Chapter 3


"Who?" Andrea asked her little Sister.

"Who what?" Charlie asked her Sister back.

"The mystery woman you gave the tickets to."

Charlie smiled. "Someone. You will meet her tonight. I hope."

Andrea sighed. "Is this another fling?"

Charlie shook her head lightly. "I think she's the one." She smiled sheepishly at her Sister.

Andrea looked confused yet Glad. She was Glad her Sister finally had an interest to be with just one woman. "Do you know her age or name or anything?" She asked while putting on her lipstick.

Charlie fixed her coat. ”Her name is Sophia. She’s twenty four years old, and she’s a single mother working for Abby as her assistant."

Andrea smiled. "So basically you hired her?"

"Yup. I did. And I may or may not have hired a PI to investigate her history." Charlie smiled sheepishly.

"You do know there's a thing we all called 'getting to know each other'"

"yes but this is easier." Charlie looked at herself for the last time and smiled. "I'm ready." Charlie walked out of the bathroom.

"Are you serious with her, Charlie?" Andrea asked as Charlie walked out of the bathroom.

"I am. I'm serious. So please be nice if she's coming tonight."

Andrea looked at her Sister in disbelief. "Excuse me. It's my daughter’s play. I'm always nice."

Charlie walked towards the living room and looked around. "WHOS GOING TO FOLLOW ME WITH MY NEW SPORTS CAR?!" She shouted, and instantly, both her nieces running towards her.

"ME!" Marsha said.

"NO ME!" Misha interrupted her older Sister. "ITS MY SPECIAL DAY!" She said.

Charlie laughed at how her nieces tried to challenge each other. "You two can come with. Misha, you will sit on top of Marsha. Easy." She dangled her keys and walked outside to her car.

Marsha and Misha were about to enter the black sports car when their Mother dragged them both by the ear. "No way I’ll let you two with your aunt. She just had a shot of vodka."

"But Mom..." They both whined.

"No buts! What I say goes."

They obliged and sighed.

Charlie laughed at them and entered the car. "See yah at school!" She said and stepped on the accelerator pedal. The ride was amazing for her. Her Favourite song played, and she was happy. Happy because she might see Sophia without her business suit.

Charlie made her way to Misha's school and smiled as she watched excited kids running around. She had always loved kids. She dreamed to have one. But none of her partners she ever dated wanted kids. They just wanted to have fun. She always had the passion to have kids like Andreas little girls. They always were her joy whenever she felt down. Those kids were her clown.

Charlie got out of her car and sat on the hood and waited for her Sister to come.


Charlie looked up to see her ex-Girlfriend, Marie. "Hey Marie." She smiled at her.

"Why are you here?" Marie asked Charlie.

"For the play. You?"

Marie smiled. "Me too. My step Son is in the play."

Charlie raised her eyebrows. "Step Son?"

"Yes. I'm married."

"Nice. So you're here with him?"

Marie nodded.

Charlie couldn’t believe her ex was married. Marie was like the first person to hate the word marriage. Charlie knew because she did ask her to marry her. Marie declined.

"Are you alone?"

Charlie didn’t know what to say. Her eyes caught on Sophia's face. She waved her over. "No. I'm here with my fiancée."

Sophia smiled as she was beside Charlie.

Marie looked at Sophia and studied Charlie's choice.

"This is Sophia. My fiancée and her Daughter."

Sophia's face was confused and surprised. She didn’t know what to say. Her mouth opened and closed, but no words came out of it.

Charlie leaned in and whispered in her ear. "Just go with it." She smiled as she pulled away from Sophia's ear.

Sophia cleared her throat and smiled. "Hi. Nice to meet you."

Charlie reached to put Sophia's hair behind her ears and smiled. That small gesture made Sophia blush deep red.

"Well, I have to go. My Son needs me to be there. Congratulations Charlie. Don't forget me at your wedding."

Charlie smiled. "I won't." She kept her arms around Sophia's waist until Marie was out of sight. She breathed out a Long sigh. "Sorry." Was all She could say and released her arms.

Sophia instantly felt her waist get cold. She liked that gesture. It felt good and protective. "It's ok."

"Thank you for coming." Charlie smiled.

"It's free tickets. We both love free tickets."

Charlie looked at Sophia's Daughter. She knelt and smiled at the little girl. "Hi. I'm Charlie."

Sabrina hid behind her Mother. "I'm... Sa-bri-Na."

Charlie offered her hand. "Hello Sabrina."

Sabrina slowly offered her hand and lightly shook it.

"You can call me either Uncle or Aunty. I'm ok with both. But I prefer Charlie. I'm not that old."

That earned a chuckle from Sophia.

Charlie looked up and smiled sheepishly.

"Charlie? Stop scaring that little girl."

Charlie sighed when she heard her sister’s voice.

Andrea walked towards them.

Sophia admired how alike they looked. Same dark brown hair and same hazel eyes. They even had the same smile. But there was one thing that made them different. It was how they dressed. This older woman looked so much more sophisticated and more powerful. Then came Charlie who looked so... Carefree with her ripped jeans and band tees.

