turned and faced me again.

"Obviously, it is." I smiled. "What are you doing here?"

He smirked. "I'm here to see you."


"I need 1 million."

I scoffed. "And you expect me to just give it to you?"

He smirked and walked towards me. "Oh, you will. Because I'm planning to kidnap my own kid and sell her organs for my own gain."

This bastard! "You’re willing to kidnap your own kid? Your flesh and blood?" I looked at him with rage.

"She's nothing to me. Plus if you don't give me my money by Friday, I'll rape Sophia till she screams so loud she dies from exhaustion." Again, he smirked.

I couldn’t let that happen. "Ellie, my check book. Now."

He gave me a winning smile.

He thought he could control me? Over my dead body. "Here." I wrote him a check for 1 million dollars and threw the check at him.

He picked it up like a lowlife. "Thank you. You do love her, huh?


I knew that voice. I turned to see Sophia.

"Brian, what are you doing here?!"

He waved the check at her. "Turns out your fiancée loves you so much. Bye bitches."

Sophia walked towards me. "What is he doing here? And why did you give him a check?"

I didn't say anything. I just wanted to kill him right now. How dare he come to my building and humiliated me like that! Charlie Avilia was not someone to toy with. He would feel pain more than ever...



I flinched when Charlie's piercing voice boomed through the huge lobby.

"We're sorry, Miss."

"Sorry doesn't make me happy! He's forbidden to enter! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE!"

The guys quickly scrammed away.

Charlie turned and was surprised to see me. "You just saw that, huh?"

I slowly nodded.

"I'm sorry. I have an uncontrollable temper."

"It's ok. Are you ok?"

She nodded. "But I do need that massage like you did the other day."

I hid my smile. "Sure Charlie."

She grabbed my hand and led me to the private elevator. "Ellie, if there are any calls, just handle them for me."

"Sure thing boss."

Charlie led me to her office and closed it.

Even though I’d been here, it never failed to make me in awe. It was truly an amazing office. Not Every day you get to see crystal windows, gold coated walls and diamond glass doors. This whole floor must cost a fortune!

Charlie went to sit in her chair. "Come here."

I walked towards her and put my hands on her shoulders.

"That's it... Hmmmm."

While I massaged her, I looked around her messy table. "You're busy today?"

She nodded. "It's Monday. Monday is always the day the files come in, and I have to check them thoroughly.

I wanted to ask her about Brian. What did he want? "Ummm. Charlie..."

Charlie hummed her response.

"What does Brian want?"

"He wanted money."

Money? "He asked from you?" Again

she hummed.

"How much?"

"1 million dollars."

I accidentally squeezed her shoulder hard, and she yelped.

"OUCH! Be gentle."

"WHAT?! That much?! I can't pay you back. It's too much."

Charlie chuckled. "It's okay, Sophia. That kind of amount I can find under my couch."

Seriously?! "Still..."

She hushed me. "Listen. He threatened me that he would kidnap Sabrina and do stuff to you. I don't want that. I won’t allow that. And I surely won't let anything happen to you and Sabrina. Is that clear?"

I answered with a low yes.

"Besides. The profit I gathered just today is more than that that 1 mill I gave him. So relax."

"I will."

"Good. Now. Sit on my lap."

Was she serious? "What? Why?"

She looked at me through the mirror In front of us. "Just sit. I'm the boss."

Now, she was using the ‘I’m the boss. You're the worker.’ thing?! I rolled my eyes.

She chuckled.

I turned her chair, and I sat on her lap.

"Good." She turned the chair to face the table. "Now. There's a file on my table that says real estate. Please open that file."

Indeed, there was. "Open.

"Good. Now, I want you to sign those papers." She handed me a fountain pen.

"What? Why?"

I could feel her hands move to my stomach and press me towards her body. "I just want to make sure you and your family are safe. Besides. It's right next to me. I can visit Every day."

