Chapter 2

Chapter 2


"Where are you going, Char?"

I zipped my jeans and turned to meet Vanessa. I smiled at her. "I'm going before your Husband comes in that door and kills me."

Vanessa laughed. "He's in Prague."

"Still. I need to go. Sorry."

Vanessa smiled. "Okay. Thank you for the best birthday gift ever."

I tied my Long hair in a ponytail.

"Your welcome."

Vanessa pulled her comforter to cover her naked body.

I hooked my bra, reached for my polo tee and put it on. "One last kiss?" I said, and she smiled.


I leaned in and met her lips. I kissed her with passion. I could hear a soft moan from her.

"I regret the day I said we need to end this. I miss you, Char."

I laughed. "Well, you're married and expecting. So. That's that. Anyway. Stay safe. Be good, and please inform me when that little bundle of joy decides to come out."

Vanessa smiled. "Will do, Char. And thank you for the little errand."

"Well, it's not every day I have to search for avocado ice cream." I waved at her and walked out of her room.

On my way out, I reached for my phone and called Ellie. "Sorry I'm late. Will be there in twenty minutes." I hung up and opened the car door. As I was driving, my mind wandered about Sophia. She was probably getting ready herself and her kid. I smiled at the thought of her. I stopped in front of the office building and let the valet park my car. I was so engrossed in looking at my phone I didn't realise I hit someone. Again. The familiar scent. Was this...

"You again? We really need to stop bumping into each other like this."

Yup, it was her. It was Sophia. "Oh hey. You're that girl from yesterday. How was the interview?"

Her eyes showed excitement. "I got the job!" She beamed.


"Thank you.." She smiled. Her sweet sweet smile.

She looked at her watch and excused herself.

I was watching her when Ellie touched my shoulder. "You do know this is an office, right? What’s with the jeans and tee?"

"I spent the night at Vanessa's."

Ellie sighed. "She's married!"

"Her Husband is in Prague."

"And it's fine for you to fuck a married woman?"

I laughed. "Fuck is a very... Harsh word. I prefer making love."

Ellie sighed again. "There is love inside her, and it’s growing. Her Husband is the one who planted it there."

I smirked. "Well maybe..."

Ellie's eyes widened.

"Joking." I turned and walked towards the elevator. "My schedule please."

"You have a 10:30 meeting with all of the heads of departments, lunch with Andrea and her kids and... The private investigator you asked for, he had some info."

I smiled. "Perfection."


the elevator door opened and I walked towards my office. "Call Abby." I said before entering my office room.

*ring ring ring*


I heard a sigh. And instantly, her face appeared on the big screen. I sheepishly smiled.

"Before you ask me, no. I will not ask Sophia if she's single or not."

I laughed. "No. I want her to be with you at the meeting today. I want to see her reaction."

"What reaction?"

"I want her to know I'm the owner. That's all."

She sighed. "Fine. It's weird but okay."

I gave Abby a thumbs up, and she hung up. "Rude much."

I focused my attention to the files on top of my table. Another reason why I hated work. I could hear a knock on my door. "Come in."

Ellie walked in with my suit. "Here. Fresh dry cleaning."

I nodded and signed some of the files. "What is this charity event? I am not aware of it."

Ellie walked towards me and took the files. "Oh yes. That's your sisters idea. She wanted me to add it to your list."

I rolled my eyes and signed. "And this school thing. What is this?"

"That is another thing Andrea asked you to participate in. The school needs a new set of Lan computers and some money for projects or field trips. That's actually your nieces’ school."

Oh. She would kill me if I said no. Signed. My eyes landed on a file that said kids’ hospital. It attracted my attention. "This?"

Ellie looked at the files in my hand. "Oh yes..." She furrowed her eyebrows. "You really are that lazy to not read, huh?"

I grinned.

"The hospital need some fund for cancer patients…”

I stopped Ellie from explaining more. Signed. I finished every file that needed to be signed. I stood up and took the fresh dry cleaning from Ellie's hand.

“Ten minutes!"

"I know. I know." I looked at my newest dormeuil suit and smiled. "WHERe are MY BOXERs?!” I shouted through the door.

"There's a bag on the couch near the bathroom door. Unzip it and look through it."

I turned and smiled. She knew me so well. I began to strip down my clothes and admire my well-built body. "Damn. I look amazing!" I said and turned my body.


"Hold yah tits, girl!" I put on a fresh pair of boxers and a sports bra. I began to put on the suit and tied my hair into a messy bun. I walked out of the room, and Ellie stopped me.

"Your going to be in a meeting for God’s sake!" She said and untied my hair. She took the liberty to comb it nicely and tie it up into a high ponytail. She turned my body and put on light makeup and lip gloss. "Ok. Done." She fixed my coat and inside shirt. "Handsome as ever."

I smiled. We may’ve had a little history together,, but I never felt anything for her.

"Go knock them dead, Charlie."

I laughed and walked out of the office followed by her.

As we walked towards the meeting room, my mind wondered what Sophia would say when she saw me in my business look. I smirked. Let's see how amazing you’re at work, Sophia Clarke...


"Are you ready?" My boss, Abby Jones asked.

"Yes ma'am."

"Good. Let's go. The CEO hates people who come after she does.

Oh, so the CEO of this huge company was a woman?

"Now. Come.

I stood up and followed her closely.

Her elegant posture changed when a black haired lady walked out of the elevator before we did.

"Abby!" She said.

"Ellie. Why are you here?"

"The boss wants the meeting to be held in her meeting room."

Abby let out a Laugh. She really laughed? "Why so sudden? No one is allowed to go there except her and family."

Ellie looked in my direction. "Well. She has her reasons. And she pays our salary. So everything she says, goes."

Abby changed direction to an unfamiliar place.

I didn’t want to question her, but as we arrived, a group of people gathered around and looked in our direction.

”Do we need to bring our assistants?

Abby shook her head.

I was so mesmerised by the extraordinary elevator in front of me.

"It's made from gold and diamonds." Abby said beside me.

My eyes widened. I was about to enter, literally a luxury box.

Ellie led the way and entered.

We all fit inside the elevator, and I was checking myself out in all its reflections. We stopped on the twentieth floor, and we were greeted by a very expensive looking hallway.

Ellie opened a heavy looking double door, and my eyes landed on the person who sat on the end of the table. She looked familiar. She smiled at me. SHE’S THE GIRL WHO SPILLED COFFEE ALL OVER ME!

“We sit next to the CEO."

I nodded and followed Abby. I took a seat and took out my note pad.

They began the meeting with a presentation from the HR department.

I was busy taking every note I thought was important when the 'CEO' kept on glancing at me secretly. Why did she keep doing that? I instantly blushed. I could see she was holding in her laugh.

"Charlie, we need to cut some of the workers from the maintenance department..."

Before Abby got to finish whatever she was about to say, 'Charlie' interrupted her. "I will not let go any workers who need a job. That's final."

The meeting went on and on suggesting some plans when the boss allowed it. If she did, it was a go. The meeting ended after Ellie finished her presentation about something concerning the European branch.

"Abby, and assistant, you need to stay." Charlie's voice suddenly said.

I remained seated and waited.

Charlie looked amazing in her suit. I never saw her in one. By the way she dressed, I thought she was a cleaner or something. I never thought she was the damn boss.

When it was just the three of us, Charlie handed Abby four tickets. "Andrea's kid’s play. I want you to come."

Abby smiled and nodded. She looked at me and handed me three tickets. "Go with your kid and Sister." She smiled.

I was about to say no, but she put them inside my notebook. I smiled and looked to see Charlie wink at me and walk out of the meeting room leaving me in a very confused state...

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