"I'm Andrea. Charlie's older and sane Sister." Andrea introduced herself.

"I'm Sophia. And this is Sabrina, my Daughter."

Andrea smiled at the little girl. "Sophia huh." She looked at Charlie.

Charlie glared at her Sister, but Andrea found it amusing.

"Stop glaring, or your eyes will pop out. Anyway, come."

Charlie smiled at Sophia and motioned her to walk first.

Sophia looked so out of place.

She walked between the city’s two richest families. And There she was looking so... Common.

Before she decided to go to the school play, Sophia did a little investigation of her own with the help of Google. She Googled every story about the Avilia Family. Charlie's wild parties, alcohol problem, anger problem and her interviews with famous talkshows. Apparently, she was a jewel in the social scene. She’d dated a lot of people, and they were all girls. She was openly lesbian. Every bit of information Sophia gathered made her cringe, and some even made her laugh. She also read about Charlie's charity activities where she helped a lot of people who were in need.

As they walked in the school auditorium, “Fur Elise” could be heard playing. Sophia heard Charlie scoff. She was not a classical enthusiast? Sophia thought all rich people had that little classical side to them.

"Mom!" A blonde hair teenager greeted Andrea.

"Marsha. What's wrong?"

"Keith dump me."

Sophia noticed a small smile start to form on Andrea's face, but it quickly went as fast as it came.

"Aww honey. I'm sorry." Andrea hug her Daughter.

"Sneaky bitch." Charlie said under her breath.

"Mrs. Watson, Miss. Avilia, welcome." An aged man greeted the sisters. He turned to meet Charlie. "Congratulations on your engagement. This must be her." He offered his hand.

Andreas face was priceless. She wondered when her Sister got engaged to someone and why didn't she know.

Charlie facepalmed herself and didn't know what to do. The lie she created became a viral lie.

Sophia didn’t know what to do but shake his hand lightly.

"This will be the front page news by tomorrow morning."

Charlie was about to protest, but a series of flashing lights blinded her. Why were there even news people here at a school play?! Then, she remember the owner of a famous newspaper’s Son was also in this school and play. "Fuck you, Marie." She said under her breath.

"What does he mean by front page material?!" Sophia's tone showed she was panicking.

"That means our picture will be tomorrow's headline." Charlie was thinking of a way to get out of this mess. She heard someone call for her. She looked up to see her Sister and Niece cross their hands and look at her with wondering eyes.

"So... You're engaged?" Andrea asked her little Sister.

Charlie smiled sheepishly.

"Aunty Charlie bad! You do need me to be your fiancée’s bridesmaids." Marsha said.

"I can explain."

"Humour me Charlie." Andrea challenged her Sister.

Charlie explained everything that happened, and that earned her a little smack on her head.

"I'm sorry for this mess. I will let Charlie fix everything."

"You do know I'm right here right."

A series of people congratulated Charlie and her so called fiancée.

Sophia didn’t know what to do. She was afraid if she said something else she would be fired. She needed the job. But this whole fiancée thing was getting out of hand.

Charlie watched her Niece's play with a troubled heart. She needed to find a way to solve everything. But she admitted. Being Sophia's so called fiancée was fun. She got to hold her while saying their thanks to the people who congratulated them. She liked the scent Sophia had on. She liked how Sabrina helped her to 'lie' about the whole thing. She even posed for a picture for the Kids magazine. Tomorrow would be a havoc day...


What happen yesterday was... Memorable. I tried to fix my hair but failed. My mind wander to what would happen today. That reporter guy said he would publish our story. We didn’t even have any story. What to publish?! After so many tries, I finally got my hair to what I wanted. I walked out of my room and was greeted by a very confused Carmela.

"Explain to me this." She put the newspaper on the table, and I looked at it.

He was right. It was published. It was even on the front page headline.


Did they have to mention I was a single Mother?

"I didn't even know you're dating her!"

"Car, I was just supposed to be her fiancée as an act In front of her ex. That's it. We didn't know she would Open her mouth. And she apparently opened her mouth to the owner of this newspaper.” I explained. I could see my Sister didn’tt buy anything I was saying.

"Explain to me why there's a limo waiting for you outside our house?"

A limo? I walked towards the window and sighed. She was right. There was a limo. "I don't know why there's a limo outside."

Carmela sighed. "Mom and dad called. They asked about this headline."

My eyes widened. "What did you tell them?"

Carmela chuckled. "Well, dad said, ‘I never knew my Daughter would go gay.’”

Dad always was the joking type.

"How about Mom?"

"She said, ‘Finally, she found someone decent.’ But I told her it's all a false alarm."

My parents actually thought I’d go lesbian? I chuckled at the thought.

"You do know there are a lot of reporters outside, right?"

"What? Why?"

Carmela sighed. "You really don't know who Charlie is? She's the social queen. The youngest billionaire. You should know about your employer. Now, go to work before they destroy my lawn!" Carmela literally pushed me to the front door and let me out.