What?! I read the papers, and my eyes widened. She bought me a house?! "Why are you doing this? I'm not some beggar. I don't need this." I was about to stand, but she kept her hands firm on my body.

She moved my hair to the side, and I could feel her hot breath on my ear. "I like you, Sophia. And I want to get to know you more. This is the first step for me to be with you. I need to make sure. Your safety is my priority. Please Sophia. I never fell in love since my first real love left me after one night of being with me. I don't want that thing to happen again. And I'm sure you're my other half."

What she said actually made me feel... Appreciated. No one ever was this sweet like she was. Not even Brian. And he was my Husband. "If you like me, you would ask me what I want and not just think I would follow whatever you say, Charlie. Relationships are not a one sided thing. It's like a partnership, and you need to ask me before making decisions.

"I am asking. Right now."

"This is not the way, Charlie. I won't sign these papers. I'm not a gold digger. I, too, want to get to know you if you're serious about us. We’ve known each other for only a week."

"But we bonded."

I chuckled. "I can't even remember that night."

Charlie laughed. "True. Let's start from the beginning. My name is Charlie. You?"

How cliche was this? "I'm Sophia. Nice to meet you."

"Hi Sophia. I like you."

I hit Charlie's shoulder playfully. "You don't say that the first time meeting each other."

"I just did. Anyway. I'll pick you up at eight. Since we're getting to know each other. I want to show you what I do at night."

I furrowed my eyebrows. "What do you do at night?"

"Let's see tonight. Can we just be in this position for like another hour. Your scent making me calm. It's like all my stress go away."


She tightened the grip on my body and rested her head on my back. It felt surprisingly good. I felt protected when she wrapped her arms around me. I felt…….. Appreciated...



Sophia gawked at the site of this enormous complex. Was this a strip club?! It looked bigger than the usual club. "Is this where you will show me your true colours and force me to work for you?" She asked a very amused Charlie.

"Umm... No. If I did, you’d be my private and only girl. Let's go."

Sophia smiled and grabbed Charlie’s arm and hugged it tightly. This was her first time in a club like this. Hell, it was the first time she’d ever been into a club.

Hard style EDM music played loudly inside the club as they walked in. Everybody knew Charlie. Most of her regular customers came from a very influential family. Mostly women.

Sophia was witnessing women dancing apparently humping a pole, and cages were everywhere. The strobe lights were having an effect on her vision because she thought she was looking at a very... Weird club. Maybe this was a strip club. Half naked women were everywhere. Some wore just panties. Some wore just lingerie. Some did not even care to wear anything but a very thin string. "Wow. This is something I don't see every day."

Charlie laughed. "Well. It's a routine for me. Let's meet everyone." She led Sophia to a bar, and she smiled at the person behind the counter.

The woman looked up, and her eyes lit up. "MISS CHARLIE!"

Charlie smiled. "Can you tell everyone that I'm here and to meet in the meeting room?

"Sure boss."

Charlie grabbed Sophia's hand and kissed it. "I'll introduce you to my girls. You can be the second miss in charge."

Sophia didn’t know what to say. For a single Mother to go into clubs like these was weird. "How did you start all this?"

Charlie smiled. "I saw a woman got beaten by her bouncer when I visited a strip club in Vegas. I bought her and started all this. I thought she would be handling this, but then, she died. ODed on heroin. I'm guessing life was stressful. So after she died, I took over, and here we are."

Sophia nodded.

Charlie opened a door that led to a very large room. "This is where the meetings happen. Or for me, where the... Ummm... Sexual activities happen..."

Sophia raised her eyebrows. "That happens a lot in here?"

Charlie smiled sheepishly. "Before I met you yes. After I met you, the only sexual activity I did was with myself and... You." Sophia noticed how blushed Charlie is.

"You had sex with all of these…. Girls?"

Charlie noticed Sophia was not happy at all. "Honestly. Yes. But not under eighteen Years old. That's pedophilia.

