Hidden Desires of Lust Wings

By vickvt


58.65k words

41 chapters



Table of Contents


This book is contemporary erotica based on adventurous and unforgettable moments. Our lives are full of mysteries or secret instances that are hidden somewhere in our hearts that we all cherish by ourselves. The moment it happened we never cared for anything as it becomes a moment of bliss for us where we want to forget whether it is right or wrong. We all call it desires, and the one that affects us most is our physical needs. This is a taboo for many as it comes under the heading of forbidden. But we all want to cross this forbidden bridge, forgetting about everything. Here I am sharing some of the pleasurable moments of life that each one of us wants to enjoy...

The need of the moment or an impulsive act for fulfilling the physical need. The conflicting moment when your body betrays your self-control. When you want to live the moment for a while forgetting everything. Want to enjoy every bit of it and waking up the beast inside.



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2023/2/7 Reply

Khushi Vashisth

great i love all chapters

2022/12/7 Reply

Reading Reading

Good one I'm in love with it each chapter is a masterpiece

2022/1/14 Reply

Czyrille Santos Santiago


2021/6/13 Reply

Maymarites Delos Santos

in real

2021/6/9 Reply


indeed a real life story

2021/6/5 Reply

Veasna Pok

captivating story

2021/5/29 Reply

Veasna Pok

captivating story

2021/5/29 Reply

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GucciMucci Aaliyah Villanueva Takamiya

🥰🥰soo much

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Nour El-houda Said Soilihi


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