The flashing blinded me. I didn’t know where to go. I was lost. In front of my own pathway. I felt a hand grab me and lead me the way. I heard people calling my name. How did they know it?!

"Sophia! Tell me how does Charlie treat you?!"

"Sophia! How was your first night with a player?!"

"Sophia! A clear picture would be nice!"

I heard the door open, and the person literally shoved me inside. I released a sigh of relief.

"Welcome to the life of the rich and famous. Remember me?"

A voice startled me. There was someone inside?

I looked up to see Ellie, Charlie's personal assistant. "Ellie right? Why are you here?"

Ellie offered a soft smile. "Eric, the office."

Eric, the driver, nodded and drove away.

"The bodyguards who shoved you inside will protect the house from all those... Flashing device carriers. Your Sister and Daughter will be safe."

I didn’t know what to feel. I was angry. I didn’t even know why this was happening to me. It all started when that woman called me her fiancée!

"Please save that anger for Charlie herself. I would love to watch this."

I sighed. "Why am I in this situation?"

Ellie offered me a sad smile. "Because when Charlie said those words, it was all headline material. Everybody wants to know who's the mystery girl who can tame the beast."


"I can see the confusion there, my dear." Ellie chuckled. "Charlie...Well, she's different from anyone else. She... Can be great, careless and a player probably, and she's sometimes seen as the bad person in every situation she's in.

Now, I was totally confused.

"But I assure you. She's one of the smartest people outside of this car. She manages a multinational company all alone. She can handle a couple of paparazzi problems." Ellie smiled.

We didn't even notice we were at the office.

"Now, go to the private elevator and go to her office. She's there. Talk and solve this problem she started."

A valet opened the door for me.

I followed what Ellie said and went to the private elevator and pressed Charlie's floor. This thing better be good!


"Thank you, Ellie." I hung up. Ellie informed me that Sophia was on her way and she was not happy at all.

I wondered how she would react. Maybe like a Monster in those movies. Or just be a woman and yell at everything and throw everything she sees. I chuckled at the thought. She was one heck of a woman. That was for sure.

Ellie told me the pros and cons of this situation. She said if I let it flow my image would be clean. But it would be a problem with Sophia’s side of the family.If I ended it all, my image would be trashed, and it would be all right for Sophia. I would be labelled as a player. A heartbreaker. I sighed as I thought about my options. If I let her image be trashed, I would never forgive myself. I was attracted to her. But she probably hated me by now. I released a heavy sigh and decided to end it all. I couldn’t let her suffer for what I did.

"Miss, Miss Clarke is here."

"Let her in." I said and watched the door.

It slowly opened, and Sophia's beautiful face greeted me. Her eyes wandered around my office room. It was not an uncommon thing to do. I had the most expensive office in the world. Made with gold and diamonds. What? I liked those things.

"Please have a seat."

Sophia offered me a soft smile.

Wow. Even in crisis, she could smile. I admired that. "So. How's your morning?" I asked her.

"Tiring actually. My Neighbourhood thought my Sister and I are in a murder investigation or something." She chuckled.

She could joke about all this? Amazing. "I'm sorry for what I did. I will pay you some amount of money for the damage I had caused. I will clear your name with the media today." I reached for my checkbook under my desk. "How does half a million sound?"

Sophia gasped, and her mouth hung open. "What for?! That's too much?! Even my Husband didn't pay me anything after we divorced. Please no. I don't need any. I just need this job."

Wait. She didn’t Wang any money? "So you're saying you don't want any money from me?"

She shook her head. “I’d rather work for it than receive it without any work done."

A small smile crept to my face. "Ok then. I will clear your name today." I smiled.

She looked troubled. "What will they think of you then?"

"Well. They’d probably write something that stated I'm using you for sexual pleasure. That's all. Nothing big."

Sophia looked like she wanted to say something. "I don't know how to say this in a good way. But if it’d’ help you in any way, I can pretend to be your fiancée. Just for show."

Was I hearing this right? I raised my eyebrows, and she turned flushed. "Are you aware of what you're saying here?" I asked her again.

"I do. And you're my employer. The fricking owner to be exact, and if it helps you, I will oblige. I really don't want to lose this job. I need it for my child. I'll do anything for her to have a good life."

Now, that was a Mother. "Are you serious? You’re willing to risk your privacy? What's the catch here?"

"No catch. Just I want my ex-Husband to stop bothering me. Let's make a deal. I'll help you be your acting fiancée, and you will help me with my ex-Husband."

Was she seriously asking me, the boss, to help her? "Are you aware that you're talking to your employer?" I asked rather strictly.

She looked troubled again. "You're right. I’m sorry. I have No rights to ask such things."

I released a hearty laugh. "I'm joking. We have a deal. You help me, and I'll help you. We’ll start today after lunch." I smiled. "I'll be waiting in the lobby for you. Don't be late." I said and let her go.

She smiled and walked out of the door.

Sophia Clarke, you have no idea what you've agreed to. I smirked. Thinking of a way to make this all... Exciting...

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