Sophia pulled out a chair and sat.

"Are you mad?"

Sophia shook her head. "Well. If you’re serious about us, you need to stop with the flings. Be loyal to me and only me." She said sternly.

Charlie knelt and looked into Sophia’s eyes. “I will. I promise." She took Sophia’s hands and kissed them. "I'm sorry."

Sophia’s laugh filled the room. "Charlie, I'm kidding. But I'm serious about being loyal. Okay?"

Charlie smiled and nodded.

The doors opened, and several girls entered.

A series of 'awwws’ came out from their luscious mouthes.

”Hey boss. This is serious, huh? No sharing"

Charlie stood behind Sophia. ”No. No sharing. She's mine and mine alone."

They all laughed.

"Good for you, boss."

Charlie smiled and let the girls sit.

Later, another group of girls entered. They all looked in Sophia's direction and wondered who she was.

Sophia felt all eyes on her. With Charlie behind her, it did not make anything easier.

"Settle down..."

The girls focused on their boss.

"Everyone must be wondering why we're all here suddenly, right?"

A series of low yes followed.

"I would like to introduce to all of you this lady. Sophia Clarke."

They all waved and smiled.

"She may be your second Miss/Boss. Well if she says yes when I ask her to be Mrs. Avilia."

The girls chuckled.

The comment made Sophia blush hard.

"So she's going to command us like you did?"

Charlie looked at Sophia. "Well maybe. If she's a person who likes to be the boss."

They all laughed.

Sophia smiled and pinched hard on Charlie's hands.

"Ouch! Sorry."

Sophia smiled.

"That proves it." One of the girls said.

Again, they all laughed including Sophia herself.

Charlie looked around. ”Alice..."

A low yes from Alice. She didn’t know what she did. Did she do something wrong?!

"Two women will meet you today. They want to make you their sugar baby. Are you okay with that?"

Alice smiled and nodded. "If you recommend them, I'm positive they’re both good people."

Charlie nodded.

Sophia looked up and nudged Charlie's stomach. "What's a sugar baby?"

Charlie leaned in to her ear. "Umm... It's when a rich couple or person takes care of a younger girl like Alice over there. By care, I mean give them money, pleasure and everything they want. But the sugar baby needs to follow their rules."

Sophia nodded. "And you're okay with this?"

Before Charlie could answer, Alice did. "Well. Some of us came from a very poor family, and we need that money. So the sex is just a bonus."

The girls laughed.

"Yes miss. It's amazing to be a sugar baby. We get to travel and be loved unconditionally."

Sophia smiled.

"Any other questions?” Charlie asked.

A blonde girl with cat ears raised her hand. "It's not a question. But a complaint. That guy with the black cape is here again. And he asked me to strip for him, and he would use whips. I said, ‘no bastard,’ but he forced me to do it. So here..." The blonde turned and showed all of the lashes she received.

"Wait. When did this happen?" Charlie asked. Anger was visible.

"Last night."

"Anybody know who this guy is?!"

A series of no from the girls.

"I'll handle this. Do you think he will come back again?"

The blonde nodded. "He's here Every day. I think he has a pain fetish."

Charlie nodded and whispered to Sophia. "Stay here. I'll ask Faun and Cam to stayed here with you." She kissed Sophia's cheek and asked the blonde girl to tell her who that guy was.

The girls walked out except for Faun and Cam.

Sophia studied them. They looked so young to be a stripper. "Hi." She try to be friendly.

Faun smiled. "Hello."

Cam stared at her. "Sup."

Sophia could sense anger from them. "Did I do something wrong?"

They both shook their heads no.

"Its not your fault."

Sophia's motherly side emerged. "What's wrong? Maybe I could help."

They both gave Sophia a sad smile.

"I don't think you will understand us."

Sophia sat between them and caressed their head like a Mother always did when her kid was in trouble. "Try me. I'm a Mother. Maybe I can understand."

Faun's eyes lit up. "Well. The boss wants us to go to school again. But I don't know."

Cam added. "Yeah. We had bad experiences in junior high. We hate school."

Sophia understood their struggle. "Well, believe it or not, I was bullied in school as well."

The girls laughed.

"Oh please. You look so... Amazing. And beautiful. There's no way!"

Sophia chuckled. "I'm serious. I was a nerd. Everything was bad. Well until high school where I met my ex-Husband. But my freshmen and sophomore years had been brutal."

"Tell us." Faun said.

"Well, I was the smart kid. The nerd as you kids say nowadays. Popular kids hated me and tormented my life endlessly. Every day. The same routine over and over again until there was a time I gave up."

Faun and Cam gave all their attention to Sophia.

"But my older Sister gave me a pep talk one day. Maybe this could help you too."

"What did she say!" Cam asked her.

"Well. She said, ‘To hell with them. You're the smartest kid in that school, and they’re just jealous of your gifts.’ And she gave me pepper spray."

The girls chuckled.

"Pepper spray?! That's classic."

Sophia laughed. "I'm serious. She did. So when I was at school, and they started to bully me again, I just sprayed them with it. Of course, the school doesn’t allow pepper spray, and you need to be careful with it. But in time of need, that spray can save you."

The girls nodded.

"So now. Do you want to go to school? It will make Charlie very happy if you do."

Their eyes lit up at the thought of making Charlie happy.

" I think we will."

And they smiled.

Sophia felt proud of herself for telling them her experience.

Meanwhile for Charlie, she was waiting for this so-called guy to come and watch him. He was hurting her girls far too much! She hated to see women in pain. It reminded her of bad memories. It reminded her of something she shouldn't have even witnessed in the first place. It reminded her of her deceased aunt who was brutally abused by her Husband.

"That's him."

Charlie looked in the direction Marley pointed and clenched her fist. This was the bastard who abused her girls. Now, he was trying to lure Amanda to go with him.

Charlie and two of her security guards walked towards him and greeted him. "Hey sir." Charlie said faking a smile.

The old guy with a black cape turned and smirked. "So now the girls show herself to me without me asking? This is so... Pleasurable.

Charlie noticed his crotch area showed a bulging line. This guy was sick! "Come with me, sir."

The guy smiled and nodded. He tried to touch Charlie's rear but was stopped by the guard.

"Oh sir. That's so feisty of you. You need to wait until we're in a room."

Charlie turned to walk forward. "Torture room." She nodded her head to the person in charge of music to put the volume a little louder so no one could hear anything. She opened the door and let the old man study the room.

The guy looked around and screamed in joy. "This is where I'll get to punish you?!" He said and started to unzip his pants. "Maybe Mr. Big can have a taste as well!" He shrieked in joy.

Charlie watched and smiled. "Oh sir you have a very... Small package.."

The Guards chuckled.

The guy turned to face her. "You wouldn't say that after I'm in you."

Charlie turned and pulled out a gun. "Oh sir. You won't be alive for that. After what you did to Marley. I don't think I can forgive you." She was about to pull the trigger when the guard stopped her.

"Miss. Let me do it. We don't want any residue on your perfectly tailored suit."

Charlie handed them the gun.

The guys turned and smirked.

"You’re aware that all of us working here are gay, right? And yes sir, he's my boyfriend." He smirked and shot the old mans head.

"This is so messy. Clean it up." Charlie said and walked out. She went to the room where she left Sophia and went home. It’d been a crazy day for both of them. But for Charlie, it was just getting started...


I couldn’t believe I had a daughter. She was so beautiful. However, she had a set of lungs on her. I knew I had everything I needed to take care of her, but I had no idea what I was doing. I was so unprepared for all of this, but I was determined to be a good father/Mother.

Every time she cried, I checked her diaper. When that didn’t work I fed her. The problem was I swore she vomited more than I fed her. Then she screamed. I had tried the pacifier and rocking her. I even put her in the car to drive her around to see if that helped. "I give up. I need a mothers help." I picked up my phone and dialled.


"Sophia, I know I probably shouldn't ask this. But Sam has been crying for hours, and nothing I do is working. Can you please help me?"

Sophia could hardly hear me over Samantha. "Sure. I can come right over."

I breathe a sigh of relief. "I will send a car right now." I cradled the baby and rocked back and forth trying but failing at soothing her. "Its ok little one. Help is on the way for both of us."

After twenty minutes, Sophia walked in.

"Thank God you are here."

Sophia unwrapped the baby and laid her in her lap and observed her.

"What are you looking for?" I asked.

"From her cries, she is uncomfortable in some way. If she is drawing up her legs, then it’s most likely gas hurting her stomach. But judging by what you have told me, she is probably allergic to the formula we picked up for her. Babies spit up a lot, but they shouldn't be throwing up as much as she is. If you don't mind, I will try breastfeeding her and see if that helps.

I held up my hands. "Please do. I am willing to try anything to help her."

Sophia lifted her shirt and unlatched her nursing bra to expose her breasts. She turned the baby to her breasts, and the baby latched on and started sucking as if she was starving.

"I swear I just fed her an hour ago, why is she so hungry?"

Sophia smiled at her. "She has been spitting up so much that she is hungry again. It’s perfectly normal."

As the baby nursed, I watched intently. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Watching Sophia give food from her own body for the baby was amazing. I was so fascinated by it that I didn't even realise the time that had gone by.

Sophia put the baby back on her legs and pulled out a small glass bottle.

"What is that?" I asked her.

She held up the bottle so I could read the label.

"Gas drops?"

"Yes. They work wonders on a baby's upset stomach." After putting a few drops on the inside of Samantha's cheek, Sophia put a burp rag on her shoulder and then lifted the baby to burp her.

"I cant believe she didn't vomit all over you when you burped her. What was I doing wrong."

Sophia put the baby to her other breast and finished feeding her. "You weren't doing anything wrong. My guess is her stomach cant take the formula. It isn't uncommon for a baby to have issues with formula and not breast milk."

I watched as Sam started to close her eyes and sleep. "You are so natural with her Sophia. I really don't know what I am doing."

Sophia put her hand on my leg. "I was a nervous wreck when I had Sabrina, and I had nine months to get ready for her. You weren't even given nine seconds to prepare. You have done an outstanding job so far, and things will only get better as you get to know each other. Give it time."

I took Sophia's hand in mine. "Thank you. That helps a lot. What am I going to do about her needing breast milk? I cant ask you to come over here ever few hours to feed her? She was awake every two hours to eat last night."

"Charlie, She wont need to eat as much if she starts to keep the food down. She will stay full for a longer period of time. I can pump milk for you if you want and feed her when I’m here to drop off the other milk. We can do it however works best for you. If you would prefer, you can get online and buy women's breast milk. Some women just like to donate to the baby who needs the milk. The women’s doctor should have lots of information on the women who are selling their breast milk and women who just want to donate. They will have lots of info about the women and all of her medical history that will show she has healthy milk for the baby."

All of this was too much for me. I didn't have any idea people could sell or donate breast milk. "I don't even have a doctor for the baby yet. This is all so much."

Sophia rubbed my shoulder. "Don't worry. I will help you, and until you figure it all out, I will be happy to feed the baby."

I stopped her. "I will pay you for your milk and time. Ok?"

Sophia shook her head. "No, I am donating. You have already helped me and my daughter so much. Let me help you and your daughter now."

I leaned in and kissed her. ”You are amazing. I hope you know it." I took the baby from her arms and carried her to her bed. I hope we could get some sleep tonight. "Sleep well, sweet girl." I kissed her head and walked out.

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